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I am obsessed with athletic clothes. It’s about 70% of my current closet! People always ask me where I get my clothes and how they fit. I decided to compile a list of the brands that I have mostly tested and would love to share with my readers! In order to support my (and your) activewear obsession, I included discount codes (for both for instructors and non-instructors) where applicable.

If you have any cool companies that you’d like to share with me, please let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new gear to try! Check out my past yoga product reviews here.

Have fun shopping (and saving)!

Brand Description Discounts
aday logo ADAY is a New York based lifestyle brand and offers pieces that are interchangeable from active to casual wear. Their pieces are perfect for the busy, city dwelling minimalist.

I have not tried this brand.

Get $20 when you refer a friend.
alala style logo yoga.jpg Alala offers a total urban look to your workout. The fabric is silky smooth.

Alala runs small so order one size up. I wear a size medium.

Check out my reviews here.

  • Instructors receive 20% off. Contact customer service and provide your certification to receive a discount code.
  • Get 15% off on your first purchase when you sign-up for their e-mail list.
  • You can buy Alala on Carbon38 and use code SCHIMIGGY for 20% off your orders.
alo yoga logo.png Alo Yoga wear is great quality stuff! Very feminine designs.

They sponsor many IG yogis and are sold at large department stores. I wear the airbrushed leggings and love them!

Their sizing is mostly true to size (TTS). For some pieces I have had to size down (moto leggings and high waist leggings in black).

Check out my reviews here.

  • They will sometimes offer discounts via email newsletters.
  • Instructors receive 35% off when you join their Pro-Program.
  • Use code SCHIMIGGY on Carbon38 for 20% off Alo Yoga.
altar ego logo.png Altar Ego makes such awesome designs! The fabric is buttery soft, so there’s not much compression. They’re based out of Boston, Mass.

Altar Ego runs true to size.

Read my review here.

Use coupon code YOGANEWS for 15% off all orders!
logo-2.png Anjali – I’ve never tried their stuff. The designs look awesome though. They offer an instructor discount of 40% off! Sign-up here.
arthletic wear yoga clothing leggings.jpg Arthletic Wear makes amazing designs with high quality fabric.

Make sure to size up! I wear a size 6 in lululemon and had to order a Medium in Arthletic Wear.

  • 20% off using code YOGANEWS
  • Join their rewards program and complete the activities to get a chance at getting up to $70 off your first order!
asics-logo Asics offers a discount on clothing and shoes! Fitness pro discount (ranges from 30-40% off)
athleta logo.jpg Athleta always accepts returns! Part of the Gap family. I love their chaturanga pants and relay/technical crops. Great alternative lululemon’s Wunder Under Pants and Crops.

Athleta runs true to size. Order a size small if you’re a size 6 lululemon.

  • $15 off your FIRST ORDER of $100 or more. Sign-up here.
  • 30% discount for fitness professionals on FULL PRICE items (in-store only and must renewed annually). More details here.
aviator nation logo Aviator Nation is a retro activewear brand bringing back a color palette and silhouettes that are reminiscent of the 1970’s Californian beach scene.

Aviator Nation runs true to size. Order a size small if you’re a size 6 lululemon. I can also fit in a size medium. It’s a more comfortable fit for me.

aviator nation coupon code schimiggy

balance-fit-wear-logo_1.jpg Balance Fitwear is a Brazilian company with sexy pieces. Pants are comparable to Liquido. They offer a Fit Pro Discount
barbells to bombshells activewear Barbells to Bombshells (B2B) is a fairly new activewear company. They offer cute heart booty shaped leggings and cute strappy bras. If you’re into weightlifting, you’ll be into B2B. Get 10% when you use my link and use Barbells to Bombshells coupon code: SCHIMIGGY
bia brazil logo Bia Brazil is a Brazilian activewear company with sexy pieces.

Bia Brazil runs true to size (TTS)

imgres.png Beyond Yoga – LOVE their buttery fabrics. I can’t work out in these (i.e. butt crack issues), but I can lounge like a mofo’ in them.

Beyond Yoga runs true to size.

imgres.png Black Milk – If you didn’t know about them, now you do. From AUS. Great pants for fashion wear and music festivals.

I would size up. The waist band is short and fits snugly.

body angel activewear logo Body Angel Activewear (BAA) – Made popular by Instagram’s @LauraSykora and @beachyogagirl. Tops do not have opening for cups so the chest isn’t flattering or shaped. However, I do love the quality of their fabric.

