How to treat and prevent Eczema outbreaks in cold weather!

I’ve been in Seattle for almost a month! Wow how time flies! I am slowly getting acclimated to the weather up here. Layering up and then trying to find my belongings has been the toughest for this So Cal girl!

The weather has been rainy, then sunny and now cold and dry. Apparently this has been the coldest past few days for Seattle in over a period of 3 YEARS. So the weather is definitely unusual and should be improving per

Today it is approximately 5 degrees warmer and will continue to get warmer (into the mid 40s) all next week with a few days of rain. Well enough of my weather forecasting, and onto what I’m doing about my current issue!

So living here has caused me to develop eczema. At first I thought I had eaten something that caused me to break out in hives. I took a generic antihistamine which alleviated the problems for a few hours but the rashes on my arms, shoulder, back, chest, stomach right leg and foot seemed to keep persisting. I did an entire day’s regimen of antihistamines and hydrocortisone treatment but my condition was not getting any better.

I then did more research (thank you and remembered that my family members are all affected by eczema! Eczema is your body’s reaction to an irritant which can be (you guessed it), extreme weather differences! I had just been blessed all these years with warm climates that didn’t cause eczema outbreaks!

Eczema is genetic and is NOT CONTAGIOUS, so it is nothing to be feared, just understood.

After realizing that I am not invincible, I began looking for simple and cost-effective treatments for my eczema.

I live down the street from a Whole Foods. For many people, this  place may seem out of their budget, but that is only because you are not familiar with their products. I remember seeing the price tag for a loaf of bread reading $5.99. I was thinking, “Damn this bread better be amazing.”  Being one of the grocery stores within walking distance from our home, I began to frequent here. I went here daily before and after my yoga classes. I was browsing in their juice refridgerator and discovered their 365 Everyday Value line. It’s Whole Food’s organic and generic line of products. The line includes food products as well as beauty products! I ventured off into the beauty aisle and began trying every lotion on the shelf until I got to the 365 Everyday Value line!

It was then that I tried their Maximum Moisture Lotion (a whopping 32 oz bottle for $10.99).

I brought it home and used it daily, sometimes twice a day, and within two days my skin has cleared up almost 100%. The itching and small reddish welts subsided almost immediately when I applied the lotion overnight. The product has a light scent that isn’t overwhelming and the product meet’s Whole Food’s product guidelines so you know that it is safe for the environment and for your skin. The lotion rubs on smoothly and absorbs almost immediately. Although I have to apply lotion daily, at least I found a cost effective and simple treatment for my eczema during the winter season. As the weather gets warmer and more moist, I should need to use less lotion.

The best way to apply the lotion is immediately after you shower while your skin is still hydrated. I usually stay in the shower until my skin and fingers get pruny. I get out and lightly pat my body down with a towel. I find that rubbing my skin with the towel irritates my eczema and can cause another outbreak. The lotion is then used as a layer to lock up the moisture in your skin and keep it hydrated and protected from the cold dry weather.

I also combined the lotion with coconut oil as a night-time regimen. Coconut oil has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It’s also great for keeping your hair smooth and hydrated! It’s also a great alternative to other oils when cooking. French fries made with coconut oil!? YUM!

For me, the lotion then coconut oil regimen would be done only prior to bed. I did not want to deal with oily fingers throughout the day. Prior to bed, I used the Basa Body Coconut Oil Stick ($9.95 per 2 oz. stick) on top of my lotion for added protection. The stick comes in a solid tube, but as soon as it is rubbed into your skin, it becomes an oil and absorbs into your skin quickly and smoothly. The oil leaves your skin….well oily, but it really helps to heal (antibacterial property) and prevent eczema outbreaks. If you’re not interested in paying $9.95 for a 2 oz stick, you can also use unrefined coconut oil. I’ll update this post when I find a brand that fits my needs.

This is my treatment that has been very successful in clearing my eczema. I have not had to change my diet or avoid any activities that I enjoy. The treatment has been to treat very superficial eczema. I realize that there are many other degrees of eczema but this has been my way of resolving a superficial and weather induced eczema. I had to take a 3-day yoga break, but after understanding and finding a method that works for eliminating my eczema, I am back on the grind!

Feel free to ask me any questions or leave any tips in the comments section! I’m always looking for new ways to do common things!

Peace, love and coconut oil grease!


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