StayTFH Drinking Game

Reading Time: < 1 minute


Spill or Drink: answer the question truthfully or take sips. Only applies to the reader.

Dare or Drink: do the dare or take sips. Only applies to the reader.

Most Likely To: On the count of 3, everyone vote for who fits the prompt the best. Most voted wins. We recommend doing this via chat if online. If in person, point on the count of 3.

Categories: Name something that fits within the category. If you repeat an answer or can’t come up with one, you lose.

If this, then: These are meant to be read aloud. They apply to all players. If the prompt applies to you, drink.

Trivia: If you can’t answer the question correctly, take sips.

Last note before you start playing. Use the random phrase generator below to take turns reading through them. If you’re playing online with a group, have one person control the phrase generator and screen share with the rest of the group.

STFH Drinking Game Generator

Let’s play STFH!

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