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  1. Hi 🙂 Would you please be able to tell me what the quality of the K.Deer haute leggings are like? I am also a size 6 in LLM pants (so I think I’d get the mediums in K.Deer) and I love the quality of them, but they don’t really have any nice colours atm.. Do the K.Deer leggings stay up? Are they see-through (when doing downward dog etc?)?
    Thanks heaps for your help!

    1. Of course! I’ve found that there are two ways the 80 spandex 20 nylon blend results in. 1) One that is stretchy and form fitting and the other 2) that is thicker, stretches too much and dries slower. K.deers fall into those two categories. This makes them very inconsistent and it drives me nuts! I would suggest a small in the second fabric. And a medium in the first fabric. I’ve kept all my kdeers that are stretchier and size medium and have sold the others because they fall off consistently. In a size 6 lulu as well. I now call them prior to making any purchase BC it’s a hassle to get it exchanged. My favorite fit has definitely been the striped ombre collection. Let me know if you have Good luck!!!

      1. Thanks heaps for that! I’m in Australia so it’d be a bit annoying to have to send them back and forth. Fingers crossed I get a good pair 🙂 Cheers!

    2. I purchased a pair of the Alexis stripe from the first launch. I wore them a handful of times (10?) since I am a working mom and don’t practice yoga more than once a week. I’m usually too lazy to wear the tight leggings so I put on my Lululemons or Under Armour for my weekly workouts. I noticed after almost a year that there is a tiny tear/hole in the crotch seam and I contacted the company. Kdeer told me there is nothing they can do and offered a coupon to buy a new pair. Very disappointed in this company. I will stick with others who stand by their product.

      1. I agree! They are expensive too! I wouldnt want a product faltering after less than a year of wear. I would recommend Liquidoactive.com or lineage wear for leggings. Their quality is excellent and they have exciting patterns! good luck on your search and thanks for stopping by! <3

  2. Hi schmiggy! Thanks for the shoutout, I appreciate the recommendation! Love your honest and thoughtful appraisal of other brands. Please email me, I’d love to speak with you further and have you do a full product review of my stuff. 🙂

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    1. Great question Jill! I haven’t experienced fraud using my Nordstrom debit card but they make announcements RE fraud through their Fraud Protection alerts page. You can also contact them to resolve any mis-appropriated charges to your debit account and they would conduct an investigation to resolve the issue.

      Contact page: http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/customer-service-contact-us

      Fraud Alerts: http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/fraud-alert

      If I ever experience it I will contact them first hand and let you know the results.

  5. After hearing all the positive reviews from all my wonderful OCR gals and now after reading this review, I seriously can’t wait to give the Diva Cup a try!

  6. I’ve been doing a ton of research on the diva cup lately. After a major leak my last month I decided I was done done done with pads and tampons.

    I decided to just order one and got it in the mail yesterday.
    My husband thinks I’m crazy because I keep telling him how awesome it is and how excited I am. I think he’ll be more excited when we don’t have to load the grocery cart up with expensive feminine products!
    I can think of a million ways this little cup will save my sanity. I won’t name them all, but I most look forward to being able to ride my motorcycle next summer without having to pack my load bag with bulky pads and tampons!

    Thanks for a great review, it’s definitely made me feel better about my purchase!

  7. I literally had no idea anything like this existed an hour ago. Some women in my Essure Problems group touted it, and here I am, reading your fantastic review! I’m so excited at the opportunity to never be leaking and feeling disgusting again. I really hope it works out for me. Who’da thunk that you can be so elated over something like this?

  8. Love it! And I’m glad to hear from someone who really likes it. None of my friends have one but I’m definitely looking to try it out!

    1. Hey! The waistband hlighthigh/low feature. It sits just below your bellybutton, but you can fold it over if you prefer a lower fit. There’s a mix of product shots with the waistband worn high and low ????

  9. *high/low feature

    Damn auto correct!!

    And no, they won’t fall down during practice! Tried and tested 🙂

  10. Thanks for sharing this! I just bought the manduka pro two years ago, but the grip on it doesn’t work for my sweaty palms. So I’m defngoing to buy the lifeforme mat. I think its great it comes with a bag, but I tend to like the manduka attachment little pouch since I fold my mat halfway

  11. Great post it was really helpful with sizing. I am also a 6 in Lululemon and I was conflicted about a med or a large. I ordered the werkshop leggings from the collaboration with Ghost and Stars and I just got them and everything you said was spot on. Including the rolling down at the waist band but I’m hoping with time that will go away. I find the fabric unlike anything else I own closest to my Montiel leggings. I love the butterfly design your rocking in the pictures and have decided that those will be my next Werkshop purchase. Thanks again for a very detailed and informative post!

    1. Thanks for following up and letting me know about your Werkshop experience. The prints on these leggings are unreal eh? You’re definitely getting what you’re paying for and it’s worth it! I would love to see a pic of you in your Werkshop leggings! 🙂

  12. How would you say Dharma Bums sizing compares to lulu? If I wear a 4/6 in lulu would I take a small or medium in dharmabums printed leggings?

  13. How does the sizing on dharma bums leggings compare to lululemon? If I’m a 4/6 lulu would I need a small or medium? I’ve heard mixed reviews on sizing.

  14. Can you elaborate on how to get the cheaper shipping? I just sold my first item on Mercari yesterday (a 6 oz skirt, so nothing big) and it looked like all the prices on USPS.com were much more expensive if I wanted to do it myself rather than use their flat rate.

    1. I clean my mat using Mrs. Meyers all purpose concentrated cleaner mixed with water. I plug the bathtub and let it my mat soak into the solution. I usually scrub the surface with my hands if there stubborn stains. Then I rinse with water and dry on the shower rod. Don’t leave it in direct sun. Hope that helps!!

  15. I absolutely love this post! it’s funny because I JUST posted something similar to this a couple minutes ago. but yes it is very necessary to remove toxic or negative relationships out of ones lives. keep up the great work 🙂

  16. I really enjoyed this post cause it tackled something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. It can be so tough to cut people out of your life, even when they’re making you miserable, but it’s so very necessary.

  17. Wait so if I return a purchase It will take longer to be credited to my checking account? My husband just informed me that nordstoms took payment when I had a 46 dollare credit from a return on a nordstrums Debit card! I better not be charged any fees! When I signed up they said it was just like using my debit card for checking! Ill be calling you tomorrow cause money was taken out when there was a credit of 46 dollars On it and the transaction was 32.00 I should be in the you owe me not you take when you should credit!

    1. if you return the purchase you should try returning it to your debit card/banking card, not back to your nordstrom debit card. if you use a bank debit card it will automatically be debited in your bank account (if you use your pin # during the transaction). usually you do not get charged fees for using a nord debit card. If your linked bank account is negative balance then your bank will charge your overdraft fees. that’s all i can think that would happen.

  18. Thanks for the review! Do you know if there is a way to get your items back to the top of the feed without deleting and re-listing them?

  19. I got a email from mercari saying the seller has shipped my item, I just don’t know if they REALLY Shipped it, because the tracking number that is listed doesn’t work when I looked it up on the fedex page. Help me??

    1. FedEx has been having issues. I waited a good 4 weeks before receiving my order using FedEx shipment. I would wait and be patient because it’s probably a package update issue on FedEx’s end. Next time before you buy, make sure the seller is shipping usps. Wish I had a better answer!

  20. I have a quick question regarding listing items on Mercari. If I have 10 of the very same item to sell on Mercari, am I allowed to make 10 of the same exact listing for that product simultaneously without risking being suspended?

  21. XXIV active is relatively new but they have a series of really high waisted pants! Designs are cute too imo. You should do a review on stylerunner too since they’re pretty big, and NELLY.COM? Anyway your list is great!! Thanks!!!

  22. I am trying to order from mercari but it wouldn’t let me use my debit mastercard. Help. Where am I supposed to put in my card to register it. I dont want for it to start working and then I have all this money pulled out of my card.

    1. Hi Lisa! Head to the menu to the top left of the App (on Android) and choose Settings>My Payments>then add a card you’d like to use. When you pay for an item (Pressing BUY to proceed to cart) you have the option of choosing to pay with Paypal. It will prompt you to login to paypal to complete the sale. Hope this answers your questions!

    1. Yes! I totally forgot about those! adding those to the list. I would love to buy them but I totally agree about the price point. Also, the shipping from Asia is ridiculous!!! Thank you!

    1. OMG YES I love those! Wish they made them in green because that’s my favorite color and houndstooth is my favorite pattern. Would be a match made in heaven. <3 Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  23. Hey lady,

    Hope you’re well–love reading your reviews. Has anyone else had trouble with the Carbon38 code not working? I can’t get it to take for some reason. 🙁


  24. hi! i’m so glad i found your blog since it appears we are the same size. i always find lulu size 6 to be super tricky when i try other brands; should i go with small or medium!? i’m finding all your legging reviews very helpful, thanks 🙂

    1. Glad my reviews could be of help to you! It’s tricky since we buy A LOT online nowadays. I have that same issue too! I am a lulu size 6. I tend to be a small in most brands. However, in K-Deer I am a medium. Let me know if you ever have questions about other brands and etc. I’m always down to try new stuff too. Talk to you soon!

