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I am obsessed with athletic clothes. I started this blog because people always ask where I get my activewear and how they fit. I then took it a little further and compiled a list of popular and unique activewear brands to share with you in my Fitness Instructor Discounts directory! To support my (and your) activewear obsession, I included discount codes (for both for instructors and non-instructors) whenever possible.

How to Use the Fitness Instructor Discounts and Brands Directory

Below is a sortable list for instructor discounts (some codes which anyone can use) and brands! I’ve outlined some ways you can sort through this list of 150+ activewear and fitness brands to find exactly what you need.

  1. To find a particular activewear brand, use the search bar and type in the brand name. The brand listing will pop up if it is available.
  2. View brands by category. Search by category to find activewear that fits your need.
  3. All brands are listed alphabetically. Use CTRL+F to sort through and find a particular brand.

Please let me know if there are any other functions that would be helpful to you. My blog is always a work in progress! If you know of any cool companies that you’d like me to review, please send me an email via the contact form. I’m always looking for new gear to review!

Have fun shopping (and saving)!



    1. Hey! The waistband hlighthigh/low feature. It sits just below your bellybutton, but you can fold it over if you prefer a lower fit. There’s a mix of product shots with the waistband worn high and low ????

  1. *high/low feature

    Damn auto correct!!

    And no, they won’t fall down during practice! Tried and tested πŸ™‚

  2. How would you say Dharma Bums sizing compares to lulu? If I wear a 4/6 in lulu would I take a small or medium in dharmabums printed leggings?

  3. How does the sizing on dharma bums leggings compare to lululemon? If I’m a 4/6 lulu would I need a small or medium? I’ve heard mixed reviews on sizing.

  4. XXIV active is relatively new but they have a series of really high waisted pants! Designs are cute too imo. You should do a review on stylerunner too since they’re pretty big, and NELLY.COM? Anyway your list is great!! Thanks!!!