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Carbon38 Ambassador Coupon Code + Review

 What is Carbon38?

carbon38 ambassador discount code SCHIMIGGY 20% off
Use discount code SCHIMIGGY and get 20% off your purchases of $100+.

Carbon38 is the Net-a-Porter for the fitness fashionista. Carbon38 is a high-end e-commerce site stocks fashion-forward fitness brands including Alo YogaLucas Hugh, Michi, Onzie, K-Deer and my most recent favorite – Ultracor. Carbon38 has quickly become a fashion hub for the active woman looking for the alternative to lululemon or Nike. The brand has also created their own line of Carbon38 sportswear.

Co-founders Katie Warner Johnson and Caroline Gogolak are ballet dancers and former Harvard grads who combined forces to bring high quality sportswear to the modern-day entrepreneurial and athletic woman. Carbon38 is online-based and based out of Los Angeles, Calif. Together, the duo aims to bring unique fashions that are not commonly found in day to day fitness fashion.

The name Carbon38 has geeky origins. Warner Johnson says, “If you add up all the carbon atoms in all the humans on earth, it’s 10 to the 38th power, and the URL was on sale for $1.99 on”

With an arsenal of brands from all over the world (Australia, Sweden, Brazil, London, Paris and others from LA, NYC, Toronto….just to name a few), this makes Carbon38 a leading contender in high-end athleisure-wear. They curate based on what they would personally wear and want the pieces they offer to transition easily from studio to street. This involves a lot of product testing at the gym and then running off to meetings. If it wears well, feels good, and they get compliments, then they will carry it. They also have their own line of Carbon38 branded activewear and evening wear.

Carbon38 offers products ranging from $40 to $400! They’re catering to every woman and every budget out there. If it’s a brand that is interesting to the team, no matter the price point, they will surely provide it to their customers.

The #Team38 is always on the hunt for what is new and fresh. They are constantly swapping out brands and styles so that what they offer stays current and gives their customer a reason to keep checking back. They have kept true to their promise of offering something new and exciting launching almost every other day (newest arrivals). They carry limited quantities so that they can keep their offerings fresh and hot!

My Experience Buying from Carbon38

I found out about Carbon38 after searching for Michi on the Internet. I was just barely venturing into my yoga journey and boggled at how a pair of leggings I saw on a co-hort at Equinox (a high-end gym) could cost that much! While checking their online store, I found the sales section. The whole Alo Goddess legging craze was currently going on, so I purchased three Alo Goddess leggings from Carbon38 on sale! I had never tried Alo Yoga prior to buying them from Carbon38. Luckily Carbon38 provides size charts for each of the brands offered in their store, which helped me greatly in determining my size. My package arrived within 4 days and I received a Carbon38 drawstring tote as a thank you for my purchase. I was in love with my leggings. I also received an amazing deal on the pants ($60 per pant, original MSRP is $98). The online shopping experience was so easy! I also created an account and was able to easily track my orders.

Why You Should Shop at Carbon38

  • Free shipping and returns on orders of $200+.
  • They offer quality brands as well as an in house brand of activewear and dress wear.
  • Responsive customer service! They’ll return your emails within 24 hours and sometimes it’s automatic so you don’t have to wait on an actual customer service agent.
  • Receive a FREE drawstring bag with every order! If you don’t need them, feel free to donate them.
  • Get 20% off your first order of $100+ with Carbon38 discount code: SCHIMIGGY

Ready to shop?

Check out the various luxe brands offered at Carbon38. You won’t be disappointed at the selection. Sign-up for their e-mail newsletter as it’s a great way to learn about new collections and discover upandcoming brands! Want to know what’s on trend? Check out their list of their best sellers.

Carbon38 Coupon Codes and Discountscarbon 38 retail yoga leggings fashion discount coupon code schimiggy

You can use Carbon38 coupon code SCHIMIGGY for 20% off your purchase of $100+. This code is for first time users only. Get FREE SHIPPING on orders of $200 or more. Enjoy!

I am so proud to be am ambassador and part of #Team38!

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