  25. Awesome review!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity, I’ve always wanted to own leggings from Carbon! ????????????

  26. I recently started working out and have been looking for good quality workout clothes. I always thought people were nuts for buying separate pricy workout clothes but now i have a whole drawer. Lol Thanks for the review.

  27. What an adorable photo shoot! I think your Teeki leggings are adorable, and now I think I need some of my own. I’m off to check their sizing guide now

  28. Thanks for the review and the honesty about see-through. I especially appreciate knowing the inseam. 29″ on my 33″ legs will fall a bit short of the mark for me. Keep reviewing for all of us!

  29. Hi thanks for all the legging review!! Ultracor : they have sprinter high and ultra high. Any idea what’s the difference? I live in Australia. I work in the fitness industry and after good and durable activewear… I have bought ALO YOGA products from Carbon38.

    1. Hi, I think the difference between the sprinter and the ultra are the leg length. They have a guide on their website–look for the style guide.

    2. @liz is right! The leg length is different between the sprinter and ultra high. They also offer regular and high waistbands. I’ve found that different vendors (probably due to manufacturing after order is made) offer the same print in different leg and waistband lengths. Thanks for stopping by!

  30. Did these shrink back to size after drying? I got my usual Large but now I’m wondering if I should have gotten the M

  31. Did you buy from them directly? This company has the worst customer service. I found your review here because I was trying to figure out if I was the only one who had such a horrid experience with them. I got a pair of their leggings that were defective and when I contacted them, they never once apologized but insisted that they were fine and said that they would sell the leggings I shipped back to them to another customer. I had to pay international shipping to send it back to them.

    1. Sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment! I bought my pair off Amazon. Amazon has great customer service. Fortunately I had no issues with my leggings. I am so sorry you had such a bad experience! Thanks for letting me know to avoid them directly. I am usually weary of buying internationally from certain retailers.

  32. I love this color scheme too! I’m just starting to collect different items though. I only have the speed shorts, sports bra and the Asana jacket. So hard to find!

    1. It’s slowly getting harder to find! I have so-many-pieces in this color scheme. I barely wear them because I don’t want to ruin them. On, the pain of owning your unicorns! I will tuxedo up and add a photo to this post!

  33. Great review, there are’t many indepth reviews on this brand so this was great for helping me decide whether or not to purchase.

  34. I could not refrain fromcommenting. Very well written! Perhaps you could write your next articles referring to this article.

    I wish to read even more about this subject!

  35. DO NOT BUY OR SELL ON MERCARI! complaint as a buyer; cons: 1.only 4 photos to see what your getting, 2. sellers are usually teenagers who ship in ziplock bags with a label slapped over it.3, items are not usually as described because teens don’t describe things well. 4. mercari has little protection fort you, no customerservice besides a vague text through their app to customer service.
    Selling cons: mercari dosnt protect you. returns are encouraged. (I sold a pair of new expensive mizunos for 79.00 and buyer blocked me and returned old mens tennis shoes beat up.) mercari wouldnt resolve this issu or step in to ban the scamming member of this site who probably has done this multiple times) 2. you dont get paid until a buyer rates you. 3. you dont know what buyer will rate you , they can do anythig to ruin you. 4. only cheap teen shop here and scam artists. 4. you money gets released Once a week.! and you have to constantly ask for it to go into your bank account.

    1. Thanks for your feedback! There are cons and pros to using Mercari. I still use it regardless of all the silly rules. To combat buyers from returning the wrong items, I have decided to record ALL MY SALES from the packaging to shipping process. I also let buyers know in case they’re planning on scamming me. I had one bad experience and made sure that will never happen again!

      1. Do you mind expanding on this? How do you record the process? I’m afraid that I’m being ghosted by a buyer and they haven’t left me a rating yet. I want to start trying to avoid this at the beginning.

  36. What a cool story behind the leggings! Thanks for the review. My favorite pattern is the “grace”, gorgeous pink colorway 😀

  37. Maybe you can help, I can’t find the answer anywhere… Why can’t people make offers on items if they are using Paypal? I have had several people ask to make offers on my items today but it says Paypal won’t let them.. so I have to go in, change the price and tell them to buy it right away.. or reserve it for them. If you can enlighten me, that would be awesome! Thanks!

    1. I’ve tried to do this exact same thing when buying on Mercari. Mercari doesn’t allow processing of Paypal payments thru their offer function because the process can not be automated. Which means, when purchasing using paypal, you have to be actively buying the item. It’s a security thing on Paypal’s end. Annoying but it’s what we have to deal with! Paypal works the same way on eBay.

  38. Ugh, they’re all so pretty! For blues, I like Courage and Serenity! I also love the pinks of Peace and Balance. Tough decision, lol.

  39. There are more than one pop quiz backpack… like Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack Multipurpose Backpack, Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Mid-Volume Backpack, Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack, Canteen Crosshatch, One Size

    I’m confused. Can you point out the main differences of them?

    1. The main difference are the sizes. I wrote this blog when there was only one pop quiz model. Now there seems to be a mid-volume, regular size (larger than mid-volume) and a kid’s size. There’s also a pop quiz messenger and lunch box too. I have not seen the multi purpose backpack or canteen crosshatch so can’t provide any insight there. let me know if you have any other questions!

  40. Hi there! I just bought a Liforme mat and I’m also finding the alignment markers very distracting during my Ashtanga practice. Were you able to get passed that over time? I’m actually considering returning the mat for this very reason. :/ I like to focus inward in my practice and tend to not worry much over alignment.

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you for your question.
      I usually practice with my eyes closed (umpada drishti). I also don’t worry about perfect alignment onto the mat, as everyone is different and this mat is not a one fits all. If it does still bug you, I highly recommend the byoga mat. It’s a natural rubber mat with great grip and absorbancy. You can use coupon code AMB20ATRAN for 20% off. https://byoganow.com/collections/b-mats

  41. Hey, thank you so much for a great and honest review, it’s seem like everyone talking about this mat but no one really says how it truly feel to practice with it. During my training I had 2 gods who had the mat and they definitely seem cool with great grip, but the price, oh god, it’s a mat it’s not forever and now a days you have so many other companies making the same mat from the same material (some even copies the alignment lines. Alo Yoga and mantrastyle yoga mat mad out of the same materials just plan colord. Iv been wanting to buy something for a while but feel like my brain is more drawn to the mat due to the social media effect, so I’m feeling pretty lost

    1. I have been using the BYOGA Mat regularly. It doesn’t last a lifetime but is affordable, has amazing grip and is very easy to wash. I have a 20% off coupon code: AMB20ATRAN
      Here’s the link: https://byoganow.com/
      I will write a review eventually! Maybe I will write it because of your comment. Thanks so much for visiting!

  42. Thank you for the review . I personally feel that mercari is a very good, easy to use sellers app. I feel that some of the cons will be addressed in the future as mercari moves forward.
    I list about 90% of my items for sale on eBay at this time, but plan to list more on mercari as they gain my trust..
    One thing I would love from mercari to help me promote items and even their app is a link like my ebay store


    1. They have a promotion option which allows u to promote 5 items per day but you’d take a 10% cut for that service. I usually price my items higher than normal then use the promo option. I’ve sold 2 out of the 20 items I’ve promoted. I’m still on the fence about whether I like the promo option or not. They also list their items on Google product pages like poshmark and eBay now. Only thing is their desktop browsing site is not user friendly and sometimes does not even load for me. I have another article that lists all the different selling products u can use and their parameters. I can link you later. 🙂 Thanks for your message!!!

      1. OMG! In love. I just got in the 3/4 and the full length are out for delivery! I was mostly Lulu and Gap but decided I wanted to try something new after I saw a lady in my one of my classes with a pair of really cool pants from Onzie. That started my floral quest. lol.

        1. Hah yay it’s good to expand to other brands. I was a Lulu head until I tried kdeer, which I highly recommend. Then that helped me Branch out to so many other brands!!!!

  43. Love the patterns however I just can’t understand their sizing. The first 2 pairs I bought are skin tight and give me a muffin top so I switched to XL ( I am a regular size 12) so these should have been enormous !! but were perfect.

    1. I noticed they have different cuts. I bought a full length n a capri. Both fit well but the capri style had a lower waist n seemed more snug. But as this reviewer said they stretch a little bit with wear n she is correct.