Sizing runs true to size. I wear a size 6 in lululemon and small in BAA.

They often offer 15% off coupons w/minimum $90 purchase. Varies by ambassador.
body language sportswear logo Body Language Sportswear makes fun prints and many leggings often come with a ruched waistband that fits snug! I LOVE my galaxy pants.

Size up in BLS. I wear a medium in BLS and am a size 6 in lululemon.

25% off coupons offered occasionally when you join their e-mail list.
brazil wear logo Brazil Wear makes tops, bottoms and outerwear.

I haven’t tried this brand yet.

  • Sign-up for their email list for 15% off here.
  • Join their rewards program and earn points on your purchases.
Burd Activewear – Company based out of Singapore. Check out my review of their long ombre houndstooth leggings here.

I would size up.

Read my review here.

logo chill by will Chill by Will is an activewear company made in the USA and offers fitness fashion for all shapes and sizes.

Order your true size in this brand.

Free shipping on orders of $100+.
cozy orange logo Cozy Orange provides comfortable workout clothing. 30% off for teachers!
Confused Girl in the City logo It’s not too confusing once you discover how beautiful Confused Girl in the City‘s prints are!

I would size up in this brand. I wear a size medium and fit a lululemon 6.

15% off when you use code SCHIMIGGY.
ba_web_logo Daughters of Culture – I haven’t tried this brand but I do love the boho look. They have bras, leggings, pants and tops. 25% off for instructors and brand ambassadors. Sign up for their program here.
Dharma Bums – The designs are SO CUTE! They do cost on the higher end. They’re made in AUS. I haven’t tried this brand.

I would size up in Dharma Bums. I wear a size medium in Dharma Bums and a size 6 in lululemon. The pants fit perfectly!

  • 20% off for teachers! Apply here.
  • Subscribe to their e-mail list and get 20% off your first order.
  • Also join their Loyalty Program. Earn points for coupons towards future purposes. Comes with a 500 point bonus!
dona jo activewear Dona Jo has amazing patterns and the fabric is similar to Body Language and Liquido, but a bit more compressive. The sizing runs smaller than normal.

Size up in Dona Jo. I fit a medium and wear a size 6 in lululemon.

  • Sign Up for the Dona Jo Newsletter and receive 15% off your first order!
  • 25% off all capris with code TGIF25
  Electric and Rose is a Cali based brand that makes amazing cottony leggings that are perfect for lounging around or yoga.

Electric and Rose runs true to size.

Read my review here.

10% off for teachers. 15% off for a limited time when you join their newsletter.
Elisabetta Rogiani – I was introduced to this brand when I joined Equinox. Their stuff makes you want to strut your stuff. I did experience some piling and sun fading though.

Elisabetta Rogiana runs true to size.

  • 10% off for teachers. Sign-up here.
  • 15% off for a limited time when you join their newsletter.
equilibrium activewear logo Equilibrium Activewear creates great pieces, all hailing from Brazil! Very high price point. Fabric is similar to Liquido.

I would size-up.

fabletics logo Fabletics is an activewear brand created by actress Kate Hudson. They offer cute and slimming silhouettes. The quality is good and reflective of the affordable pricing.makes cute patterns and prints. They have a ton of ombre and floral prints and are constantly collaborating and releasing new products.

Sizing runs true to size (TTS).

Get 2 for $24 leggings here.
flexi lexi logo Flexi Lexi makes cute patterns and prints. They have a ton of ombre prints. Products are made in Bangkok, Thailand!

Sizing runs small, so definitely size up.

Check out my review here.

forlegs activewear logo Forlegs Activewear is a Brazilian brand made by two sisters. They make printed, solid and high waist leggings perfect for casual or activewear. I highly recommend them! All products are made in Brazil with high quality Brazilian fabric. 

Sizing runs big so I recommend sizing down. I am a size 6 in lululemon and fit a size small in Forlegs.

Check out my review here.

Use Forlegs coupon code SCHIMIGGY for 30% off your first order. Enjoy FREE shipping in the USA. Free shipping internationally for orders over $150. 

Code can only be used once per customer account.

Code works on sale items too!

glyder logo.jpg Glyder – Love their leggings! If only they could improve their bra designs. My Glyder bras have been difficult to get into and it really discouraged me from wearing it. The logo also fades quickly, which slightly bothered me. They have an awesome lululemon QS dupe.

