Balsa201 Backpack Review

Balsa201 Backpacks (left to right): Camo Backpack and Quilted Backpack

What is Balsa201?

Balsa 201 launched in 2013 and is based out of Seoul, Korea.  Their goal is to provide stylish and sporty accessories that are lightweight and practical. They sell gym bags, totes, backpacks, and clutches. I visited their site and found a timeline of their history (in Korean).

Fun fact about me: Did you know I can read Korean?

Balsa201 Review

I love quilted textiles. Call me a grandma but I love the timelessness of quilt patterns. Take Chanel for example. Their quilted handbags never go out of style. I opted for a lighter color backpack to contrast with my mostly black wardrobe. I live in Seattle and we’re known for minimalist monochromatic fashion (think New York City). Lots of blacks and navys and maybe the occasion pop of crisp white. It’s constantly raining here which probably attributes to our dreary garb. With that being said, if you’re wearing color or prints in Seattle, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb. But that’s OK! YOU were made to STAND OUT! *applauds*

I chose the Balsa 201 grey quilted backpack ($185) to break up my mostly black wardrobe. I figured a little color, or more so tint of white, wouldn’t hurt. I was intrigued by the red accent in the back of the bag. The backpack looked very sleek and urban. I figured it’d be perfect for this Seattlite!

Fast forward 4 days, I received my backpack in the mail. Carbon38 also included a free drawstring backpack as they do with all their orders. I was ready to switch out my old Herschel backpack for something fresh!

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I picked up the backpack and was impressed at how light the backpack was. The backpack weighed only 19 ounces! The straps were padded and sturdy. I began to unzip and explore the the various compartments. I was very impressed with how easily the zippers unzipped…maybe a little too easily. The quilted design was very attractive and the red strap in the back added just the right amount of color to my wardrobe.


  • Plenty of compartments and pockets! Totally digging the functionality of this backpack. Compartments/pockets include one (1) padded laptop pocket, three (3) front pockets and two (2) open side pockets to stash your water bottle and other belongings.
  • Zippers are smooth! Maybe a little too smooth. I don’t want a thief to easily dig into my bag while I am traveling.
  • Double zippers! The double zippers are AMAZING! I can zip up my backpack in either direction. I would get frustrated with my Herschel backpack’s one-directional zippers.
  • Charm ready! This may not be a big deal to others, but I use purse charms to adorn and personalize my backpacks and purses. I love how the zipper pulls are large and sturdy enough to hang multiple charms.
  • Very lightweight! The backpack is a mere 19 ounces. This is the lightest backpack I’ve owned to date. I am very impressed!
  • Padded straps. The straps are smooth and soft. Adjust the straps to your desired length.
  • Material is durable. The construction of the bag is solid. I can tell it’s gonna take some work to run this bag into the ground. The material is soft yet durable. It exterior appears to be made of material similar to Patagonia’s Nano Puff jackets.
  • Material and pattern are attractive. There is a slight sheen to the fabric. The exterior itself is pretty soft to the touch. The quilts run diagonally. The backpack looks classic, minimalistic and urban.
  • The backpack is 100% VEGAN!


  • High price point. Balsa201 backpacks go for $185. It’s hard to believe that something so lightweight could be worth that much.
  • The strap in the back is not sewn 100% onto the backpack. I cannot figure out why the backpack was constructed that way. Is it a handle that converts the pack into a satchel? Do I stick my yoga mat through the hole? Who knows.

Should I Buy the Balsa201 Backpack?

Most definitely. The pros outweigh the cons by far. I am sure there’s an explanation for the strap on the back. The price point is high, but there are always coupon codes you can use or adding the item to your wish lists. I am excited for my new backpack, and I haven’t felt that way about a backpack in a long time.

Where to Buy Balsa 201?

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