  44. Love it!!! I agree… All drama aside, the way she treated Savitri was wrong, the lack of apology or humility or honesty doubly wrong, and then to quote the 8 limbs in her attempt to control the conversation about her actions? *puke*

  45. Hi Alex! I’m eager to purchase the ALO Movement bra but am worried that it may stretch too much over time. What size do you have? We’re about the same size. So I’m debating between and XS OR S

    Thanks for your help!

  46. Hi Leilani! I am a size 8 in lululemon bra tops and ordered a medium in the ALO Yoga Movement top. After washing the top two times, I did notice that the straps do get tangled in the wash if not washed in a lingerie bag. I believe that could cause stretching in the straps. I recommend washing in lingerie bag then hanging dry. I would recommend you go with a size S. I have the top in both gravel and black and LOVE both. 😀

  47. I didn’t know there was such a thing! I will have to try these out. Sounds like they are a better option. Thanks for sharing!

  48. Wish I had read your review before purchasing! I just picked up some L’urv leggings and although they are so pretty I just cant get past the see-through factor. You’re right, you can see EVERYTHING. Such a bummer.

    1. Hi Fay! YEAH I agree! Such beautiful cuts and styles and to have it be ruined by opacity. I did review their black I’m in clouds 7/8 crop and had a much better experience. No see thru issues. It’s just hard with white fabrics. Right now I’m wearing niyama Sol leggings and they’re white with black and red (white stripes rock and Sol collection). U may like niyama Sol if you’re looking for white leggings. I have a review of niyama sol on my blog if u want to check it out.

  49. Hi, I got Zella live in legging based on yout previous review. I got d the material a tad thick but I got used to it after 30 min of wearing them. What do you think about vimmia and forlegs active wear. Do the pile too? Thank you

    1. Vimmia might pill. It’s not a brand I prefer. Forlegs is great and does not pill. 🙂 I love Zella and glad you got use to it! Did you get basic black?

  50. (Just saw it) I got Forlegs because I found your review on camo leggins. I might have gotten the last pair. It’s GORGEOUS! I got Vimmia Drill Pant (with laser cut holes) ($20 on Amazon). I only wore it once and nothing happened in regards to pilling so far. 🙂

  51. I love your “energy “ And I am sooo happy I had the honor to receive sooo many tips !! I LOVEEEE #lululemon!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR “Learning me a lot”!!! And your enthusiasm is A-MAZINGGG !!!!! HOPING TO BE MORE LIKE YOU !!!! ;))))) XOXOX

  52. It all looks so edible!! I’m a fan of solid shampoos and have been using them on and off for about 8 years. The biggest gripe I have with them, however, is that if they don’t dry properly, they end up becoming a sludgy mess. How do you fix this? Especially while traveling?

    1. Not sure how I would keep them dry. I haven’t traveled with mine yet. I’ll be taking them with me to Costa Rica this month so I’ll let you know. So far holding them in an Altoids tin works really well for me!

  53. You might want to let your readers know a few more things. Lush has admitted that SLS makes up 90% of the shampoo bar. Let that sink in… those who are rubbing the bar directly to their head are getting a very concentrated form. In scientific trials, only 1% SLS is used as an irritating agent when they need to test if a product heals irritation.

    Also, SLS, well, most sulfates anyway, are a big no no for people suffering from eczema or scalp dermatitis. It was the cause of the red sores and severe itching on my scalp, including severe hair fall. Years of SLS use has oversensitized my skin to it. My doctor told me not to use any products that contain it. It’s been a few weeks since I stopped using SLS, and my scalp is still recovering from it. The red sores are gone, though. That’s a relief. The itching is still there but slowly decreasing.

  54. Does the outlet sell the same quality of attire as the regular LLL stores? Or does it just look similar, but it’s cheaper?

  55. Hi! The widget wasn’t working properly for me so I went ahead and subscribed to your e-mail list and followed you on both Insta and Pinterest. 🙂

  56. I am following you everywhere but I think I might have different email addresses associated with different accounts i.e. pinterest vs twitter–hope it all still counts 🙂

  57. I brought black L’urv leggings (leather lust moto). I am half-way between XS and S on the size chart and I brought a S which fit really nicely but was very see-through. I wanted to keep them because I really liked them but I can’t wear see-through leggings.

  58. Hi! So glad to have come across your post. I am also Asian and am currently going through the process of growing out my grays. Similar to you I am in my 30’s, started going gray in high school and was dying my hair black for the longest but it was just getting unmanageable with each week plus I felt it was beginning to cause more damage. I cannot wait to get to the one-year mark myself although I do have a wedding coming up so hope I will not fall to the pressure again… Thanks for sharing your journey!

  59. I bought a sample too, it arrived as an xxs – waaay too short. I have no idea how this happened except that it was a mistake of course. I am xs-s … 5’6 120lb – I would not order a xxs intentionally.
    After much debate with their reps and final sale nonsense, they gave me a credit if I payed for return shipping (a second time). The credit that I received is a voucher code that cannot be used in combination with any other offer. Here I am at Black Friday not able to enjoy the 40 percent off and they are constantly send me coupons…. none of which can I use my credit for. I am not feeling the buddhapants spirit.

  60. My daughters both love Lululemon but it is soo expensive so I love to hear about deals because saving money is always a priority. Thanks for sharing the info.

  61. Both of my daughters asked for new leggings for Christmas. Sadly, we don’t have a Lululemon in our area. A trip is now planned!

  62. I have to admit that I have never been a Black Friday Shopper though I admire people that are and enjoy it. I have not heard of this store either so now they are on my radar and I will go check them out.

  63. Any time I can grab great deals, whether in the store or online, I’m all in! The main reason I prefer to shop for clothes in the store is I like to try them on to see if they fit.

  64. Thank you for that thorough review. I agree a carrying case would be good but I love that they come with different size earbuds. Most ear phones do not come with different sizes.

  65. That was really informative. I am thinking about taking some kind of fitness class. It’s a little intimidating to sign up without having expectations. You really covered it all.

  66. My sister in law is very into going to her yoga classes. I use to do yoga but have gotten out of the routine. These are great tips and a good reminder that maybe I should find a class close to me and get back into yoga.

  67. I have never tried yoga, at least not in a class form, just at home. I love the idea of knowing these tips for my future attendance at a yoga class.

  68. I hear ya! I was so disappointed with the align. I just purchased another pair in incognito camo and hopingggg they won’t pill. I’ll report back when they do. Thanks for stopping by. <3

  69. Hehe I saw the side shave and thought theres a lady after my own spirit 😉
    At 33 my ex saw one white hair and it was something to take in as I had hoped to stop dying dark ash brown and just love my natural shiny medium ash brown hair. Oh no that plan scuppered….just as I was starting to love me for me au natural! I continued with the dye. Big mistake. Maybe I did so becaise my ex would go on about younger prettier women….insecure men do this and make us insecure. Ive learnt since then 😉
    Skip a few years and on my 40th birthday with only a few unoticable strands of sparkling silver and I thought I would use a demi permanent dye for my party….it would wash out. Nope it leaves a tinge and its slightly red despite being an ‘ash’ colour. Another lesson learnt on this journey.
    Now at 42 I have a few more strands mainly at temples but still not that many which are obvious. The old demi perm dye is much faded to being very close to natural colour after clarifying shampoos but I hardly tend to wash hair, a boar bristle brush is great!
    I am hoping the silver march will take care of the old demi dyed part as some are shining through. But for most part I am happy to watch my 1 year of growth, healthy hair change ….I like it. I dont feel old I feel like a woman, a beautiful experienced and empowered one at that.
    And I havent cut my hair either as youre told to after 40, its fabuously wild and heading down my back. Its gunna be amazing to watch this process. I will just take in nutrition to help keep its health and thickness despite my hypothyroidism.
    Ive also come to an inner love….if men want to bypass me for younger women then thats fine. Im more than good and happy with myself doing my own life on my terms without bullshit….its strange yet cool to have this deep self love but then I see this in other older women , particularly those with long silver hair.
    They have this radiance, an ethereal beauty and strength and I find them absolutely bewitching I cant help it.
    I was hot in my 20s yeah, but I didnt feel like this or have my own je nais se quois going on back then. I prefer me now, I love my life now. Once you have your life as you want it, it becomes less about the perfect relationsip with a man but about the perfect relationship with yourself, and the higher intelligence that created us. Silver hair is just another form of acceptance of the true beauty of our authentic selves.Our wisdom highlights ey.

    Oh and that ex….he still emails after all these years. I told him I hope he finds a nice young lady. Im too much of a woman for him.

    1. WOW Thank you for sharing your journey with me! We always learn the hard way eh? I did the side shave to get “rid” of white hair. It would always grow back but I could just reshave it again. I lived with it for 1.5 years and loved my hair being less thick (I have a horse mane btw). I am glad you feel empowered and not old. There’s so much stigma to having white hair naturally. Seems like women like you and me who are sticking to our guns will be the ones to change the world’s attitude! Your ex is definitely feelin the loss. You are deserving of so much more. I’d love to see your hair one day! <3 send me an e-mail if you ever wanna collaborate or chat more! schimiggy@gmail.com <3

    1. I do not. So sorry! It will come off though, but the adhesive that keeps the label in place will also be stripped. Thanks for the idea to add a before and after to this post.