Glyder bottoms run large, so size down. I wear an XS in Glyder bottoms. Glyder tops run small, so go one size up. I wear a medium in Glyder bras and tops.

Check out my review here!

  • 20% for teachers. Sign up for their Guru Program here.
  • 20% off your first order when you sign-up for their e-mails.
goldsheep logo Goldsheep is similar to Poprageous and Black Milk. The quality is a tiny bit better and they create leggings with tall and flat waistbands. Love the fun prints. I need the pineapple leggings!

Goldsheep runs true to size.

Use code Gold20 for 20% off!
h&M activewear logo H&M offers activewear that is affordable and come at a societal and economical cost.   They offer 15% off when you donate a bag of used clothing.
Handful Logo Handful creates sport bras for women that flatter and not flatten. 25% Pro Discount – apply here.
hard tail logo yoga.jpg Hard Tail is sold and was made popular at Nordstroms in the mid 2000’s. I like their tie dye patterns and comfy fabrics. Great for loungewear or Hatha/Iyengar yoga. Would not recommend for sweaty yoga or strenuous activities as the fabric is cotton based and not as elastic.

Hard Tail runs true to size.

Fitness Instructors get 20% off. Apply here.
hylete logo Hylete offers fitness gear for the serious athlete…with a serious discount. 40% off for military and fitness professionals. Apply here.
inner fire logo yoga.jpg Inner Fire – Based in Vancouver, BC. IF has witty graphic tanks and awesome printed leggings! My favorite are their Deer Love and Moroccan Dream leggings.

I would say Inner Fire fits true to size. I wear a size 6 in LLL and wear a small in Inner Fire.

Read my review here.

into the AM logo Into the AM is a popular rave clothing brand for both men and women. They make leggings that are also great for working out.

Runs true to size.

  • Use code SCHIMIGGY for 10% off your orders!
jcrew logo J.Crew offers activewear that is ethically made. They offer feminine silhouettes with delicate details that include stripes, dots, stars and scalloped hems. A lot of their activewear is through a collaboration with New Balance. 

I would order my true size in J. Crew Sports wear.

Students and teachers get 15% off – Apply here.
jala clothing logo Jala Clothing creates activewear for yoga and SUP. They have fun and sexy slashed leggings and tops.

Jala runs true to size.

Read my review here.

  • 20% off when you sign up for their emails.
  • They’re always offering discounts. Check their site here.
joah brown logo Joah Brown offers basic leggings and pieces to fit your lifestyle.

I have not tried Joah Brown.

logo K-Deer Haute Yoga Wear! Love the patterns. I have tons of issues with the stitching though.

K-Deer runs small, so size up. I wear a size Medium in K-Deer and am a size 6 in lululemon.

Check out my review here.

  • 15% for fitness instructors for up to 5 purchases annually. Apply here.
  • Get 20% off K-Deer at Carbon38 when you use coupon code SCHIMIGGY.
karma activewear logo Karma Wear – LOVE their pre/post workout gear. The open back tops and lace leggings. So feminine!

Karma Wear runs true to size. I wear a size small bottoms and they fit size 6 lululmon.

They have an activist program.
KiraGrace – LOVE them in terms of QUALITY & STYLE! Wish they weren’t so expensive.

KiraGrace tends to run true to size. I fluctuate between a size small and extra small in certain styles. I wear a size 6 in lululemon for reference.

Check out my review here.

koral logo
Koral – I have Mystic grey capris that I wear ALL THE TIME.

I would size up in Koral. I wear a size Medium and am a 6 in lululemon for reference.

Check out my review here.

  • Join their e-mail list and get 15% off your first order!
  • Get 20% off when you shop Koral at Sculptique with coupon code ALEXANDRA.
Kyodan – great dupe alternative to lululemon! Free shipping over $75
lanston logo Lanston is a UK brand that offers activewear and casual pieces.

Lanston runs true to size (TTS). I wear a size Small in this brand.

  • Lanston offers a 20% instructor discount. Apply here.
  • You can also get 20% off with code ALEXANDRA at Sculptique.
lilybod activewear logo Lilybod fabric is so soft and luxe. I love the minimalistic stripe details on the leggings and tops.

Sizing runs small, so size up.

Shop on Sculptique and get 20% off with coupon code ALEXANDRA


Lineage Wear! Their patterns are PRECISE! The fabric feel is like K-Deer. I love their flat front panel that prevents camel toe.

