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Lululemon ONLINE Warehouse Sale 2017

Hey lulu lovers!

This year lululemon launched their warehouse sale on their app and online.I was excited after attending their warehouse sale in Seattle in 2016. At the physical warehouse sale there are so many great finds! The online sale is titled the “Insider Sale” and honestly the sale header image looks more appealing than what you’ll find once you click through.

The app loaded quickly and I didn’t have to log in to view their offerings. Needless to say, I’m sorely disappointed that the warehouse sale was no better than their We Made Too Much (WMTM) offerings. The hype (partly caused by lulu fans themselves) of these online warehouse sales are almost always met with disappointment! In 2014 there were rumors that prices would eventually go down as the sale drew to a close, but that actually never happened. However, it DOES happen at physical warehouse sales. I was buying duffels, tanks and bottoms for $9! Now that’s a deal!

Here’s a few snaps of what you’ll find in this year’s online warehouse sale:


Some of the stark differences are the prices. Instead of giving a single price to a certain product category, it’s based on percentages and by style. I was also buying bras for $19 and sometimes as low as $9 at the physical sample sale. I can get a better deal than $29 for a bra IN STORE!

I tuned into their previous online warehouse sale in 2014 and didn’t buy squat. The prices and product just were not that appealing.

I still love Lulu. I just wish they actually gave us a price break every now and then. I do appreciate that they’ve been releasing cute tops for only $38. It does show that at least they want us to change our tops!

Did you buy anything from the online warehouse sale? What goodies did you find? Let me know in the comments!

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