  70. If your leggings are slipping down you need to size UP! Even in the pictures they look too small for you. Go with a medium if you aren’t getting high waisted leggings. I also wear a size 6 in lulu and I have my Scorpio Sols on right now. They are also a size small, but high waisted and they are AMAZING. Best pair I’ve ever bought. However, I would have gone with a medium if they were no high waisted because I understand how legging sizes work. Please stop giving bad information.

    1. Hi Laura,

      Thanks for your feedback! I did try these same pants in a medium and they slipped down while I was walking around in the dressing room. This is just a badly designed legging. I ended up selling mine. I do have a pair of medium-high waist striped shorts that tore at the seam in the back. I have given up on this brand. I know it works for some but not for me.

  71. hi! so did the fabric stretch after a while? I just bought an M and love it, want to buy my second piece but cant decide if i do M or S!!!

  72. I’m 53 year old Asian and feel a lot of support from reading this. All four of the women in my fam dye their hair (I’m the youngest!!). I generally love my graying hair and interestingly my 13 1/2 year old son asks me why I don’t dye it despite that most women do (I just tell him I don’t want to). LOVED seeing all your pics of your hair!!! Thank you!!!

    1. I am glad you found support in this and that you love your grey hair! That is my response when people ask me why I don’t dye my hair too! I just don’t want to! Why does it matter to anyone else? I would love to see your hair! Seeing everyone’s unique gray hair transitions is so inspiring and totally AMAZING!

  73. Hi! Thanks so much for the post! Your blog is always an inspiration. How do you read the size dot? I imagine from top to bottom – clockwise or counter clockwise?

    1. Great question! It’s the style code so that employees can find the product once it’s no longer on the website. It’s usually the style code and then a string of a few letters and numbers that help employees search their inventory. I can add a piece to this blog post about it. Thanks for asking!

  74. This sounds so refreshing. I love mint in my drinks, too. The weather in Florida will be hot before we know it and I’ll be making these!

  75. Love the review on these, I have a pair and wear them every day. One thing I noticed was that you mentioned the product “is made in China” however none of my Glyder leggings say made in china?

  76. What a great post! I actually tried to make the switch to a shampoo bar, but it left my hair dry and full of static. I think I will try one from your list next.

    1. Oh yeah it tends to do that because the lack of sulfates creates build-up. I am trying a few more brands and will report back what I find! The how to wash tips should explain some ways to prevent build-up.

  77. Gotta say I don’t 100% agree with you on Zella, as I have owned multiple pairs and have experienced pilling on the seams between my legs. While it’s not bad enough for me to want to just get rid of them, I am actively trying to find another brand that won’t do that. Although, my lack of a thigh gap means I will likely never find a pair of pants that don’t pill eventually lol

    1. Pilling on the seams seems to be a normal occurrence for most leggings. Has the fabric itself pilled at all? I’ve had mine for 5+ years and with the standard Live In fabric it’s never pilled. Would love to hear your response.

  78. 1 month ago I got the line of products from T,O mall the sales persons were Pam,And Tony,I felt I was sooooo pressured
    into the sale as Itold them I was having an asthma and The salesgirl,wouldnot let me go ,She was on me soo bad I felt the only way I wasn’t going to get out was to go along,Well once I did and they had my credit cards ,I didn’t hear feom them,as Tony was supposed to send emailtome but did not but today when I looked at my acct atmy bank ,he surely did that.I was pressured into this and I think it is horrible for a company ro take advantage of 68 plus aged people to get monry ou of ourS.S.checks Tony,shame on you for not keeping your word,and Pam Stop taking advantange of older people .would you like some one doing this to your mom?

  79. So interesting and helpful! I had never heard of acupressure mats before. It’s good to read a side by side comparison, and now I’m really interested in trying out acupuncture. I don’t have a specific condition, although I wonder if perhaps it would help me with sleep. Very helpful!

  80. Hiya
    I’ve not heard that name before! I should check it out when next I visit the States. I’ll be in Florida, NY and CT soon.
    I hope to find it there.
    Those tips are awesome though… the size dots, and the hair ties…
    Thanks for sharing your insider knowledge. I bet you had a good time doing this post.

  81. Wow! It is terrible that people would stoop to such levels as to steal a package from someone. I appreciate you sharing some preventative measures that we can take to help avoid this!

  82. This post is awesome. Package theft is such a terrible thing and you are so right that it can be prevented. I have all packages tracked and if I send I insure them. People that steal are bad enough let alone things they do not even know are inside of the package just irks me a lot.

  83. Ugh, why do people have to do this? Although one time my package said it was delivered and I thought it was stolen but it got delivered one block over so that’s a positive outcome.

    Anyhow, these are great tips! The one about having your packages delivered at work is great for people who work full time. Saves you a ton of stress worrying about the goodies you ordered.

    1. Hi Caitlin! Great question! The lines are just a feature due to how the seamless products are constructed and do not indicate the size or any other info about the item. The size should be knit into a hem of the seamless top or pant. 😀 Hope this was helpful!

      1. Hi Schimiggy/Caitlin,

        I’ll have to make a correction on your statement. On most of Lululemon’s seamless styles of leggings the lines are INDEED an indeed an indicator of size. First, it’s important to recognize the markings that are always on the back waistband directly above where the rip tag would be sewn in. A lot of times, you’ll find the rip tag removed and the leggings are sold on some platform like Poshmark/Ebay, etc. Second, the markings are what I describe as indentations and raised bars. Each indentation counts as 2 sizes. Raised bars are just the leftover fabric that was not debossed (from the indentations). Some people think the raised bars mean something but they do not. The number of indentations are always 1 greater than the number of raised bars. For instance, if there are 2 raised bars, that means there are 3 indentations (1 on each side of the raised bar). 3 indentations x 2 sizes= Size 6. For a Sz 8, there would be 4 indentations and 3 raised bars. Sz 0/2 is easy because there would be NO indentation and NO raised bar anywhere on the waistband. I believe this is the Lululemon factory’s method of sizing the garment BEFORE the rip tag is sewn on.

  84. You can definitely see your skills in the article you
    write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers
    like you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

  85. how do I find the dot confirmation in the define jacket?? the person I bought it from said it’s new…not sure about that …I’ve looked in all the obvious spots

  86. Why do Lululemon place their size in different areas of a clothing.why don’t they place normally like other brands and make people confused to find it.

  87. Awesome feature! I have used a B Mat for almost a year now and I LOVE it. I recently decided that I wanted to upgrade to the longer version, as I keep ending up with my head directly on the floor rather than the mat. Thanks so much for the coupon code!

  88. Nice body, congrats! I also switched to a healthier lifestyle and recently started a marathon training with SportMe app and things are going right for me. I even managed to quit smoking and embrace a healthy diet. Running helped me a lot. Your blog posts are very inspiring, they are of huge help for me.

  89. This is amazingly helpful! I just discovered Carbon38, and I searched for your review of the brand first, since your review of Ghost Flower was so well written!

  90. Do all size dots on the all the right places have the product code around size?? I bought a pair and suspect them to be fakes.

    1. The first release of ATRPs only has a size dot with the size. ATRP IIs have the new size dot which indicate date it was manufactured and color code.

  91. this company is a complete scam.

    I visited the Pilar Store on 743 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY and had a terrible experience–much like the one cited above. And when I started to research the company I found amazon reviews (see below) that is an exact script of what happened to me (but this took place in Florida. I would like to complain to the company, but can not find any way of contacting them.

    I think you should use your platform to warn people.

    Amazon Customer
    1.0 out of 5 starsThis product is a fraud…
    January 29, 2019
    I bought this product from a shop in Florida. The salesperson was offering samples on the sidewalk and offered me to apply the product in the shop. He applied the product on my dark circles under my eyes. The result was amazing… so he offered me a deal with two other products: a facial peel and a serum. It was expensive, but I fell into it because of the results I never had with another product. He explained to me how to use the products and told me that he will email me the procedure. He also told me that he will open an account for me at Lavelier so I can buy these 3 products at the same price.

    Then another salesperson came, looked at my skin and asked me if I am interested in a lifting program. Why not? When he gave me the price, I almost fell from my chair…So he kept lowering the price and the more he did, the more I wanted to get out of the shop. Finally, I explained that I couldn’t pay this price for a skin product in the meantime. He let the offer down, and the 2 salesmen looked so disappointed, I felt disoriented. This is not how to treat clients if you want them to come back. It made feel like if I escaped a scam. I paid for my products and left.

