Humans of Seattle: Pioneer Square

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As part of an attempt to practice my photography skills and interact more meaningfully with my community, I began taking photos of everyone and everything. I visited Pioneer Square one day to see if where my curious mind would take me. In regards to my human subjects, I asked them if they’d like to share something with me and be included in this piece. I was thankful that many people gladly obliged to get their photos taken and share their inspirations and thoughts with me.

I perused down to Pioneer Square in south Downtown of Seattle. This area is densely populated with the homeless and poverty-stricken population of Seattle. Per someone I met in the area, no one goes here at night except for its denizens. Within the past two years, Pioneer Square has turned into a lively place for restaurants, boutiques, and street fairs. It’s now a blend of those affected by poverty and a popular place for nightlife and dining. Things change and I hope that this is an improvement for all humans of Seattle.

Humans of Seattle: Pioneer Square

kitty human pioneer square
“Every morning I wake up and am inspired by the act of getting dressed.” ~ Ms. Kitten

man on chair loves photos

“I love to take photos! Please take one of me.” He then sits on his dinner to pose for the camera. This man definitely loves photos!

man flexes strong pioneer square
“I am strong! Did you get that?” Me: “Of course I did!”

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