Perfect Pair: Lululemon Hot Spell Bra and K.Deer Haute Yoga Jody Stripe Leggings

The Lululemon HOT SPELL BRA is Back!

lululemon hot spell bra
lululemon Hot Spell Bra (front)

And they’re flying off the shelves fast!

I grabbed two because I don’t know how long these will be around and I missed the boat last time. Also, who doesn’t need a back-up? The lululemon (LLM) educator stated that it had only been in the store a week and they had already sold out half of their stock.

Obviously the style of the HOT SPELL BRA is unique and timeless. The strappy, caged back did not make my back fat bulge as much as I thought it would. However the bra does fit a bit snug. I’d recommend sizing up.

The bra is great for low impact sports as the support is next to null. If you’ve got big girls, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s great for looking at but in terms of functionality, I don’t think there really is any. 

Regardless, the aesthetic of this bra is iconic and it adds pizazz to all my activewear outfits. 

I can’t wait to wear it to practice and everywhere else I go! I am pretty obsessed with owning each and every LLM bra in the color black so that I can wear it with all my crazy printed leggings! 

My Current Favorite Combo

I paired my Hot Spell bra with my K.Deer Haute Yoga Jody Stripe Leggings ($92)! See the leggings below. The lines and stripes combination is very flattering. I feel like an optical illusion and maybe slimmer? The gray ombre monochrome goes with about everything. K.Deer Haute Yoga has one of a kind yoga legging prints and I can’t help but collect them all. Read my full review of K-Deer here.


Where to Buy K-Deer?

  • K-Deer โ€“ Offers an 15% instructor discount for up to 5 items annually. Contact customer support for your code.
  • Carbon38 โ€“ Use coupon code SCHIMIGGY for 20% off your first order of $100 or more! Applies to regular priced items only. Enjoy!
  • Bandier

For more fitness fashion discounts and deals, please visit my Fitness Instructor Discounts + Brands page.

<3 + Light,


DISCLAIMER: K.Deer Haute Yoga pants DO RUN SMALL and IRREGULAR. I wore the pants for the FIRST TIME (just to try them on and a hole ripped in the leg). ***SAD PANDA*** I wear a medium and I am undoubtedly sure that I am NOT a large in their leggings! When will they get their sizing right?! I’ve owned multiple pairs (ranging from size S and M) and the sizing is always inconsistent. I wish they had a physical store or free return shipping in case a pair does not fit. The pants range from $82-$92, so it’s a hassle to have to pay additional for return shipping to get the right size.  BTW, I am a size 6 in LLM pants and the K.Deer medium usually fits depending on the type of fabric that they use. Sometimes their mediums can fit more like an 8.

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  1. Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ Would you please be able to tell me what the quality of the K.Deer haute leggings are like? I am also a size 6 in LLM pants (so I think I’d get the mediums in K.Deer) and I love the quality of them, but they don’t really have any nice colours atm.. Do the K.Deer leggings stay up? Are they see-through (when doing downward dog etc?)?
    Thanks heaps for your help!

    1. Of course! I’ve found that there are two ways the 80 spandex 20 nylon blend results in. 1) One that is stretchy and form fitting and the other 2) that is thicker, stretches too much and dries slower. K.deers fall into those two categories. This makes them very inconsistent and it drives me nuts! I would suggest a small in the second fabric. And a medium in the first fabric. I’ve kept all my kdeers that are stretchier and size medium and have sold the others because they fall off consistently. In a size 6 lulu as well. I now call them prior to making any purchase BC it’s a hassle to get it exchanged. My favorite fit has definitely been the striped ombre collection. Let me know if you have Good luck!!!

      1. Thanks heaps for that! I’m in Australia so it’d be a bit annoying to have to send them back and forth. Fingers crossed I get a good pair ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

    2. I purchased a pair of the Alexis stripe from the first launch. I wore them a handful of times (10?) since I am a working mom and don’t practice yoga more than once a week. I’m usually too lazy to wear the tight leggings so I put on my Lululemons or Under Armour for my weekly workouts. I noticed after almost a year that there is a tiny tear/hole in the crotch seam and I contacted the company. Kdeer told me there is nothing they can do and offered a coupon to buy a new pair. Very disappointed in this company. I will stick with others who stand by their product.

      1. I agree! They are expensive too! I wouldnt want a product faltering after less than a year of wear. I would recommend or lineage wear for leggings. Their quality is excellent and they have exciting patterns! good luck on your search and thanks for stopping by! <3

  2. Hi schmiggy! Thanks for the shoutout, I appreciate the recommendation! Love your honest and thoughtful appraisal of other brands. Please email me, I’d love to speak with you further and have you do a full product review of my stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

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