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lululemon Facebook Groups can be one of the best places to find and buy the best deals on lululemon. You can also snag some pretty awesome deals on VEUC (don’t know what this means? Head over here to the lululemon glossary). While most of these Facebook groups sell used lululemon clothing, there are a few Lulu Facebook groups selling items that are New With Tags (NWT) or New Without Tags (NWOT).

Here are some popular lululemon buy sell trade (or BST) groups that you should definitely join and be on the lookout for awesome lululemon deals. Who knows, you might even find your unicorn!

lululemon Facebook Groups

lululemon Buying Groups

#1 lululemon Bidding Battles

lululemon Bidding Battles is a selling group where buyers offer a minimum bid and buy right now price.  There are over 10K members in this group.

There are also BST groups that are location specific (i.e. only for Vancouver residents, only for Seattle residents, etc.) Those are worth checking out too. Just simply search “lululemon + City” and then click “Groups” in Facebook to see which groups come up in your area. Some groups may be named using the city airport code or moniker. 

#2 lululemon Amuurica

lululemon Amuurica has both used and new clothes on it. It is members only, so you must request to join it. It’s only open to U.S. based members (hence the Amuurica).

#3 lululemon Exchange

lululemon exchange buy sell trade facebook group

The lululemon Exchange sells both new and used lululemon clothing and gear. It has over 42K active members so people are constantly selling and buying.

#4 lululemonheads

lululemon heads facebook group

lululemonheads is a pretty lax group for buying and selling Lululemon.

#5 lululemon USA Buy Sell Trade

lululemon USA Buy Sell Trade has over 13,000 members and allows the buying and selling of Lululemon and Ivivva.

#6 lululemon 911

lululemon 911 is an offer based buying and selling group. Sellers post their items and people in the groups make an offer or buy the item for the selling price. Sellers are allowed to accept or pass on an offer. Sounds easy enough!

#7 lululemon Buy and Sell

lululemon facebook group buying and selling

lululemon Buy and Sell is a lax group for buying and selling. 

#8 ISO Lululemon

ISO lululemon allows people to post their “in search of” item and members offer it up for the requested price. 

#9 lululemon Swap Shop

lululemon Swap Shop

#10 lululemon Fun Buy Sell Trade

lululemon Fun Buy Sell Trade has around ~5k members and is a pretty relaxed group for buying an selling.

#11 lululemon USA, Buy, Sell & Trade

lululemon USA, Buy, Sell & Trade has around 17.8K members.

#12 lululemon for Ladies….Buy Sell Trade….Laugh Chat and Spend! :0)

lululemon buy sell trade facebook group

lululemon for Ladies….Buy Sell Trade….Laugh Chat and Spend! :0) has 13.2K members.

Here are general rules about most FB BST groups:

  • You must have Paypal, Venmo or EBT (Canadian electronic payment) to accept and process payments.
    • If you’re paying as gift, buyer will usually remove any Paypal fees and the transaction is final. You are not protected by Paypal if something were to happen to your purchase.
    • If you’re paying as goods/merchandise, you are protected by Paypal. Seller also has an option to generate a shipping label.
    • If you’re paying using Venmo, all sales are final and no fees are charged between buyer and seller. You are not protected if anything were to happen to your purchase.
  • NEVER use stock photos in groups. This can create some serious issues with FB rules and regulations. Only use photos that you’ve taken yourself.
  • All sales are binding and final. No getting out of the sale if all conditions have been met.
  • Admins rule the group, so follow their rules or you can be kicked out.
  • If you’re looking for shipping tools, I recommend using Paypal to ship your items. Use this link to create a shipping label.

lululemon Social Groups

There’s absolutely no buying or selling in these groups. They are advice and chat groups for lululemon fans.

#1 Lulu Locker Room

lululemon locker room facebook group

lulu Locker Room is a great place to stay on top of Lululemon news, get fitting or general advice. The group is pretty relaxed. 

#2 Lulu Babble

lulu Babble is a group that is rules crazy. They’ll keep tabs on you if you keep breaking the rules which is somewhat exhausting for a no selling group.

#3 lululemon A2Z

lululemon a2z facebook group

lululemon A2Z is strictly a group for finding out about Lululemon product details. Got an old lululemon and can’t find it on lulufanatics? There’s a chance someone in this group will know what it is.

#5 lululemon The Practice Group – DENVER

lululemon The Practice Group – DENVER is the member group for people who signed up for their wellness subscription program known as The Practice. Read my The Practice review here. It’s totally worth it IMHO.

I’m a member of most of these groups. Join groups that you know you will get the most out of and stay away from the ones that aren’t aligned with your beliefs. That will save you the headache of navigating through the FB lululemon world. 

I have an entire resource page dedicated to everything lululemon related. Please check it out. If there are any topics you’d like me to shed some light on, please let me know.

Am I missing any amazing groups? Please let me know and I’ll get them added to the list. Thanks for reading!

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lululemon resource page schimiggy reviewsWant to know more about lululemon?

We have an entire resource page dedicated to everything lululemon related. Please check it out!

If there are any other topics you’d like us to shed some light on, please let us know!


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