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If you are a fitness instructor or studio and want to inform your members about the latest activewear brands and deals, feel free to link us on your business website using the code below. 

Image Link – Copy and Paste this code into the footer section or resource pages of your website:

Fitness Instructor Discounts and Activewear Brands

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Fitness Instructor Discounts and Activewear Brands” border=”0″></a>

Text Link: To provide a text link to the Schimiggy Reviews fitness directory, just copy the HTML shown below and put it in your Web page.

<a href=””><b>Schimiggy Reviews</b></a> – Fitness instructor discounts and activewear brand directory. 

Pasting the above code in your web page would look like as shown below:

Schimiggy Reviews – Fitness instructor discounts and activewear brand directory.