    The second day, I was waiting for the email containing the procedure…No email. I sent an email myself to the salesperson, no respond! Why wasn’t I surprised…I went on the site and found out how to use the products…and it was different from the procedure the salesman gave me. I wanted also to buy the product for my sister-in-law and went online but never found the account the salesman was supposed to open for me… Second con…

    Now, 3 weeks later, end after 3 weeks of using the product, I don’t see any positive result. I feel as if the product the salesman tried on my dark circles is different from the one he sold me…

    Bottom line, I can say that the product is a fraud as well as all the circus the 2 salesmen played on me!

  92. These are all great tips! We live near Sacramento and have had our community mailboxes broken in to and you couldn’t even tell. Might consider getting a PO BOX to provide extra security, too.

    1. It’s terrible right?? For important purchases I definitely recommend holding the package at USPS and picking it up yourself. Just sign up for their free mail hold option and choose to pick up. I’m still in the waiting list for a po box in Seattle and it’s been a few years!

  93. Aloha Schimiggy, thanks for the post! I LOVE this mat… I practice outside a lot and tend to get my mats a little dirty- does this color hide stains/ discoloration/ dirt? thanks!

    1. Hey this mat won’t get dirty! I’ve had issues with their pro lite colors with dyes being transferred from my yoga straps. This color is dark enough to hide a lot of stains and marks. 🙂


  95. I was offered a free sample as I was passing the store. Then asked about if I was happy with the lines around my eyes. He said he wanted me to try a product and headed into the store waving me to follow. Next thing I knew I had spent $400 on 2 products and was scheduled for a “free” treatment the next day. Next day I was convinced to purchase $7000 worth of products. On the way out of the store I was told I could not get a refund. I was scammed.

    1. I too was walking down the street in Blowing Rock
      NC and a young girl was on the street giving samples and encouraging you into the store for a demonstration of eye cream. After applying cream told me it was $500
      And gave me a serum to use under my eyes and a vocher for free facial. Now I am in for 3,500 what a deal told me it sold on website for $8,000 . I was also told I could return however on receipt it says no refunds exchanges only.

  96. Very disappointed with Lululemon customer service and quality on a pair of leggings I purchased…I.won’t be buying from them again:(

      1. Do you know how to tell if a pair of lululemon leggings are fake?. Or do you know if their algin leggings ever at the logo on the back of left leg?

  97. Hey hi. I sold a pair of Lululemon womens tights with a size dot that said S for small with code areound the size dot. She is saying they are fake. I did research and Lululemon has dome some different things with sizing. Have they ever used S M L for sizing on womens pants? I know they do it for men. Thew pants are definitely authentic i bought them at their outlet years ago now im stumped. Any help would be appreciated

    1. YES…I own many styles of Lululemon leggings that only come in S, M and L. The Enlighten Tight and Crops, Time Warp (also called just Warp Knit but this is really just a manufacturing process of 3D Knitting), Light Speed Crops…these are all “seamless” style leggings. But these styles definitely use S, M, and L…I have never seen these or any other style that uses the white dot with a S, M or L in them…maybe in men’s style.

  98. The link for the debit card takes you to the credit card application….I can’t find where to apply for the debit card.

  99. I’ve heard of lululemon a few times and what I heard was good. It looks like they have a nice variety of styles to offer.

  100. These are all very good sportswear. Looks durable, comfortable and fashionable. I got my own favorites already.

  101. Thank you so much. This was one of the best reviews I’ve ever read. I also read your comparison on Carbon38 Takara. I’m trying decide which to buy. This was helpful. Loved the personal pics and the thorough review of paneling and inside and outside and washing and wearing. Thanks.

  102. I know lululemon the most for their yoga pants. That its my known fact about them but i know they have an array of workout collection.

  103. Just got these, have thick hourglass shape, and they fit great, but keep rolling down! Have you had this issue at all?

  104. My brother suggested I may like this web site. He was entirely
    right. This post actually made my day. You can not consider simply how so much time I
    had spent for this info! Thanks!

  105. NUX : terrible yoga pants!After 3 months, they started snagging even tho I only wore them for yoga and hand washed and air dried them. My yoga studio exchanged them for another pair. The second pair, stretched out at the waist so that they are unwearable. I only weigh 100lb and have not gained nor lost weight. The fabric just wore out in a few short months. The company refused to refund or replace them. I have had other yoga pants that have lasted 10 years. Never buy these !
    Terrible customer service as well!

    1. Sorry u had a bad experience with NUX! Thanks for sharing your feedback so that other buyers are aware. I do have to agree that the waist does stretch out and is not proportional to the rest of the pant.

  106. My wife was scammed for $3500.00. Store in the mall gave her the hard sell and she took the bait with the understanding that she could get a refund. There are no refunds, just exchanges. This makes no sense since if your not satisfied you obviously do not want the same product line. They print on the bottom of the receipt no refunds, exchanges after 14 days. But she didn’t realize this and from what I read on other reviews she is not alone. Once you give them your credit card it is all final even if you never take it out of the bag. If you have a quality product you are not afraid to stand behind it and you definitely don’t misrepresent your return policy. Shame on them and hopefully there will be some class action suits in their future. Please ladies be strong and don’t fall for this one.

    1. WOW I’m sorry this happened to your wife! That’s a lot of money for not delivering what they promised. Thanks for sharing your experience here. I hope this feedback helps others who are researching Lavelier.

  107. Thanks for the awesome Rothys review!! Question for ya: I own pairs of The Flat (rounded toe) and The Point (pointed toe) and I noticed the standard rothys insole is much “thicker” and “cushionier” in the The Flat, than in The Point. Did you see this in your current shoes as well?

    I’m not concerned about arch support but the actual insole it comes with. I feel like there’s zero to no support with The Point, but The Flat has enough cushion to be comfy the whole day. The Point feels like I’m stepping on direct concrete when I walk… I have several pairs of each style and have talked to other friends, but no one’s really addressed this. Is it just me?


  108. same experience as above.. Hawaii..walking passed the very flashy store run by young people. the head guy was French and he said he was leaving soon to open another store. the eye syringe he dotted around my eyes I did see instant results from. felt firm. next morning you was it off and couldn’t see difference but I guess you need to keep using it. that eye serum plus another 2 products for $400.00… each product sells for $1000.00 each approx…. really…. that much? He let me leave as I think I asked too many questions. I do want to know if it is worth the prices they advertise on their website though…

  109. The products are a scam. They do not work as stated. Again I was told that i would get a free facial and never heard from the sales person. I was told that I can return the product if not satisfied but on the receipt is says no refund.

  110. Get $20 off your first pair of Rothy’s!!
    I just got my first pair of flats in black and I LOVE them. I sized up a half size and they are instantly my favorite shoes. I can’t wait to have many more colors and styles! If you use this link we both get $20! 🙂 Size up a half size in flats and a full size in points.


  111. I purchased two Wunder UnderHR tights,March 2017. Both leggings have lost their shape, slipping down on me constantly. I have never put them in the dryer , always washed them in cold water. I still have the receipt. Is there any warranty on them

    1. Hi Marlene! You can definitely try contacting GEC first and if they don’t help, then go in-store. They should be able to determine if you can exchange the leggings for new ones. their leggings are preshrunk and should not stretch out to the point that they’re loose. You also might need a smaller size. Hope this was helpful! Typically after 2-3 years, they may decline replacements and even more so if the product has been discontinued.

    2. Hi Marlene! This sounds like a quality issue since it appears that you took care of them per instructed. I would contact GEC first then go into the store if GEC cannot resolve your fitting issue.

    3. I am not happy with my Lululemon purchased around a year ago… they are pulled in three places.. I only wore them around 10 times at the most… I do not have a sales receipt.. please contact me with a solution.. thank you

  112. Here’s my review! When you’re ready to order, make sure to use a $20 off referral link and ebates/rakuten.

    Crazy comfortable and truly washable! I love not having to throw my shoes away from the stench if death. ????????‍♀️ Make sure to size up, extra for wide feet. I got up 1.5 from my street size. They have a comfy give but don’t stretch out extra over time, so exchange if you feel any snugness.

    The new merino line is a beautiful, luxurious, even softer model. They run slightly larger than the traditional shoes, and the sole shows wear like a more typical leather shoe.

    Rothy’s doesn’t have sales, but you can give and get $20 off with a referral link for a first purchase. Feel free to use mine:

  113. I have a pair of Cropped in all the right places. i got these around 2.5 years ago. maybe a year i noticed a hole on one butt cheek. its weird cause its a perfect circle i pretty much only used them for the gym. can these please replaced? i also only washed them in cold water and have never put them in the dryer?

  114. The stuff that I exactly ordered arrived today. I just want to say big thanks for the products which I received from Koral. Also, I got 15% off on my orders due to the usage of coupons from MyCoupons. Really I had a Great Shopping experience with this.

