best shiny leggings activewear yoga pants fashion

Best Shiny Leggings for Working Out

best shiny leggings activewear yoga pants fashion

Shiny tights are a great way to add some flair to your wardrobe. Shiny leggings may also be labeled as cire leggings, named after the waxy shine and smoothing treatment that some fabrics undergo to give it the metallic look. I remember shiny leggings became fashionable when lululemon released their Shine Tight in black and beautiful dark green. I unfortunately did not have luck with my Shine Tights on during practice. I immediately took them back to lululemon.

Fast forward 5 years after many reviews and searching, I’ve finally found the perfect shiny tights. Below are my picks for shiny leggings! They’re in order by preference.

#1 Carbon38 Takara Leggings

Carbon38 Takara Long Leggings in Black, Burgundy and Green

Carbon38’s Takara leggings are exactly like their name – GOLD! Takara means gold in Japanese. They have an assortment of colors for every mood and outfit. Takara leggings also come in high waist and 7/8 length as well (black color only). The leggings are $98 and colors are limited. Buy on Carbon38 and use coupon code SCHIMIGGY for 20% off your orders of $100+.

Read my Takara leggings review here.

#2 DYI High Shine Signature Tight

dyi high shine signature tight shiny leggings schimiggy
DYI High Shine Signature Tights in Teal Blue, Bronze, Black, Burgundy and Emerald.

DYI, or Define Your Inspiration, offers their own version of shiny tights. They come with a high waist and have a triangular cut waistband. I love the Emerald and Teal Blue. It was hard to narrow down a favorite color but I ended up with and love teal blue!  DYI High Shine Signature Tight retails $88.

#3 Koral Lustrous Leggings

koral lustrous leggings shiny tights schimiggy

I’ve purchased and tried Koral before and wore them about 3 times before I let them go. I love Koral’s look but the quality tanks. The lustrous leggings snag like crazy. I ended up snagging my leggings on the first wear. I recommend them for low-impact sports and always keep away from velcro and rough surfaces.

Buy Koral on Amazon, Koral, NordstromREVOLVE, and Sculptique. Use discount code ALEXANDRA at Sculptique for 20% off!

#4 Purusha People

purusha people shiny tights schimiggy
Purusha People Leggings in Magic Within, Ice Queen, and Solstice prints and patterns.

Purusha People offers various prints and patterns of shiny leggings. I love their quality! The colors stay vibrant wash after wash and the high waist fit is slimming and allows the leggings to stay put. Their leggings are also very unique and handmade! Expect to get your leggings within 3-6 weeks once you place your orders. Leggings range from $88 to $98 a pair.

Read my Purusha People review here.

#5 Maaji Joy-Voyage Pants

maaji joy voyage tights pants shiny leggings schimiggy

Maaji makes great swimwear. They introduced activewear to their collection in 2013. They have a shiny tight variation with ruched sides. The Maaji Joy-Voyage leggings are great for both casual and active wear. Buy the tights on Amazon and Zappos.

# 6 Onzie

onzie shiny leggings schimiggy

Onzie fabrics naturally have a shine to them. They’re basic black legging comes in medium to high rise, crop and long length. I highly recommend them for sweaty yoga practices and medium to low-impact exercises. Buy Onzie on AmazonNordstrom and REVOLVE.

#7 Forlegs Activewear High Waist Shiny Leggings

forlegs activewear review high waist leggings shiny solid schimiggy
Forlegs High Waist Leggings

Forlegs Activewear is a Brazilian brand that offers solid and printed leggings made with high quality spandex. Leggings range from $79-$94. Read my review here

#8 Reebok Studio Lux High Shine Tights

reebok studio lux high shine tight schimiggy

Reebok offers their Studio Lux High Shine tights. I’ve only seen them in black and blue but they look great and are an affordable priced compared to other brands. Buy Reebok’s Studio Lux High Shine Tights on Amazon and 6PM.

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