How to Remove Permanent Ink from Manufacturer Labels

I am sharing something revolutionary (at least to me) with my readers today! Be prepared to change the way you shop and manage your clothing.

I am a bargain hunter so occasionally I find myself buying deeply discounted treasures that have a black permanent marker line through the label to prevent returns at large department stores. Although I don’t really mind the marker line through a label, I do get the satisfaction of not letting the marker line be an indicator to the world that I did not pay FULL PRICE for my high-end goods.

I researched everywhere and couldn’t find anything that was quick and easy. I’ve done a bit of research and I’m surprised this one did not come up. One day, one of my sellers asked if I wanted the black marker line thru the label removed and I said, “Of course!” She stated that my item would go out the following day as soon as the label was dry. I asked her how she did it because I wanted to remove the marker ink from some of my other belongings. She informed me that I could use this magical product to remove ink stains from ANYTHING. And that product is JINX INK!

Jinx Ink is a stain and spot remover. It removes non-permanent ink stains from clothing, carpets and upholstery. The label also goes on to stated that it removes Nail Polish, Paste, Shoe Polish, Adhesives, Toner, Lacquers, and even Gum. Basically, this stuff is magic!

The item that I used Jinx Ink on was a Burberry Needlethorpe Jacket that (I assume) was purchased at the Last Chance Nordstrom Discount store in Arizona because I bought it from a seller in Arizona. It took me no more than 4 minutes to remove the ink once I received my Jinx Ink in the mail, and I could not be happier with the results!

jinx ink remover liquid formula.jpg


Here are step my step instructions on how to use Jinx Ink to remove label markings. It’s a super easy process and should take no more than 3-5 minutes tops. The only waiting you really have to do is for the label to dry.

  1. Identify if your fabric has acetate in the material, as the fabric will dissolve if it comes into contact with Jinx Ink.
  2. Place a cotton towel underneath the label to absorb the ink and Jinx Ink formula as it soaks through the manufacturer label.
  3. As it soaks through the label, you will see the marker ink immediately disappear from the label and absorb into the towel beneath it. Continue applying Jinx Ink until the label is clear of any color or marks. Sometimes I press the label between two layers of towels just to keep the label dry.
  4. Allow the label to dry with a fresh cotton towel underneath. I usually leave it in a well ventilated room because the fumes from Jinx Ink are pretty strong.

Afterwards, enjoy your clothing without the “embarrassing” marker lines through the labels!

Additional Information

Although the bottle says that it does not remove ink such as permanent markers, it worked for me! I have also tried removing the marker stain on my new Jimmy Choo Cosmic pumps and the ink came out nicely, but it also stripped the glue that was holding the label in place on the shoe. Not a big deal for me , but just something to be mindful of.

Where to Buy Jinx Ink

You can buy Jinx Ink remover on The bottle is HUGE so enjoy the long-term investment!

burberry needlethorpe pea coat jacket black.jpg
Burberry Needlethorpe Peacoat 2015

Let me know if you try it and what you think!

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