Tomato Battle at Silverado Canyon, CA!

My friend sent me a link for a Tomato Battle one morning. My first thoughts were….La Tomatino festival in Spain…but in Silverado Canyon, CA? Spain comes to OC? What???

So August 25th comes around and we attempt to wear clothes that we wouldn’t mind getting dirty. Larry (my boyfriend) wear black and figure it’ll be warm but at least it won’t stain. People are encouraged to wear costumes but due to lack of time and interest, we just scramble for an immediate outfit for the event.

We get there are were guided down a washed road towards Irvine Lake. Water level was pretty low and our cars were wheels deep in mud. We park near the lake and we are PUMPED! We lather on sunblock, dawn our crappy sunglasses and (uh oh…) I am wearing sandals! I totally forget to bring shoes so that I don’t slip into the tomato slime!

The line to get our wristbands isn’t even a line. It’s a tomato crazy crowd. I push through and without them even checking our order confirmations, we get wristbands and off to the beer garden we go.

Beer garden line is ridiculously long. Hope they bring another beer truck or vendor next year. Luckily we were able to join another group and get our beers faster.

2 beers and 3 shades of tan later, it’s time to look for my friends and get our tomato battle on!

The group heads to a caged area where the tomatoes are in the center and surrounded by the substandard tomatoes are angsty adults plowing tomatoes at one another.

I come out covered in tomato and smelling like marinara sauce. Surprisingly I still wanted tomatoes for dinner. There is tomato on every crevice of my body. I have tomatoes for days! Yet I can’t wait for next year’s Tomatina battle!

Join me next year and let’s get saucy!

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