Sizing runs true to size.

Read my review and interview with the creator, Katie Pippin, here.

Get 15% off your orders when you use code SCHIMIGGY.


Liquido – The BEST material around! I love their prints. Their price point is a bit higher than other brands.

LIquido runs small, so size up.

  • 25% off teacher discount.
  • They also offer discounts via newsletter and SM accounts.
  • 20% off when you sign-up for their newsletter.
Lole Lole Activewear – I love their collections! So fun and free! The essential cardigans are my favorite! They host awesome events throughout the world.

Lole runs true to size.

  • 15% when you sign-up for their mailing list.
  • 30% discount for fitness professionals through their Community Discount program. Sign up here!
lorna-jane-activewear fitness clothing fashion retail logo.jpg Lorna Jane is an activewear company based out of Australia. LJ makes cute tops, bras and bottoms. I highly recommend this brand. They’ve definitely upped their game!

Lorna Jane runs small, so size up.

Check out my review here.

    • Fitness instructors receive 20% off in stores only.
    • They also have an Swap Shop exchange program. Bring in your old clothing for up to $15 in savings (up to 3 items). Cannot be combined with any other discounts.
    • Join the Lorna Jane sisterhood to receive $20 off your first purchase of $100+ on full priced merchandise!
Lucy Activewear – Hatha leggings for the win! They also offer plus size workout gear.

Lucy runs true to size.

Fitness Instructors get 25% off in store and online.
lululemon is leading the fitness fashion game. They have 5 year guarantees on all their products and offer an awesome holiday return policy. Returns can only be made within 30 days.

lululemon runs true to size. Their sizes are numbered from 2-12.

25% off teacher discounts IN-STORE and ONLINE. You will need to go in store and request to be added to their Sweat Collective program. After you complete the online application, you will receive a code that gives you access to 25% off all merchandise (including sale items)!
lurv activewear logo.png L’urv Activewear is an Austrailian based brand. Their sizing runs similar to Lorna Jane. I wear a medium in L’urv and am a 6 in lululemon bottoms and 8 in tops.

L’urv runs small, so size up.

manduka_logo_gray Manduka‘s clothing line for men + women is great! I love the wrap bra! The fabric is pretty soft and stretches. I went with a small even though I’m a 6 in lululemon.

Manduka runs small, so size up. I can also fit in a size small in certain silhouettes but it’s a tight fit.

Read my Manduka review here.

  • 10% off when you join their email list.
  • Free shipping over $95.
  • Manduka PRO-gram offers instructors 40% off!
margarita activewear logo Margarita Activewear – Pieces have a high price point, however that is also reflective in their quality!

I wear a size 1 (or 2-6 in lululemon). Size 2 is for size 6 and up. I was most comfortable in size 1.

Marika Sold in Ross & TJ Maxx. Bargain priced pieces! 40% off full priced items. Apply here.
michi yoga fitness fashion apparel logo.png Michi is a high-end activewear brand. Leggings range from $180-$250.

I have not tried this brand yet.

  • Join their email list for 15% off your first order.
  • Free shipping for orders over $200
  • Get 20% off with code SCHIMIGGY when you shop Michi at Carbon38.
Mika Yoga Wear – Cute activewear for pole dancing and all styles of yoga (Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa).

Size up when ordering shorts and bras/tops. Long leggings run true to size.

mondetta performance gear mpg logo.png Mondetta Performance Gear (MPG) – I have a pair of pink leggings that I A-Freaking-Dore. The quality is great!

MPG leggings run true to size.

  • Free shipping over $99
  • Get 15% off when you sign-up for their email list.
montiel logo Montiel makes looking gorgeous effortless. I love the teardrop bra and have it in every color.
  • Free shipping on all US orders
  • Get 10% off when you sign-up for their email list
My Mantra Active – Love their ombre prints and designs. Looks like great stuff. The fabric appears to be brushed inside and out. I want to try the dream catcher leggings next!

MyMantra runs small, so size up. I was in between sizing but Medium fit better.

Free shipping is offered every now and then.
Nina B Roze is known for their heart shaped butt leggings. Very durable material and designs.
  • They have an ambassador program. Apply here.
  • Get 10% off when you sign-up for their newsletter.
  • Free shipping for US orders.
niyama-sports-logo Niyama Sport – Fabric feels like Werkshop quality. They have a non slip waistband. Their designs are very organic and psychedelic.

