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Favorite Brands + Coupon Codes

Here is a list of our FAVORITE brands who have generously offered special discounts to Schimiggy’s readers.* We hope you find a brand and product that you’ll love as much as we do!

We can also shop our favorite products on our Amazon storefront.

Click on any of the links on this page to shop the brand.

BrandCoupon Code or LinkTerms
ADAYUse this link to save $20 off $100+.Applies toward first order.
ALO YogaUse this link to save 10% off.Applies toward first order.
American Express Card (AMEX)Use this link to see your sign-up bonus.An annual fee may be applicable when you sign-up for an AMEX credit card.
Astoria ActivewearUse this link to save 15% off.Save 15% on all orders.
AthletaUse this link to save 20% off.Applies toward first order.
Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL)Use this link to save $20 off.Applies toward first order.
BandierUse this link to save $25 off.Applies toward the first $100+ order.
BoodyUse this link or code ALEX20 to save 20% off.Save 20% off all orders.
BuckySCHIMIGGYSave 15% off all orders.
Buddha PantsUse this link or code SCHIMIGGY to save 10% off.Save 10% off all orders.
Carbon38SHMGY25Save 15% off your first two orders.
CRZ YogaSCHIMIGGYSave 8% off all CRZ Yoga orders.
Electric & RoseSCHIMIGGY20Save 20% off all Electric & Rose orders.
Fré SkincareSCHIMIGGYSave 25%+ off all orders and subscriptions.
Gigi PipUse this link or code SCHIMIGGY to save 15% off.Applies toward all orders.
Girlfriend CollectiveUse this link to save $10 off $95+.Applies toward first order.
IVL CollectiveAMBSCHIMIGGY20Save 20% off first order.
JoyJoltSCHIMIGGYSave 15% off all orders.
K-DeerSCHIMIGGYSave 10% off all K-Deer orders.
Kitty GainsSCHIMIGGYSave 20% off all Kitty Gains orders.
Lattelier StoreSCHIMIGGY15Save 15% off your orders.
LNDRUse this link to shop. 
lululemonUse this link to shop their WMTM sale.Final Sale on all WMTM products.
MandukaUse this link to shop the Manduka sale.No discounts offered.
Max and MeSCHIMIGGYSave 20% on all orders. Excludes sale items.
NisoloUse this link to save $50 off.Applies toward first order.
Niyama SolUse this link to save 20% off.Applies toward first order.
Our PlaceUse this link to get $20 off.Applies toward first order.
PactSCHIMIGGY20Save 25% off all orders.
ProSourceFitSCHIMIGGYSave 15% off all orders.
REVICE DenimUse this link to save 10% off $75+.Applies toward first order.
Rothy’sUse this link to save $20 off.Applies toward first order.
Sheec SocksSCHIMIGGYSave 15% off all orders.
Simply WorkoutALEXANDRASave 20% off regular price items and 10% off sale items.
SPANXUse this link to save $20 off.Applies toward first order.
  • Use this link to save 20% off.
  • Use code SCHIMIGGY for 10% off your orders.
Applies toward first order.

Code SCHIMIGGY applies to all orders.

VuoriUse this link to save $20 off $150+.Applies toward first order.
WolvenSCHIMIGGY20Save 20% off all Wolven orders.
Yoga DemocracySCHIMIGGY20Save 20% off all Yoga Democracy orders.
YOGO Travel Yoga MatSCHIMIGGYSave 10% off all Yogo orders.

If you don’t see coupon codes or links for a particular brand, please feel free to reach out to me and I can request it just for you!

*  We may make a small commission or earn free product when you use our links and codes. Please be assured that we have vetted for these products and wouldn’t recommend anything we wouldn’t use. Thanks for your support!

lululemon wunder train tights review schimiggy
lululemon Wunder Train Pants + Free to Be Serene Bra


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