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Updated: 3/4/2021 | Narcissist Quotes

Here are quotes and learnings that have helped us move beyond an abusive narcissist relationship.

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It’s hard to know if someone is lying if you know nothing about them. Take things slow. Set boundaries. Get to know who someone truly is before you delve in.

I knew from the beginning and he convinced me I was different. You are no different. They are the problem and you need to avoid their drama at all costs. Ignoring the red flags will only hurt you in the end.

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once a liar always a liarIt was a never ending cycle of fight and make up with my narcissist. You will never get closure. You will need to find closure yourself by moving on. There was never nothing you could say or do to make them love you the way you deserve to be loved.

stop talking to narcissists and listening to their bullshitDon’t waste your time on someone who won’t be consistent with you. One day you’re important and another you’re disposable. Don’t be with someone who is ok with losing you.

stop chasing zack roppelYou were never the problem. They will always know they’re the problem but won’t admit fault. Just live a life without them. You’ll be better for it.

Don’t let anyone test you.

People will come into your life and test if you love them more than you love yourself. Don’t let anyone make you forget to love yourself first.

People will come into your life and test if you love them more than you love yourselfI Google’d every damn thing. I became an expert on how to identify a covert narcissist.

Pro tip: Before getting romantically involved with someone, Google their name to make sure they’re not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This will prevent you from wasting your time.

google someones behavior is a red flagI mean, this is how everyone felt. If this occurs, take it as a huge red flag.

how i felt dating a narcissist disappointed but not surprisedNarcissists will make you run in circles around them. Recognize when this happens and end that behavior. Break that pattern to break free.

break a pattern by responding differentlyA relationship with the right person will be effortless. Identify the red flags immediately and get out before your soul is harmed.

find a love that you do not have to fight forYou learn a lot about a person based on how they treat you when you’re not on good terms.

I would be stonewalled, given the silent treatment, and made to feel like I’m the crazy one. It was ALWAYS my fault when he overstepped boundaries and made me feel less.

you learn a lot about a person based on how they treat you when youre not on good terms zack roppel

He is constantly saying one thing and doing another. Recognize people who are inconsistent with you and get out for your own sanity.

narcissists never keep their wordKnow when to get the fuck out. You deserve so much more.

And if you stay too long, don’t regret thinking that you wasted all this time. Be glad it ended so that better people and experiences can come your way.

only thing wrong was that you stayed too long

I thought the inconsistency would change. Trust me. It never will. Inconsistency will make you feel depressed and like you are not worth being consistent with.

You deserve a straightforward and honest relationship. You deserve respect. That is not too much to ask for.

stop being loyal to someone who is inconsistent with you schimiggy

He apologized time and time again. Said he would change and still didn’t. It was very stupid and ignorant of me to believe it in the first place. People don’t change overnight nor do they really change significantly.

I also started to connect with people who are consistent and embrace change in a healthy, non-manipulative way.

An apology without changed behavior is just manipulation.Always stand up for yourself. Those who stay will be the ones who truly respect you.

anything you lose when you set boundaries was never meant to stay zack roppel


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quotes to help you understand and heal from narcissist abuse


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