My Fannypack Obsession

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one with this weird affinity for those things associated with tourists and 80’s high school teenagers. They cut you in a funny spot and make your shirt bunch out. Plus, even the most nonexistent muffin top is suddenly puffed right out for the poking. Ooh and don’t forget the gnarly rash if the strap rubs up against exposed skin from time to time (but there’s a quick solution for that…bodysuits). “Oh no!” you say.

I could very well end up on “People of Wal-Mart” when I wear my new pack out of the house, and I’m OK with that.

I first fell in love with my eco-friendly, vegan leather, perforated, and perfectly compartmentalized Matt & Nat fanny pack. I bought it on It was only $20 and fit the bill. I wanted to go out and not worry about where to store my belongings. I aptly named it my ADVENTURE BAG. 😀

I had my period with designer bags until I found out Louis Vuitton was COATED CANVAS. Believe me, I was beyond disappointed when I found out I was paying upwards of $1,000 for something that was only trimmed in leather. What are you doing with the rest of my money? Buying champagne? At least give me a flute. Bleh.

Benefits of  Fannypack (yes…those exist)

  • HANDS FREE: I repeat. Hands free. I love to dance and I can’t dance with a purse in my hand. it’s ridiculous. It could fly out of my fingers at any moment and smack someone in the face. A fannypack is my go to accessory for festivals, raves, parties, and life. They’re basically guaranteed to help you feel worry-free! Who doesn’t love this freedom?
  • They come in various sizes, materials and colors. The possibilities (to enjoy a hands free life) are endless! Fanny packs can range from $1 to $5,000. My dream fanny pack (or the appropriate term for a high-end fannypack is a “waist bag”) is by Chanel.
  • Pack Light: Since they’re small, the fanny pack will require you to be efficient with what you carry. Take only what you need in your fanny pack. Leave the rest of that junk behind. Minimalism is key to a happy fanny pack.



A fanny pack requires us to be comfortable in our choices and opinions. We stop bowing to the “What Not to Wear” hosts and reach a point where we make decisions based on what we like, not what others say we should be buying.

I’ve never really been a trend follower. I often wear mixed mediums and yoga clothing. Trust me, my style is more comfortable than eye-pleasing. Wearing a fannypack is my way of saying F U to current fashion trends. #idowhatiwant The rebel in me wants to influence others to do exactly the same – you do you girl…or guy. I own my fashion decision and wear my unique pieces with pride.

Here are some fanny pack recommendations for the perfect occasion.

#1 Starter Fanny

Jansport 5th Ave Fanny Pack ($17)

The Jansport 5th Ave Fanny Packs  ($17) are great for music festivals, casual totin’ and zipping your way through the grocery store. I’ve used a zip lock bag inside my fanny pack to protect my electronics while playing in water.

#2 Adult Fanny

Michael Kors Rhea Fanny Pack Stud Belt Bag ($198)

Looooooove the Michael Kors Studded Belt bag ($198). It’s made of genuine leather and the studs are very attractive/urban. This fanny is spacious and has a pocket in the rear as well. It’s definitely the adult fanny in terms of price and design. Dress your outfit up or down with this baby. Don’t like the studs? Opt for their basic leather fanny ($168) or Signature monogram fanny ($144) instead. Other great brands include Hipsters for Sisters and Molly Shaheen. I love Molly Shaheen’s fringe fanny packs. <3

molly shaheen fanny pack fringe rabbit fur.jpg
Molly Shaheen Fringe Rabbit Fur tips fanny pack.

#3 Fancy Fanny


Say “Hello” to Ch’Fanny. This Fanny pack is made of lamb leather and costs $3,000. Makes (this) grown woman cry. I’m not opposed to buying a counterfeit one from Asia. The price seems overboard for such a small bag, but you know, labels.

#4 Funky Fanny

pineapple fanny pack etsy.jpg

Fruit shaped fanny packs! I am in love! <3

#5 Party Fanny


I present to you…the MAGICAL UNICORN FANNY PACK W/ DRINK HOLDER ($25) by Tipsy Elves. I mean…why do I not have this one yet? This is the ultimate party fanny pack. All it’s missing are some speakers and a laser projection show. Pew pew pew!


Fashion is, to a degree, like an opinion. If you’re comfortable, then what are other people to say otherwise? Always strive to be comfortable and look good in your eyes, and only your eyes. Never let another person’s opinion of something sway you otherwise. Be you-nique!

Now, you know there are four ways to get to my heart: 1) Food, 2) Vacations, 3) Yoga and 4) Fanny packs.

<3 + Light,


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