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High Spirits Bags: Anti-Theft Backpacks

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Since I began planning my Europe trip, I have been obsessed with finding an anti-theft backpack that was functional and stylish. I heard from friends, family and the internet that pick-pockets were rampant and that I should always keep an eye on my belongings. I am a carefree person, so the last thing I wanted to worry about was someone stealing my belongings and me being unable to go home (although I don’t think I’d mind being stuck in Europe for a prolonged period of time).

About High Spirits Bag

In my search, I stumbled upon a Kickstarter campaign for High Spirit Bags. What I found was a very appealing assortment of anti-theft backpacks that were fashionable and durable! I fell in love with the design, colors, fabrication, etc, etc. I decided that I had to have a High Spirit Bag!

High Spirit Bags was started by entrepreneurial brothers Josh & John Okungbaiye in 2013. They wanted to “create unique and functional products that enable you to stay stylishly secure in your travels.” Based out of London, they created a product that I consider revolutionary to the ordinary denizen as well as any stranger in another country.

I contacted High Spirit Bag and asked if they would let me review one of their backpacks. I was offered free shipping a small stipend for my review. I was able to chose the Black Ostrich Backpack (£90 or roughly $138 USD).

What is a High Spirit Backpack?

The High Spirit Backpack is designed with a zipper on the back of the bag, rather than front, to prevent loss or theft of your possessions. This feature gives any traveler the freedom to fully explore and enjoy their vacation!

HS Backpack Front IMG_0561 IMG_0565

IMG_0567 IMG_0566

Pictures from top left to bottom right: 1) Front of the backpack and treat I received with my Halloween purchase. 2) Top of the domed backpack. 3) Slip for the laptop compartment. 4) Closer front view of the backpack. I love the gold metal plating. 5) Additional compartments to stow CCs, passports, a water bottle, etc.

Pros of the High Spirit Bag

  • Hidden Zippers: The only external zipper remains nested behind your back and available to you when you need to retrieve your belongings. Two additional inner pockets with zippers to keep your credit cards and important documents hidden and safe. There are a total of four pockets in the backpack and two straps to stabilize your belongings (i.e. keeping water bottles upright).
  • PVC Exterior: The exterior is made of durable and high quality material. I kept receiving complements about my bag and people were asking me where I got the bag. The exterior is sleek, fashionable and complements many of my outfits.
  • Full padded interior: The padding is not as thick as I had imagined but it is enough to keep the structural integrity of the backpack while keeping my belongings (mainly electronics) safely tucked inside.
  • Laptop Compartment: The laptop compartment completely hides the laptop keeps it off your back. However, It does cause the front of the backpack to sink. I did not experience any issues with weight distribution. That is not a major concern for me, but the last thing I would hate to happen is that I fall on something pointed and destroy my laptop and backpack. My 15″ Macbook comfortably fit in the laptop compartment with lots of room to spare!
  • Sturdy Padded Shoulder Straps: The straps fit comfortably across my shoulders and chest. I did not experience any discomfort while wearing the bag. Adjustable straps are easy to handle and stay in place.
  • Cruelty Free: The bags are created with materials that are animal free and are very limited. They release unique patterns and materials constantly, so you’re guaranteed to have something that stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Cons of the High Spirit Bag

  • High Price Point: The price point may seem high but when compared to other anti-theft backpacks, their pricing is not unreasonable. And the backpacks have a dual purpose of keeping your items safe in a fashionable accessory!
  • Laptop Compartment Quality: This is a not a deal breaker for me, but I wish the padding were thicker. Maybe if they lined it with velvet lining and thicker padding, similar to Herschel’s Pop Quiz backpacks, I would feel 100% safer placing my laptop in the bag.
  • Other: I purchased a panda trinket from H&M (pictured below) to adorn my backpack. I had a hard time finding a suitable hook for my trinket. TBH, I was bummed, but it gave me the opportunity to use my creativity. I plan on painting a panda on my backpack!


Although this company is fairly new, they are doing a great job of giving clients a product that they can love and will use. I can undoubtedly say that I am in LOVE with my bag. I love everything from the aesthetics, the functionality and the fact that I know I can travel worry free. I highly recommend this bag to any traveler whether you’re going to a city that is safe OR not! Being proactive when you travel will enable you to travel more valuably.

Where to Buy High Spirit Bags

High Spirit Bags are offering FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING until 10/31 when you use code “HALLOWEEN” during checkout – and all purchases will receive a treat!

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