Best Houndstooth Leggings and Activewear

I just stumbled upon the London Pop collection by L’URV Activewear and my admiration for houndstooth patterns resurfaced. I have a few houndstooth leggings in my current collection, but it never hurts to add a few more. After drooling over their London Pop capsule for a considerable amount of time I think it’s time to give it a go!

I’ve also included houndstooth activewear from other reputable brands as well. Check them out below!

#1 L’URV London Pop Collection

lurv houndstooth london pop collection leggings jacket shorts sports bra
L’URV London Pop Collection

Seriously, isn’t this collection to die for? L’URV is an Australian based company that offers high tech fabrics and slimming silhouettes. Buy L’URV on Carbon38 and use code SCHIMIGGY for 20% off all your first order of $100+.

#2 Body Angel Activewear Denim and Rainbow Houndstooth Leggings ($94)

body angel activewear houndstooth leggings yoga.jpg

Finally bit the bullet and purchased the Rainbow Houndstooth Leggings. My review will be up soon.

#3 Alo Yoga Houndstooth High Waist Leggings ($102)

alo houndstooth yoga leggings pants.jpg

Alo Yoga offers their Airbrushed Houndstooth legging in several colors. The houndstooth print is bigger and looks more subtle. Buy Alo Yoga on Amazon, Carbon38 and at Nordstrom.

#4 Liquido Activewear Houndstooth Pattern Leggings ($84)

liquido houndstooth leggings.png

#5 I Love Burd Houndstooth Ombre Purple Leggings ($75 SGD)

i love burd houndstooh purple leggings.jpg

Love these leggings! Check out my review here.

#6 Noli Houndstooth Leggings ($75)

noli houndstooth yoga pants leggings

Noli Yoga took the traditional pattern and added their own twist by blending flowers and houndstooth. I’ve never tried Noli Yoga before, but might do so just because this print is unique and appealing.

#7 Goldsheep Houndstooth Leggings ($98)

goldsheep houndstooth leggings

#8 Terez Houndstooth Herringbone Pant

terez houndstooth legging herringbone pant
Terez Houndstooth Herringbone Pattern Long Legging

#9 Lululemon Houndstooth Ombre Wunder Under Pants

lululemon wunder under houndstooth pant leggings.jpg

Even lululemon made their own ombre houndstooth rendition in the Wunder Under Pant (WUP). The pattern was very subtle and for some reason the legging did not call out to me.

What other brands have Houndstooth patterns?  Tell me in the comments. Would love to find out and possibly do a review!

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    1. OMG YES I love those! Wish they made them in green because that’s my favorite color and houndstooth is my favorite pattern. Would be a match made in heaven. <3 Thanks for sharing!!!!!

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