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    to do running a blog.- calator.tel

  116. Hi Schimiggy! Thank you for the wonderful product review I was deciding on Manduka’s and will give them a fair chance now. I tried using your discount code on the site however it does not register. I wonder has your promo code changed?

    Thanks for reading, Britt

  117. I just bought a pair of Rothy’s for my Sister-in-law for Christmas. I have 4 pairs and I absolutely love them. I can’t wait to share the Rothy’s love with her! 🙂 I have a few tips if you are thinking of trying the shoes for the first time:

    1. Size up in the points
    2. If you have wide feet, the most comfortable are the loafers
    3. I get the most compliments on my red camo loafers!
    4. Wear these ANYWHERE. I literally wore them to the beach every day on vacation and they still look brand new.
    5. Use my link to save $20 AND get Free Shipping! https://share.rothys.com/x/NQXucl


  118. The leggings on your list seem to run from $60 to $270, depending on brand.

    Any options for non-rich people?

    Just looking for normal matte black leggings where the waist won’t fall to my knees when walking.

  119. I look very much like you. I have long greying hair which I love and also a large keloid on my chest, although mine is a different shape. You are so right, I shouldn’t try and cover it, it’s who I am and in the greater scheme of things it is insignificant. Thank you for writing this. I don’t feel so alone now!

  120. I had very similar experiences as above . I bought a product – promised a facial voucher & taken to their skin spa in the same mall . Phony skin evaluation , many products applied . Phony personal interest given, Avery fast talking salesman ,appealing to my vanity – “oh look like you are 58 or 60 .” Yeah right ! He kept thrusting the mirror in my face , puting the products in my hands . Kept asking can you remember how to apply or can I e-mail you the instructions? The price went from $14000 on line to &8000 to $5800 to $2300 every time I said I could not afford it. He kept throwing in another product “for free ‘ plus 24 facial treatments . Finally offered it all to me for $95 . I have never been so bombarded & overwhelmed by such an excellent scam artist . I thanked him for his time (1 1/2 hrs ) & effort & left . I should have applauded him { Mathew ) for his performance .

  121. I bought A pair of leggings two years ago by the time I was finished they cost me 158 taxes in they should’ve lasted longer than two years they have the little raindrop lines on each leg at the bottom I have developed a little tiny hole in the side of the leggings they’re only two years old I have six pairs and they are a lot older than that and I don’t have one hole in them is there any return policy or repair policy

  122. I was shown this place at the Tacoma Mall by a friend. Every salesperson spoke with an accent and claimed they were from California. It was the creepiest experience I have ever had. We had asked how long they had been at the mall. One said “a very long time.” One told us 3 years and the other 10 years. They are not listed in the mall directory under the name Lavelier.
    They wanted a lot of money. The product was just weird. NASA red, blue, and green lights… I just wanted to run from these people…

  123. If you could only pick one mat, would you choose the Liforme or B Mat Everyday? I slide on the The Mat by Lululemon as I don’t typically sweat. I’m also a yoga teacher so my mat gets used at least once a day.

  124. hemp oil supplement It is because of the several useful outcomes of CBD that many corporations are launching cannabidiol merchandise. N3 Oceanic is likewise one such organisation that produces Niva CBD Oil Supplement drugs. But not like others, N3 Oceanic is greater trustworthy because it has entered the marketplace round 30 years back. Niva CBD Oil Supplement is made the usage of all herbal ingredients. It boasts of the usage of 100% complete spectrum phytocannabinoids so as to ensure its users get all the advantages of CBD without any psychoactive effects.

  125. These look awesome! I need some good work out leggings for the gym and at home. If they aren’t good quality they end up pilling and ripping. These look durable.

  126. I just brought my daughter a pair of the Align leggings for Christmas. We washed them 3 times as instructed on the label.
    The are pilling in the inner thigh. Not to happy since they cost $98!

    1. I would totally contact GEC first then go in-store if GEC cannot resolve it. lululemon has mentioned that their align leggings are not meant to wearing longer than 1 hour and you have to essentially “do nothing” in your aligns. It’s silly becuase they’re $98 and considered performance wear. I would try out luxtreme or nulux if your daughter is wearing them often. these fabrics are VERY durable.

  127. Four emails, One message through Facebook! No Response from Imperfect Foods except for automated emails. I have paid for food that was to be delivered January 3. It is 6:54 pm on January 7. No Response! I tried to call, and even though it was during their business hours, they were not answering the phone and do not have a voicemail. I have now paid for spoiled food. Is this a scam? I’m beginning to think so.

  128. I wish I had read these reviews before being so gullible and talked into buying these products! I can’t tell you how bad of a reaction I’ve had with red and dry patches, eyes watering, and puffy! I tried calling the salesperson at DIA airport, tried reporting the issues to the DIA customer relations, I can’t find any information to call their Corp. office either to advise of this very misrepresented product – has anyone been able to get a refund or return call? I went to the Denver airport to speak to The sales person and he actually told me he works on commission and can’t take the product but could discount other products! What audacity! Basically I’m stuck with $1000 worth of product I can’t use and can’t even give back!

    1. Ditto. It looks like I got sucked in as well. Same process as everyone above, this time in New Orleans. I was looking forward to seeing some new results but after reading all of these reviews I can see that I have just been gullible and talked into buying these products. I havnt had any bad reactions and the products feel nice, but I have paid out a lot of money for products that I now realise wont deliver on what I was sold on. Furious with myself !!

  129. I recently bought my Vogmasks and while I generally like the masks, I have to say their customer service was really bad. I emailed with 1 small complaint and 1 suggestion and got a rather stand-offish email responding only to the suggestion made. After emailing them back mentioning they had ignored my complaint, they refunded my order and insinuated that it was my own fault for the problems experienced. While I appreciate the refund, I was never looking for that, only acknowledgement that there was a small issue with my order so that they could check and ensure quality of future orders.

    1. I’ve had a wonderful experience with their customer service. I ordered the wrong size, and they mailed a free replacement all the way to Korea and didn’t make me return the old one. There is a crazy demand for masks now with the new coronovirus, so I would chalk up any negative experience to them being completely overloaded suddenly and cal it a fluke!

  130. I bought a pair at the Wrentham Outlets Lululemon store this past holiday. One of the dogs got a hold of them and tore out the crotch. Can I bring them back for a new pair?

  131. Thank you for this precise objective review of Alo Yoga leggings… I never saw any yet, I just ordered a bunch on eBay and I’ve been thinking over and over if it is worth the price since I read a review mentioning they showed the ???? crotch sweat ???? or see through ! Which is totally unacceptable for the price they cost and since they have been studied specifically for Yoga, the least we can ask is that they do their job as good as famous sport brands. ???? Crotch sweat ???? or see through is a problem I ve never had or not even thought about before, given I always use renown brands Adidas Nike Puma which are a sure value, even if I buy online without seeing the article, I’m never disappointed by the quality. I m an unconditional fan of Adidas climalite/ Adidas Stella Mc Cartney for years, the cut is one of the best, the material does not outstretch before 2 years of almost daily intensive yoga classes.

    So now I just took the risk to spend 450$ to order 5 Alo Yoga leggings from USA with heavy 40% import taxes to Vietnam, knowing that half of them were made in Vietnam and I gotta pay 40% to import them back to where they were initially made ! I ordered 2 smoky quartz which look blush pink on official pictures or completely ”brown purple” on other pictures: it’s gonna be the surprise. I m a little stressed about what is it I’m gonna receive cuz right now is Mercury Retrograde, for those who know about Astrology it’s a time to avoid purchases cuz we may get disappointed, change our mind or not receive what we thought we’d get… wish me good luck !

  132. I enjoyed reading this! I was searching for dark chrome legging picture and your blog came up.
    I have a question, on your picture captioned ‘women pant wall’ do you happen to know the color of the align pant the second to the right? It looks like a grayish purplish mauve. Thank you

  133. I was approached just like the others on this site and on the Amazon reviews that I read. I was rushing around the other day and got seduced into the store because it was new and shiny and I was willing to listen – I’m always interested in new skin care and cosmetics. I loved what the serum did for my eyes, but I was rushing to an appointment and told the guy who was definitely giving me a hard sell that I just didn’t have time but that I’d be back. Some inner voice told me to check out the company – I’d never heard of them and that’s pretty unusual for a beauty junkie like myself. Well, I’m glad I did because even though the price for the serum, moisturizer and facial treatment was a pretty reasonable package deal, I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to leave that shop without being pressured to spend a whole lot more $. Thanks for sharing all your comments, ladies!

  134. Vogmasks are made in Korea. With the outbreak in Korea, I’m not sure if these masks are still safe to purchase. With the coronavirus being able to survive on surfaces for up to 9 days, will the packaging be safe to handle when ordered? I have sent an email requesting information on this topic and their response was “Viruses cannot multiply outside of a living organism.” I understand they cannot multiple but my concerns is with the viruses already on the packaging.

