My Experience Using the Mercari C2C Buy and Sell App REVIEW

I am on a constant process of selling my belongings, as well as purchasing more. I know…what a vicious cycle! I was recently introduced to the Mercari App from an eBay seller who was willing to negotiate on a handbag that I was interested in and eventually bought. Here’s what I found out…it’s works like eBay except the fees are way less than eBay + Paypal’s combined ~13% in feed. We don’t call eBay, feeBay for nothing!

What is Mercari?

MERCARI is a Customer to Customer (C2C) online marketplace where buyers and sellers can easily make purchasing and selling transactions. Mercari started in Japan and became such a huge success that they wanted to replicate the platform for US customers.

Here is my Mercari account: SellingMama

How Does Mercari Work?

Sellers list their items on Mercari using their smart phones. To date, the app is available on iOS and Android. Mercari requires you to fill out certain fields on the app. Photos are the first thing required to create a listing, so make sure you have a decent camera on your smartphone. You’ll then have to list the title, description, price, shipping fees, etc. and voila! You’re ready to sell and here comes a buyer!

When buyers make a purchase, their fees are withdrawn from the account with which they are making the payment from. This can be from a credit card or account balance from previous sales. The seller then ships the item within 1-4 days. Once the item is received by the buyer, the seller and buyer have to rate one another to complete the transaction. After the transaction is complete, funds are released to the seller’s account. The seller has the option to use it for future purchases or transfer it to their linked bank account. A routing and account number are required for the withdrawal. The withdrawals are processed every Sunday evening of the week and take approximately 1-2 days to complete.

Pros and Cons of Using the Mercari App

Any time we use a product, we have to weigh the cons and pros. The better we understand the a product, the better we can use it to it’s maximum capacity.


  1. No fees (until Nov. 21st)! During Mercari’s beta test run, they’re offering no fees to sell products. Hurry and list your items before they update their guidelines! After Nov. 21st, Mercari is implementing 10% fees! Compared to many  of the other selling apps on the market, this fee is not bad!
  2. Very easy comment option within the listing to negotiate and/or get more details regarding an item. Similar to Poshmark.
  3. Excellent shipping rates for larger items! Pay $9 bucks to ship a large sized bag via USPS Priority mail. Normally the cost is $11+. I would recommend making an account with USPS to ship items that weigh lesser than 13 oz as Mercari’s lowest listed shipping fee is $4. Via USPS you could ship for as little as $2.60 for clothing items weighing 6 oz or less.
  4. Their customer service is accessible through messaging and usually respond within a day or two.
  5. The format of the app is very intuitive. You can “like” the items that you’re thinking of purchasing. You can save your searches and opt for emails notifying you when items matching your search is loaded onto the market. You can message your buyer/seller after a purchase has been made in the “View Order” section of the app.
  6. You can buy and list almost everything. Their tagline is “Sell anything right now” and so far they’ve delivered just that. I have seen condoms for sale on the app. That is weird, but whatevs.
  7. You can purchase with a credit card, paypal account or by using your Mercari credits. It’s so convenient and I have not had issues with their payment system yet.
  8. There is no limit to how many items you can list. I have seen accounts list up to 900 items!
  9. Listed items NEVER expire. I am pro this feature because it is painfully annoying to keep re-listing things that don’t sell (cough cough eBay).
  10. You have the option to delete or make listings inactive.
  11. Best of all – listing your items is FREE! Yahoo!


  1. Their customer service team is reachable my messaging only. If you have issues you’ll have to wait for them to respond. Their is not ability to call or email their customer service team.
  2. You can’t filter by price (i.e. from lowest to highest). You have to scroll through all the listings to find the best deal. You can filter by sold and unsold items, which is really  helpful. You can also include a price range if you only have a set dollar amount to spend on a particular item.
  3. Mercari has forbidden certain texts in their listings such as exchange, trade, and derogatory or drug related terms (i.e. pills – I have a pair of Poprageous leggings with pills printed throughout the legging).
  4. Mercari requires that buyers rate their sellers before funds can be released to the seller. Sometimes the buyers need a reminder via the chat option under “View Order.” Sometimes buyers do not respond. When this happens, you have to wait up to 3 days after the item has been shipped before you can message Mercari and request that they complete the transaction for you. This process usually takes another 1-2 days. If you have tracking info uploaded and it proves the item is delivered, there should be no difficulty getting funds deposited into your Mercari account.
  5. There is no desktop format for Mercari users. You have the option to search for products on their website, but you cannot filter to find exactly what you need. Also, oftentimes I would rather copy and paste an address than type it letter by letter while creating shipping labels at For now the app is available for use on iOS and Android.
  6. All images must be taken or uploaded from the App in the smartphone. Mercari also requires that you take a photo of the actual item. The listings can be accompanied with stock photos as long as an actual photo of the item is present. Mercari will allow you to load images of varying shapes and sizes onto the listing.