Sizing runs true to size.

Read my review here.

Use code SeattleYoga10 for 10% off your order.
niyama sol yoga leggings logo.jpg Niyama Sol – Fabric is soft and non-compressive.

Sizing runs in between. I wear a size 6 in lulu and fit a size small. The designs are beautiful!!! I would size they are true to size and to expect them to fit a little tighter than normal.

Read my Niyama Sol leggings review here.

  • Get 20% off when you use my link to make your first purchase.
  • Apply for their Sol Sister instructor discount program here and get 20% off!
logo-3.png Noli Yoga – I haven’t tried this brand yet. I remember seeing the Buddha print thinking that would be fun. I love their Chelsea bra!

Noli runs small, so size up.

Apply for their instructor discount program here and get 20% off!

Get 15% off when you sign-up for their emails and become a Noli Insider.

nux usa logo.jpg NUX hails from LA. I love their tie dye stuff. I do have issues with seams on their tanks tho. #boohiss

Nux runs true to size.

Get 20% off Nux at Carbon38 with code SCHIMIGGY.
old navy logo Old Navy creates affordable activewear for all shapes and sizes. 

Their products are fast fashion and come at a societal and economical cost. 

They also offer discounts online. Check their website to see what their offerings are.
logo3-2-1.png Om Shanti Clothing – Their prints are interesting but seem super imposed? Haven’t tried this brand yet. None
onzie_flow_web_1469842211__29782.jpg Onzie – I like the prints and silhouettes, but after prolonged wear, their leggings stretch unfavorably. Best to buy Onzie on reselling sites.

Onzie runs true to size. Onzie sizing runs in between (i.e. S/M, M/L).

You can also read my Onzie leggings and bra review here.

Get 20% off at Sculptique when you use code ALEXANDRA
outdoor voices activewear logo Outdoor Voices – I love the amazing fabric and contrasting panels. It’s activewear for the fit minimalist.  

Outdoor Voices runs true to size

Use my link to get a Outdoor Voices coupon code for $20 off your order of $100+. 
p.e nation logo P.E Nation is an Australian brand that offers high quality vintage varsity style clothing. Expect lots of panels combined with technical and compressive fabric. P.E Nation is similar to Ultracor without the pilling!

P.E Nation runs small. Size up when ordering!

  • Get 10% off when you sign-up for their newsletter.
  • Get 20% off at Carbon38 with code SCHIMIGGY
  • Get $25 off your first order at Bandier
imgres.png Poprageous has CRAZY artsy leggings! I highly recommend for yoga nerds who want to stand out!

Poprageous runs small, so size up. It’s similar to Black Milk sizing.

Get 20% off of purchases of $65+ when you use my link.
patagonia-logo Patagonia offers teacher discounts if you teach 6 or more classes. They offer lifetime guarantee on their products. My favorite products are their thin nano jackets and Black Hole bags.

Patagonia runs true to size.

15% instructor discount – you have to apply for it and teach a minimum of 6 classes per week. More info here.
Prana – GREAT teacher discounts. GREAT QUALITY and CLASSIC stuff!

Prana runs true to size.

>50% in their Influencer Program for fitness professionals. Sign-up here.
Protokolo Another Brazilian brand with awesome patterns! The fabric is a bit too stiff for my tastes. None
Purusha People caters towards the organic cotton wearers. Their products are hand crafted with very earthy designs. Each pair is different from the rest.

Purusha runs small, so size up. I wear a Medium in Purusha People and wear a 6 in lululemon for reference.

Read my Purusha People review here.

  • Sign up for their rewards program. Get $10 automatically towards your first purchase.
  • Teacher discounts offered here.
Re3 Life – Recycled leggings – very soft fabric with a thick waistband. Heard that the waistband is irritating but haven’t personally tried them. Love the designs.

I have not tried this brand.

Guru program for fitness professionals – get 20% off. Apply here.
rese logo Rese Activewear offers yoga and fitness gear for women. 20% off for instructors – apply here.
rothys logo shoes Rothy’s is a recyclable shoe company. All their products are made using water bottles. Imagine sustinable and eco-friendly Tiek flats! Click here to get $20 off!
roxy fitness logo Roxy Stuff is great for tweens and the surf gal. Great for swim and sweaty sports. Loads of cute stuff! 15% off for military, first responders and teachers. Apply here.
running bare logo Running Bare is a great contender for Lorna Jane. They offer very durable fabric in many silhouettes and prints.

