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Updated: 12/26/2019 | Lineage Wear Leggings Review

I received an opportunity to review Katie Pippin’s active and lifestyle line, Lineagewear! Through the product review I also received a chance to interview the powerhouse herself! #doublewinning

Katie is a smart, quirky, determined, humble and creative businesswoman who produces the #bestleggingsever! I first fell in love with her brand when I saw a famous IG yogi wearing them. I quickly snagged a pair of green and purple peacock leggings and fell in love with them.

Katie noticed that I had mentioned Lineage wear on a previous blog post and asked if I were interested in reviewing her leggings. I had to re-read the post several times and pinch myself but I was honestly ecstatic and organically our interaction manifested.

Katie sent me her sweet Wild Rose leggings (which are unfortunately now SOLD OUT)! I tested them at the recent lululemon Rock & Unroll yoga event at the EMP Museum in Seattle, WA. Obviously…I received tons of compliments. But most of all, I  was excited to let my readers know that they passed the yoga test!

LineageWear Review

What do I think of the pants?

  • They were COMFORTABLE! I did not have to do any adjusting during practice. The 4-way stretch spandex made for a perfect fit and the fabric was definitely not sheer. I am usually a 6 in lululemon and the MEDIUM felt too big. I would fit better in Lineage Wear size SMALL. I would definitely order true to size in this brand.
  • The leggings looked great on me! I wore it with my Kira Grace burnt red Goddess tank top. The combination matched perfectly! The pattern was not too noisy when paired with my solid tank top. It would go well with a wine red, red, black and white top easily.
  • The price of the pants are uber reasonable – only $58 for a pair of stunning pants! I don’t understand why other brands charge $80+ for spandex pants. Katie also offers coupon codes every now and then, so be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see those announcements!

Interview with Katie Pippin of Lineage Wear

Enjoy the read! Also, enjoy a coupon code for 10% off at the end of my review!

Do you design your own patterns? How long does it take to finish a collection from ideas to finished products?

I design my own patterns. It’s an extremely slow process- coming from a theatre background, where we sometimes have insanely short deadlines, fashion feels like it moves at a glacial pace. And that’s mostly because I am not the only client in my supply chain, so I have to nudge other people along.

When they don’t have the same sense of urgency that I do, bribing with cookies helps! I drafted and graded all of my own patterns- sizes range from newborn to 3x. Babies and kids stuff is coming out soon, but getting my patterns digitized has taken four months, as I had to farm that out to a marker maker.

I’ve been working on a host of other products the whole time, to be released as they are finished. I also test out each product in each size and fabric, so I can often be found wearing these crazy cobbled together prototypes in yoga class or while running. Once in a while, I fall in love with a fabric only to find that it goes sheer or gets baggy, so this part of the process is crucial.

What’s your inspiration for the patterns?

I work in the garment district, so most of my stuff I find from wandering through stores on my lunch hour. I am now very friendly with the guys at my main fabric source. There’s only a handful of stores that sell spandex (if you follow a few athletic apparel brands on Instagram, you will start to recognize the same prints from brand to brand) so it gets competitive.

I had listed the Mendhi print legging a while back at my sources assurance that he had tons of it in stock, but I didn’t buy it all at once. A headband company bought it out from under me, and I had to discontinue it after like, nine or ten pieces. Now if I see something I like, I buy the whole lot.

I’ve also been working with a couple of designers for totally custom prints. The first two I’m releasing are by Telekenetica and NanuChavda. I sent their designs to a local printer, who uses a process called heat sublimation to print custom fabric.

Heat sublimation is interesting- the design is printed onto like a tissue paper, and the fabric is rolled slowly over a giant heated roller that bakes the design on the paper onto the fabric at about 400 degrees.

It produces no fumes or byproducts, just steam, and the company recycles their used paper, so the process is totally green.

I would love to design my own prints once I make Lineagewear my full time gig. I have tons of ideas, I am just not good with computers.

How large is the team of persons you work with? Who does that include?

I am a one woman show! Actually that’s not entirely true. My husband helps with the website. I have a few designers that I work with, a marker maker that I use for digitization, and my manufacturer. I originally built every pair of leggings on two machines in my living room!

But almost immediately I couldn’t keep up, and I needed to be sure that the quality was razor precise every time. The shop that builds them has maybe 30 employees- One cutter, a dozen or so stitchers, and a handful of finishers for like clipping threads etc. Lineagewear is totally American made, by a bunch of delightfully cranky old ladies.

How do you juggle being a mom and designer?

It’s tough. My husband and I both work full time. I run a lot of Lineagewear errands on my lunch breaks. It is a constant juggling act to work all day, take care of the baby and the cats and the husband and the house, and grow my business. Sometimes I even manage to take care of myself.

Short answer: I drink a lot of wine LOL.

What are your future goals/hopes for Lineage Wear?

I’d love to make this a full time thing. I’m working on that next. And sports bras. Once I can get a good price on sports bras from my manufacturer, it’s on.

Something you didn’t ask me…how Lineagewear got started!

A few years ago during seasonal layoffs, I was hired by a rival brand as a freelance pattern maker to improve some of their patterns. I showed up with a flat front tights pattern we used to build costumes for Little Mermaid Broadway, a sketch of a pair of high waisted leggings, and my tool kit.

I worked for several weeks correcting this brands patterns, mostly stuff they hadn’t released yet. At the time, they weren’t doing leggings. I tried to convince them to do leggings, and made it clear that I would be willing to come work for them full time – I was full of ideas. They weren’t interested, and that was the last I heard from them. 

Some time later they released a flat front legging, and have since achieved a great deal of success. I actually didn’t think of starting my own brand for years, because I had assumed that they already had the market tied up. So the flat front design element actually originated with me, but they would never admit to being an old friend of mine, or hiring me, I’m sure.

I sometimes regret not listening to everybody through the years who suggested I start my own company- but I needed time to get married, have a baby, etc. and I have absolutely no animosity towards anyone. I think the quality of my product speaks for itself. Honestly I love seeing other brands become successful- it only inspires me to work harder to make my stuff stand out. 

Katie has definitely inspired me to do more with my time and talents. Be it yoga, fashion or both, hard work pays off if you keep at it. I wish Katie the best of luck in her journey to make Lineage Wear a success.

So go on and get your #bestleggingsever now!

I was not compensated for this review. All opinions and observations are purely my own.


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