    1. Yea, I think Vogmask has a lot of people unhappy with them at the moment due to the way they’ve handled the situation in which they’ve found themselves! They’ve been sold out for months now and have continued posting that they’re working hard to get more stock in and so on. After a few of those, it changed to a problem at their manufacturing site in Korea. They accidentally got hit with some kind of sanction that has made it so that they can’t get their shipment of masks but were confident they’re waiver would be approved soon or something to that effect. So that was posted several times, and then there was a post that appeared to be another repeat of the one about the issues with the sanction… but if you read it, at the very, very bottom, they’ve added something that boils down to, well, we got a shipment… but they were set aside for customers with health issues, people still working with the public and private donations. I believe they said they sent an email to customers seeing who had health issues so they could get a mask… then they said that all the masks from that shipment were now gone! BUT… there were a lot if people with underlying health issues, that were angry and commented that they never got any such email. I don’t remember seeing a single customer who said they’d gotten one. And there’s the fact that just days before, they posted saying they don’t do that. They only came out saying something, bc people had started to find out and were leaving comments expressing their anger and frustration over the fact that they have health issues and that they never received any email about anything like that. Customers were rightfully angry, bc something was clearly amiss and they were also not very happy that Vogmask had lied to customers repeatedly, saying they hadn’t gotten any masks in and that they had no clue when the next shipment would be in, knowing they’d received one but put it aside. They also like to include several pics of people wearing their masks or possibly of themselves, wearing masks, with every update, which is kinda like adding insult to injury since so many people have been waiting so long! As of right now, they’re back to saying no masks in stock and no date of when they’ll be available. Many customers decided to go with Cambridge Masks, who allow pre-orders and offers a date of when they will have more. They definitely haven’t handled this well at all and is disappointing!

  135. Do you know how long ago the Aligns 25” changed their size dot from just the dot and number to the new versions that have the product code around the circle? I have a pair secondhand that only have the circle and number.

  136. Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thank you, However I am encountering problems with your RSS.
    I don’t understand why I cannot subscribe to it. Is there anyone else having the same RSS issues?
    Anyone that knows the answer will you kindly respond?

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  138. These informative size recommendations were so helpful! But if it’s not too much trouble, could you please measure both the length and the widest part of your 7.5 size point insole? I’m just getting so much conflicting advice on sizing, and it would be really helpful if I could just get some concrete measurements. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Also, if anyone would like to save $20 on their first pair, I have a discount code: https://share.rothys.com/x/QZm1HN

  139. I got my hair colored on March 11—a few days before schools here in S.C. closed due to COVID-19. As a high school librarian, I think this quarantine is a sign that I should stop coloring and be natural! I am Filipina and stopped using a blow dryer and flat iron for almost a year now. Since I am embracing my curls, I may as well embrace the gray. I will be 47 in June and am nervous but grateful I found your site. Thank you for your courage!

  140. Hi i was looking to by the Kimono Leggings from Arthletics is there any way to order them anywhere ? i cant find an adress or webside on these guys?
    Like your reviews 🙂
    All the best stay save

  141. Schmiggy
    Do you know the brand of gray sweat capris that Jillian Michaels wears in her Body Revolution DVD and also the brand of her lowrise capris she wears in her exercise videos? I have been trying to find them and cant find anything. There not her own brand.

  142. Just wondering about the underband of the sports bra if its stretchy or not. I’m in between ordering a small or medium.. my measurement is 85cm so I’m worried about the size S bra being too small as I have a larger bust (32DD in VS) but then also worry about the size M being too wide around the underband area.

    Thanks so much

    1. Hi Cait!

      The underband does a bit of stretch. The band is not as stretchy as lululemon, which makes them very supportive. If you’ve ever tried Lorna Jane activewear, I would recommend going with your LJ sizing in LURV.

      Thanks for your question! 😀

  143. I brought a pair of PE nation leggings, at first they were tight and compressing which is what I require in active wear. Now they are stretched and baggy, constantly falling down I cannot run in them. Pretty disappointed!! Don’t recommend the tights for exercise

  144. Hi! My daughter is trying to sell a pair of Wonder Unders we bought online at Lululemon.com last year (I double checked and found the invoice in my inbox) Potential buyers are suspicious they are fake because the size dot seems weird. Instead of a size number (size 0) it’s their logo with a code around it and apparently this has not been seen before??? Have you seen or head about this kind of size dot? If we bought fake lulus of their actual webs site that would be super crazy (and lame)! Thanks in advance for your help

  145. SO GLAD!!! I came across this post. Thank you.
    Although, I haven’t colored my hair in 2 months, it’s been only a couple of weeks that I have contemplated about going grey. Like most, I don’t want to look older than I really am. At one point, even my best friend discouraged me from going grey. I explained to her how often I would color my hair, the condition of my scalp, and how thinning my hair is, and I just want to be chemical free. Her attitude quickly changed and became supportive. I am 43 and found my first grey at 18. It slowly increased then at 30, Bam! Yes, I had plucked them. Lol. I know my greys has more to do with genetics than age because unlike my best friend, who only have 20 strands of grey, my whole head is covered. I’m going to be honest, another reason why I contemplate going grey is because I don’t know if it was complement my skin tone. I am Lao (Asian decent) but I am darker than most. I have seen pictures of fair-skinned Asians with grey and it looks good on them.I plan on following through and just letting it grow out so we shall see with me. Scary process but I am going to try.

  146. Thanks for taking the time to discuss about this, I am really love to do this while wearing my Leggings yoga pants and so really like to get more about this kind of field. Wonderful stuff to read and I am so delighted to find this valuable article that is amazingly. Appreciate it!

  147. Thanks for taking the time to discuss about this, I am really love to do this while wearing my jogger yoga pants
    Short yoga pants and so really like to get more about this kind of field. Wonderful stuff to read and I am so delighted to find this valuable article that is amazingly. Appreciate it!

  148. I agree some of these are definite ripoffs (*cough* Lotus Leggings), but some of these I don’t feel can be called copycats because the companies are just following a trend. Color block and strappy back bras are both huge trends in the activewear industry, so I don’t feel like they can be categorized as direct rip offs.

  149. So helpful! If you plan to use the PowerStep SlimTech 3/4 insoles, should you go up an additional half size on the shoe? Also, if you are usually a 7 but decide to buy 7.5 in rothys, what size PowerStep insole should you get…7 or 7.5? Thanks!!
    ps. I love your handstand pic, that’s one of my life goals!!

  150. I purchased a pair of lulu lemon pants a few years ago, and the rear end portion is quite transparent. Is there a return policy regarding this issue?

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  152. Love your pants so much,
    I am just disappointed my star felt pair, stars have fallen off.
    So annoyed paying for high priced Leggings

  153. As a yoga instructor I would love to be able to push your pants but just can’t be reassured knowing my star felt prices all fell off.

  154. So, I “inherited” a pair of poorly washed/over washed, once “white” but now a dull grey colour, stretched to bigger than the 8 they were advertised as, with the only flaw reported being that the waist band curls, studio pant. All of which was fine, as they are lined, I planned to just stay warm when walking. However what was shocking to me was the extent of pilling (I guess from chub rub on the inner thighs). I see here that pulling isn’t even applicable – I assume it never happens. I was shocked – I wouldn’t wear them like that, surprised that anyone would and more surprised that someone wouldn’t describe that as an issue even if price is low. Now you can report that studio pants do indeed pill.

  155. Yes, indeed. With the right tools and equipment, it will make your yoga session more comfortable and effective. You deserve the best yoga accessories, equipment. To answer all your problems on choosing what’s the best accessories that suits you, try visiting Lotus Kitty. It is the ultimate hub for all yogis out there whether you’re just a beginner or an expert. It also includes amazing tips for your yoga sessions ! Here’s the link : https://www.lotuskitty.com/

  156. I wasn’t impressed. I was so excited I scored a skirt in my size + instructor discount and then got the cancel order email. Most of their legging deals seemed like the same price and stuff they always have on we made too much.

    1. Totally agree with you Robin! I love their in-person warehouse sales better. They typically do deeply discounted deals on the final day of the physical warehouse sale (ie. everything is $9). That has never happened with their online sales. I’d keep my eyes peeled in case they discount further during their online sale.

  157. I came here looking for some type of guide to ALL of the color acronyms, but you just listed a couple of examples. Do you know where I can find a full list of their color acronyms? I always have a hard time buying from my buy/sell group because I never know what color it is, they only post the tag.

  158. Hi! I recently got some lulu lemons and they have the size dot on the leggings but it doesn’t have the words around it, it only has the number. Is it a fake?