Running Bare runs small, so size up.

Get $10 credit when you sign-up for their newsletter.
Shakti Activewear – MY FAVORITE shorts! Same fabric quality as Liquido. They’re so COMFORTABLE!!!

Sizing is true to size.

20% off for fitness pros. Apply here!
strut this logo Strut This – Tried their macro micro stripe dupe crops. I love the fabric.

Their One Size Fits Most sizing is suited for lululemon size 4 and smaller.

sweaty betty logo Sweaty Betty is a UK based activewear brand. They create high quality products for all types of activities including skiing.

Sweaty Betty runs true to size. I wear a size 6 in lululemon and fit a size small in Sweaty Betty.

  • 10% off your first order when you sign-up for their newsletter.
  • Free shipping on orders over $200.
spiritual gangster logo Spiritual Gangster – has cute graphic and text tops and sweaters, but quality tanks (ha and they sell tanks…) quickly. I love the Namaste beanie!

I have only worn their tops, and they run true to size.

Get 20% off Spiritual Gangster at Carbon38 with code SCHIMIGGY
Splits 59 – Been a long time fan of this LA-based brand. Love their sleek and sexy designs. Quality is great too!

When ordering Splits59, go true to size.

Teeki Teeki fabric fades and stretches. I’ve experienced several loose seams as well. Cute designs but I hate that they stretch so much! Eco-friendly and made from water bottles.

Sizing runs true to size.

  • Sign-up for their email list and receive 10% off your first order!
  • If you’re a current student, register and get 15% off your orders!
tonic active logo Tonic Active – I have tried to love this brand! I tried the spin tank and peak cut out leggings.

Tonic Active runs true to size.

track and bliss logo Track & Bliss  is based out of Miami. I would size up in this brand. I purchased the scalloped bra and bottoms in a size small and it did not fit. I am a size 6 in lululemon for reference.

Sizing runs small, so size up.

Use code ThankYou20 for 20% off your orders.

Get 20% off at Sculptique when you use code ALEXANDRA

Upvibe is a SEXY Brazilian sportswear company. I love their spider bras. None
ultracor-logo-yoga-leggings Ultracor offers high end bras, tops and bottoms.  I love their leggings. A bit on the pricey side (~$175) but totally worth it IMO.

Size up in Ultracor.

Check out my Ultracor review here.

Shop Ultracor on Amazon and Carbon38. Use promo code SCHIMIGGY for 20% off your orders at Carbon38.
varley activewear logo Varley is an activewear company that is comparable to LNA and Alala.

I have not tried this brand.

You can shop Varley on Amazon and Carbon38. Use promo code SCHIMIGGY for 20% off your orders at Carbon38.
vie active logo Vie Active is an Australian born brand that is now being operated out of Idaho. Free shipping on orders over $150
victoria-sport-87066193 Victoria’s Secret Sport’s Incredible bra is awesome (construction, patterns, price point). Love their knockout leggings as well!

Sizing runs true to size. I wear a size Small in VSX.

  • Various – sign up for their Angel card or e-mails.
  • Sign up for their mailing list and get coupons!
werkshop-logo-black-white Werkshop – I love the smooth Italian sport fabric! The colors are very vibrant and designs are insanely detailed and beautiful. Chriztina Marie is a genius!

Werkshop runs small, so size up. I wear a size 6 in lululemon and ordered a medium.

Read my Werkshop review here.

  • WERKSHOP just launched their Werk Perks program! Get 10% off when you sign-up here.
  • They offer a Teacher Appreciation Program (10% off).
  • Coupon codes cannot be combined during checkout.
  • Also, look out for sample sales and discounts. Follow their social media and sign-up for their e-mails to stay up to date!
With Love From Paradise With Love From Paradise – These caged bras are so beautiful. Can be worn during exercise and swim.

I have not tried this brand.

  • They offer seasonal/holiday specials via social media and e-mail newsletter.
  • Use code WLFPGIRL8972 to get 15% off your next order!
Yoga Democracy – The prints are so vibrant and make you look like you’re wearing actual artwork. The fabric is soft and smooth and is ethically made.

Sizing runs true to size.

Check out my Georgia Leggings review.

original_304795_j5iqrru8r_2b363xqdctb8gii I HELLA love Zella! No complaints here! They’re part of the Nordstrom Product Group! My fave product is their Live In leggings. They don’t pill or fade. They’re very easy to maintain.