Should You Use Mercari?

I highly recommend Mercari for reselling your used and unwanted goods. Obviously the pros outweigh the cons for me. If you’d like to give Mercari a try, download the app for iPhone iOS or Android. Use my coupon code: SYVFUT to get $2 worth of credit to use on your first purchase!

Feel free to ask any questions. If you have any feedback or additional tips on how to maximize your sales on Mercari, please let me know!

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  1. Can you elaborate on how to get the cheaper shipping? I just sold my first item on Mercari yesterday (a 6 oz skirt, so nothing big) and it looked like all the prices on were much more expensive if I wanted to do it myself rather than use their flat rate.

  2. I got a email from mercari saying the seller has shipped my item, I just don’t know if they REALLY Shipped it, because the tracking number that is listed doesn’t work when I looked it up on the fedex page. Help me??

    1. FedEx has been having issues. I waited a good 4 weeks before receiving my order using FedEx shipment. I would wait and be patient because it’s probably a package update issue on FedEx’s end. Next time before you buy, make sure the seller is shipping usps. Wish I had a better answer!

  3. I have a quick question regarding listing items on Mercari. If I have 10 of the very same item to sell on Mercari, am I allowed to make 10 of the same exact listing for that product simultaneously without risking being suspended?

  4. I am trying to order from mercari but it wouldn’t let me use my debit mastercard. Help. Where am I supposed to put in my card to register it. I dont want for it to start working and then I have all this money pulled out of my card.

    1. Hi Lisa! Head to the menu to the top left of the App (on Android) and choose Settings>My Payments>then add a card you’d like to use. When you pay for an item (Pressing BUY to proceed to cart) you have the option of choosing to pay with Paypal. It will prompt you to login to paypal to complete the sale. Hope this answers your questions!

  5. DO NOT BUY OR SELL ON MERCARI! complaint as a buyer; cons: 1.only 4 photos to see what your getting, 2. sellers are usually teenagers who ship in ziplock bags with a label slapped over it.3, items are not usually as described because teens don’t describe things well. 4. mercari has little protection fort you, no customerservice besides a vague text through their app to customer service.
    Selling cons: mercari dosnt protect you. returns are encouraged. (I sold a pair of new expensive mizunos for 79.00 and buyer blocked me and returned old mens tennis shoes beat up.) mercari wouldnt resolve this issu or step in to ban the scamming member of this site who probably has done this multiple times) 2. you dont get paid until a buyer rates you. 3. you dont know what buyer will rate you , they can do anythig to ruin you. 4. only cheap teen shop here and scam artists. 4. you money gets released Once a week.! and you have to constantly ask for it to go into your bank account.

    1. Thanks for your feedback! There are cons and pros to using Mercari. I still use it regardless of all the silly rules. To combat buyers from returning the wrong items, I have decided to record ALL MY SALES from the packaging to shipping process. I also let buyers know in case they’re planning on scamming me. I had one bad experience and made sure that will never happen again!

      1. Do you mind expanding on this? How do you record the process? I’m afraid that I’m being ghosted by a buyer and they haven’t left me a rating yet. I want to start trying to avoid this at the beginning.

  6. Maybe you can help, I can’t find the answer anywhere… Why can’t people make offers on items if they are using Paypal? I have had several people ask to make offers on my items today but it says Paypal won’t let them.. so I have to go in, change the price and tell them to buy it right away.. or reserve it for them. If you can enlighten me, that would be awesome! Thanks!

    1. I’ve tried to do this exact same thing when buying on Mercari. Mercari doesn’t allow processing of Paypal payments thru their offer function because the process can not be automated. Which means, when purchasing using paypal, you have to be actively buying the item. It’s a security thing on Paypal’s end. Annoying but it’s what we have to deal with! Paypal works the same way on eBay.

  7. Thank you for the review . I personally feel that mercari is a very good, easy to use sellers app. I feel that some of the cons will be addressed in the future as mercari moves forward.
    I list about 90% of my items for sale on eBay at this time, but plan to list more on mercari as they gain my trust..
    One thing I would love from mercari to help me promote items and even their app is a link like my ebay store

    1. They have a promotion option which allows u to promote 5 items per day but you’d take a 10% cut for that service. I usually price my items higher than normal then use the promo option. I’ve sold 2 out of the 20 items I’ve promoted. I’m still on the fence about whether I like the promo option or not. They also list their items on Google product pages like poshmark and eBay now. Only thing is their desktop browsing site is not user friendly and sometimes does not even load for me. I have another article that lists all the different selling products u can use and their parameters. I can link you later. 🙂 Thanks for your message!!!

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