Candida Maria – Classic Soiree Leggings = lululemon Shine Tight DUPE!

I was excited for the lululemon Shine Tight (roll down) but after trying them on for a few hours, I felt they were not for me. The pants didn’t stretch much (felt tight even) and kept rolling down off my hips. I absolutely do NOT want to be pants-less mid-way through class. #nopenopenopeThose definitely went back to LLM.

I then began my search for a shiny fabric that was stretchy, looked like pleather (for that sleek, night out, city look). I stumbled upon a pair of Candida Maria Soiree Leggings on eBay for only $19 including shipping! The regular cost is $72. I couldn’t pass it up! I bought them, tested them and fell in love with them.

Here is the Candida Maria Soiree Leggings:

Compared to the lululemon Shine Tight (roll down):

The Candida Maria Soiree leggings are definitely shinier but the stock photo lighting just makes them look VERY shiny. I swear it’s not as shiny as it appears online. The pants fit great! I wear a size 6 LLM and fit a M/L Candida Maria pant. The brand tends to run small because they are Brazilian and I guess they are smaller than the people of the United States?? I get tons of compliments and people are always asking me where I buy my clothes. And most importantly, they are so comfortable! They have a 4 way stretch, are dry wicking, and really accentuate whatever muscles I have. They also stay on during downward dogs. Looking back in retrospect, I think I could even wear a size S/M in Candida Maria. My next pair will be a S/M and I will know for sure how this brand fits me.

So, if you’re in the market for some shiny high-quality tights that are convertible from night to day, I HIGHLY recommend Candida Maria Soiree Leggings. These things scream both function and fashion.

Thanks for tuning in! Please let me know if you have experienced any other dupes because, come on, we ain’t made out of LLM money.

<3 Schimiggy

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