  159. I started my keloid treatment this year too.
    I had 2 injections in Jan and Feb, but then i went back to my hometown and lockdown happen. Missed 3 months of injection and had a small regrowth at the end of that 3 months. ( the doctor told me to come every month, or 4-6 weeks)
    I found a new clinic last month and just had my 4th injection this week.
    1 out of 5 scars (the smallest) has flatten pretty much like the ones on your nape.
    The new clinic also give me silicone gel called dermatix. The doctor didnt inject the ones that have soften too, even though i feel dissatisfied because its still raised i can feel it. But i accept her advice, and just wanted to keep applying the gel.
    Wanted some closure about the scars so here i am.
    Thanks for sharing your experience, definitely will subscribe to your blogpost!

  160. Thanks for the article “What is the Difference Between Yoga Pants and Leggings?” every time I went to a sportswear store recently I ask the same thing and never got an answer. None of them mentioned the fabric or the cut (design) at least I’m now clear in what I’m looking for… thanks

  161. Hi there, I purchased a pair of align high-rise tights in april and they have pilled on the bum to the point where a whole has come through, I cant find my receipt anywhere in my emails, how can I get them repaired or a new pair?

  162. Hi, I bought a belt bag last year, and I just started using it this summer. But the thing is, the stitches,or the sew at the edge by the zipper is already broken. Is that something that can be replace? Or covered by a warranty?

  163. I heard that Outdoor Voices is going to stop producing as many plus size styles because the new CEo dislikes overweight people. Have you heard if that is true?

  164. I heard that Outdoor Voices is going to stop producing as many plus size styles because the new CEo dislikes overweight people. Do you know if that is true?

  165. I used to love the zella workout pants. But in the last 2 years they have changed and now I will no longer buy them. They no longer mask the imperfections of the body.

  166. My mom decided to sign up to Nutricanine’s meal plan for my pup and it was the best thing she could possibly get for my pup.

    We live in the beaches in downtown Toronto and I’m starting to see all my neighbours with NutriCanine boxes outside their doors on Fridays. We’re a big raw advocate and wanted to share a raw alternative to the list.

  167. I had a very similar situation at a Kiosk store at the Denver airport. Very high sales pitch that was exactly the same at multiple locations across the US. Sales rep Adel stated that there is a refund within 30 days. I have requested a refund to the salesperson Adel and to Lavelier warranty dept.

    Has anyone had any success getting a refund? Has the BBB been helpful?

  168. jut want to know what size is the person in this picture wearing? i have to buy online and cannot return from India, so if you could help. it owuld be great. I wear a size 4 in Wunderunder Luon fabrix… not sure what size should I pick for invigorate?

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  170. Thank you for the comprehensive review. I like that you mentioned there’s a gusset & mentioned multiple times to size up!

    I will order now. So excited!!!!!!


  171. Do these websites really provide good coupons? IMO, all the coupon websites are nothing but spam websites that are there to collect our personal information. God knows what they do with that. whether they sell them to big multinational corporations or do some sort of specific targeting. I would say stay away from all of them if you can

  172. Hello, we have just recently purchased a pair of tights for my daughters birthday, unfortunately she has a small hole in the bum. Does Lulu lemon stores have a repairer that can mend a hole? not through warranty, I am completely prepared to pay for this, I am not confident attempting to repair it myself?

    Thank you.

  173. I recently tried Chagrin for my first go with shampoo bars and found it left a thick residue even with ACV rinses. I just used Hibar today and my hair feels so clean with no residue and I didn’t do an ACV rinse. I’m really pleased from the first wash.

  174. It’s good that you provided tips on how to choose the best chiropractor. My mom has a recurring back pain that she wants to get checked by a professional. I like what you said that chiropractic care focuses on identifying the root cause of the pain or injury. Perhaps, I shall then find a reliable clinic here in our area to get her treated.

  175. Do you know how to tell if a pair of lululemon leggings are fake?. Or do you know if their algin leggings ever at the logo on the back of left leg?

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  179. Thank you for doing your research! These suggestions are great. Can you recommend makers of Joggers or sweatpants that don’t pill? If you need someone to help with research just reach out to me. I’d be interested in offering my product reviews.

  180. i use my align leggings for lounge wear and have just noticed a hole in the butt so they are no longer wearable, can i get them replaced?

  181. Hola buenas tardes. Quiero saber sobre una prenda de ustedes que es como una chalina. Es larga de forma rectangular y broches en las orillas . me gustaría saber como se usa

  182. I was really enjoying my Yoga journey and decided to treat myself to what I imagined was the best yoga mat on the market. After less than six months of using the mat, the stickiness wore away. I felt extremely uncomfortable using the mat for fear of slipping and injuring myself. Given that I spent about $150 for the product I decided to reach out to the customer service team at Liforme. The team informed me that their yoga mats are supposed to be like a pair of running shoes you replace every 6 to 9 months. Liforme should be upfront with that information and let customers know that is the case and that you are expected to spend another $150 almost immediately for the honor of renting one of their mats. I genuinely loved the mat for the first six to 8 weeks I used it. I wish Liforme stood behind their product and sent me a replacement to see if I got a “lemon”, but they declined to meet my needs. I am back to using my original Gaiam mat which I bought 4 years ago when I started yoga. I recommend you buy 3 or 4 Gaiam mats before renting one of these from Liforme. Cheers. Jack

  183. I was surprised not to see Humby Organics mentioned here. I have been using their shampoo and conditioner bars for about a year. They make my hair and scalp feel good. They are wrapped in waxed paper, and you can buy a metal tin for keeping them in your cupboard or for travel. I’m very happy with them. I buy them through Zero Waste Cartel, along with sustainable bamboo toothbrushes.

  184. Great detailed review, was earlier using Vogmask and now i have been using Debriefme reusable mask. One thing i liked about debriefme masks are they are very light in weight, you will not feel you are wearing it, thumbs up to them for that. Anyone looking for them here’s the reference; https://debriefme.com/

  185. They clearly try and make people feel bad. I walked by today trying to kill time and Christmas shop.

    Lured by a free sample that I felt pressured to take because I made eye contact. Then proceeded to tell me. That I have sensitive skin and that I clearly whatever I’m doing is not working he seemed annoyed that he wasn’t making a sale. And he wasted his time on talking to my boyfriend and I 🙃

  186. I tried to warranty a bra that the stitching is unravelling around the elastic. They denied my request because it is “normal wear” but i’m pretty sure it’s because it is older than 5 years. So I guess heads up on that. I wish they would just say the timeframe on their website because this makes me nervous about buying more stuff from them since their quality promise is definitely a selling point.

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  191. Absolutely the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced for a high end product. No phone number so all issues have to go through email which generates an auto response that says “2-3 days before real response” which may or may not ever come. The leggings I ordered took over 6 weeks to get delivered and I think that’s only because I was going to cancel my order.

    I sized the order based on their chart and the leggings were too small. I tried to exchange (they have a no-return policy) and it took weeks of sending emails with no replies.

    Never did resolve the order of $200 leggings. Stick with Lululemon and Nike. Half to quarter the price, sized better, better customer service, and last a long time. Gave the leggings away to someone that they actually fit and they pil’d after just a few washes. Expensively priced, cheaply made.

  192. BEST. ARTICLE. EVER. Wtf is up with seams down the crotch? I’m not spending $90-$120 for a pair of pants that has a cheap looking seam the rights into my crotch! Am I the only one that this annoys?! The girl at Lululemon looked at me like I had 10 heads when I asked her if they had styles without a crotch seam. Why!!!

    1. haha yay! Glad you somehow made your way here from the interwebs! I added a few more flat front seam options. They’re a LIFESAVER. Girlfriend and Boody are the bee’s knees. lululemon needs to get on board if they wanna keep taking our money! 😀

  193. I have problems with some of my plants like orchids and fern every winter, it is hot inside for them. Have no place where to put them. I am so sad, Will try some of yours tips.

  194. We purchased an OMIGO CMAO-EW 30 days ago. Loved it…however….for some reason on-seat control will blink power red and seat temp red with blinking and noice. Only thing that stops it is to unplug and plug in again. We have tried calling, leaving messages but the company has not replied. For this reason we are trying to return….but still no response from company. Evidently they are all talk and no action. Seem’s like a corrupt company.

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    1. I’m not too sure if this is a fake but this style went on markdown at Lululemon so its more likely she but it on cleanse and can’t return it hence the cheaper price

  196. Great informative article! Answered all my questions and then some. Thanks so much for putting this all together in one place!
    I wanted to also let you know that there is another link that is not working…it’s the link to the Assets “awesome ponté legging style” at the end of the article. Cheers!

  197. Argh my black Align lululemon leggings are the worst. So much pilling as you’ve also shown!! Going to try the leggings you suggested!

  198. I recently received a small shipment of your hand sanitizer ( orange pineapple and signature herbal). I like your product and intend to continue to use it; however, I want to sample the other 8 scents. What is reasonable way to try the other sents?

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