Sizing runs true to size and is very similar to lululemon. I wear a size small in Zella bottoms.

Read my Zella review here.

Zella Pro program launched in 2014 but I think it may have been discontinued.

No discounts.

ziane logo Ziane was created by three athlete sisters. They took their knowledge and years of experience to create a line that is fit for the athletic lifestyle. I am keeping my eyes on the Dash and Cut to the Chase leggings in green. They were formerly the brand Sychofit.

I have not tried this brand.

None Zobha is great! I use to think their styles were too mature for me, but they’ve really stepped up their designs! They now have a collection of mesh and strappy back bras and sweaters. Love the quality of their products. They are also constantly having amazing sales (25-40% off codes for reg and sale pieces).

Sizes do run big, so size down. I wear a Zobha size XS and am a lululemon 6.

  • Their teacher program is currently not accepting applicants.
  • They offer deep discounts from time to time.
  • Follow them on Facebook and sign-up for their newsletter to get announcements.
xxiv-active-logo XXIV Active means 24 in Roman numerals. They believe that a healthy lifestyle is not just about exercising every day, it is about what you do throughout 24 hours in your daily life.

I have not tried this brand.

  • Free shipping on orders over $100.
  • Sign-up for their emails and get 10% off your first order.
we are handsome logo We Are Handsome is a swim and gym wear company. They fabrics are similar to Black Milk and Poprageous. Prices range from $100-$300.

Sizing runs true to size.


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bandier logo Bandier is an high-end online activewear retailer similar to Carbon38. Get $25 off your purchase of $100 here.
Carbon38 offers a large selection of high-end Athleisure wear. They carry high-end brands such as Koral, Alo Yoga, Zara Terez, Michi, Alala and much more! Use coupon code SCHIMIGGY for 20% off your first order of $100+ on Carbon38!
evolve fitwear logo Evolve Fitwear is an online activewear company based in Oregon, USA.  Use code SCHIMIGGY to get 10% off all your orders (including SALE)!
Fitness Fashions Offers a fitness pro 20% discount.
Zella Pro program! They also sell tons of other brands.
sculptique logo I love Sculptique! Get 20% off using code ALEXANDRA on full priced items only. Free priority shipping on orders of $100+.
My readers get 20% off when you use Simply Workout coupon code SCHIMIGGY.  Get 20% off regular priced merchandise and 10% off sale and outlet merchandise.  Enjoy FREE shipping on all US orders.
san diego fit activewear logo San Diego Fit offers 20% off fitness instructor discounts
the sweat store logo The Sweat Store sells a variety of activewear brands.

Use code ALEXANDRA15 for 15% off your orders.

High quality yoga accessories at great prices -! From yoga gear to yoga wear, Yoga Accessories has got you covered.
yoga outlet logo Yoga Outlet offers men and women’s clothing as well as various accesories at great deals!

Yoga Gear Retailers

BYoga Mats – Use code AMB20ATRAN for 20% off your orders!
Hugger Mugger
Jade Yoga Mats
Liforme Yoga Mat
Mamma Kuka (Yogasphere)
Yoga Joes – army men doing yoga!
Yogo Yoga Mat – Use coupon code LOVEEATTRAVEL to get 20% off your orders.

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  2. Fabletics is a pretty new brand. Their stuff is pretty cute and comfortable not overpriced. Only issue is I sometimes have difficulty finding products I like in my size

    1. I feel the same way! My body is between their sizes. It’s taken a LOT of trying on different brands to find the ones I LOVE and feel comfortable in. For now, I honestly love lululemon and Athleta!

      1. Hey! The waistband hlighthigh/low feature. It sits just below your bellybutton, but you can fold it over if you prefer a lower fit. There’s a mix of product shots with the waistband worn high and low 馃憤

  3. How would you say Dharma Bums sizing compares to lulu? If I wear a 4/6 in lulu would I take a small or medium in dharmabums printed leggings?

  4. How does the sizing on dharma bums leggings compare to lululemon? If I’m a 4/6 lulu would I need a small or medium? I’ve heard mixed reviews on sizing.

  5. XXIV active is relatively new but they have a series of really high waisted pants! Designs are cute too imo. You should do a review on stylerunner too since they’re pretty big, and NELLY.COM? Anyway your list is great!! Thanks!!!

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