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Sculptique Interview with Leigh DeLaFuente + Review

sculptique logoI love supporting small businesses with lots of potential! I recently reached out to online activewear retailer, Sculptique, to partner up and do a feature on my blog. Sculptique is an online activewear retail store created by Leigh DeLaFuente. Leigh has been so great in promoting her brand and curates and even greater collection of activewear for the fashion forward active woman.

Sculptique offers brands such as Alo, Onzie, Niyama Sol, Free People Movement Track & Bliss, and so much more! I literally spend a few hours each week checking in to see what’s new.

Leigh has graciously allowed me to interview her. Read our interview below to learn more about this kick-ass entrepreneur!

leigh sculptique
Leigh looking fabulous in Sculptique from head to toe!

Schimiggy: Why did you start Sculptique?

Leigh: I’ve always been very into fitness. Having a background in buying, opening my own store was my end goal. Like a lot of women I know, I live in my gym clothes. Aside from Lululemon, the only place I ever went to buy workout gear would be big department stores. I had to dig through tons of merchandise to find a cute outfit and also had nowhere to shop close to home. I wanted to create a business that offered everything a girl might need to be gym ready yet fashionable. I chose to launch online versus a retail location because this way I could offer something to everyone worldwide. You can get all your merchandise from the comfort of your own home but still get the type of customer service you would find in a small neighborhood boutique.

Schimiggy: What’s your background? Do you teach? what were doing prior to Sculptique?

Leigh: Prior to starting Sculptique I worked as a buyer for Burlington Coat Factory. I worked in several different departments but my last position was as a buyer for Juniors Active. I graduated from the Art Institute with a degree in fashion marketing.

Schimiggy: What’s are the three most important things in your life?

Leigh: The most important things in my life are my family and friends, my career and my health. Sculptique is my baby so it is of course a huge priority to me. I see great things in the future for it so make it a top priority every day. At the same time, I believe a good work life balance is important so try to focus as much time as possible on my family and friends. They are my support system and I wouldn’t be able to do this job without them. I also take a lot of pride in my health. I make time to go to the gym every day and eat healthy as much as possible. A little splurge every now and then is important as well!

Schimiggy: What’s your favorite workout and why?

Leigh: I’m currently on my second round of The Strong and Sexy body method. I’ve tried SO many workout plans and this is the first time where I still a real difference with my body. The workouts are very easy to follow and really push you each day.

Schimiggy: What do you hope for the brand and for yourself in the next 5/10/20 years?

Leigh: My hopes for Sculptique in the future is to continue growing. Over the next 5 years I would love to expand into men’s product so that I can truly have something to offer to everyone. Whether it is 5 years, 10 years or 20 years, I plan to always keep Sculptique as my main focus. I will work hard every day to keep the business growing and successful. Within the next 10 years, I hope to open retail locations as well. The main piece of the business will always be online but my goal would be to put store locations into large markets so that customers can see and feel product in person as well if they prefer to shop that way.

It was so much fun getting to know Leigh of Sculptique! She’s truly a go getter and understands that it takes a community to raise a child – and in this case her child is Sculptique! I’ll definitely be a supporter of Sculptique for as long as they exist. And, you should be too!

Why You Should Shop Sculptique

I had an opportunity to shop Sculptique! Sculptique offers activewear for women ranging from tanks, tees, jackets, leggings and even accessories, including footwear. My favorite brands they offer are Electric and Rose, Free People, Glyder, Alala, Niyama Sol, Wear It To Heart and Track & Bliss. Below are some reasons why you should shop Sculptique versus any other activewear retailer.

  • Sculptique offers over 40 unique brands! Find the coveted Glyder striped leggings and Niyama Sol prints at Sculptique. See the complete list of brands here.
  • Great deals! Leigh knows not to let product sit on shelves. Visit often and see what deals you might find in the sale and final sale (no returns) sections.
  • Free shipping on orders over $50 and get free priority shipping for orders over $100! The shipping is also fast. I placed an order and received it within 4 days.
  • Sculptique Rewards! Earn points when you shop! Use those points to redeem coupons towards your next purchase. Each $1 spent equals 1 point. Earn 250 points for joining and begin to redeem once you’ve reached 500 points.
  • Hassle free returns! If it doesn’t fit, you have 14 days to return your purchase. Create a return request here.
  • Sculptique offers PROMO CODES to help make shopping easier and wallet friendly.

Sculptique has also generously offered a sculptique coupon code ALEXANDRAdiscount for SCHIMIGGY‘s followers! Use discount code ALEXANDRA to receive 20% off all your orders. Please share with your friends and let them in on the activewear deals too!

Thanks for tuning in today and I look forward to bringing you more fitness fashion news. Til next time!

For more fitness fashion discounts and deals, please visit my Fitness Instructor Discounts + Brands page.

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