Pineapple Leggings!

My favorite fruits are pineapple, mango and peach. Living in Seattle, I look to my pineapple ornaments to remind me of the sun and beach. Pineapples also remind me to book that damn beach vacation already. I have been collecting pineapple themed house decor and kitchenware, but oddly, I haven’t a single pair of pineapple leggings! How bout dat?!

After scouring the internet for 3+ hours, I’ve compiled a list of pineapple leggings that I might like. Time to narrow them down to one that I intend to buy. I found tons of pineapple leggings that were affordable. However, being the high-end athletic wear hoarder I am, I would be devastated if I bought a subpar pair of leggings to only dump them after removing them from the package.

So I am taking a cautious approach to my pineapple leggings hunt, and here we go!

#1 Gold Sheep Pineapple Leggings ($98)

gold sheep pineapple leggings.jpg

The price point is pretty high on these. I try not to spend no more than $75 on leggings if they aren’t lululemon (or KDeer), only because I know I won’t wear them as often as my lulus. The design is also OK and too boring IMO for the $98 price point. I could’ve easily created this and charged people for less. Only pro is the tall waistband. However, I’m going to pass on these.

#2 Terez Pineapple Crops ($78)

terez pineapple leggings.jpg

These are pretty darn cute. They aren’t leggings though. Great price point. Love the design! Find more Terez on Yoga Outlet.

#3 Black Milk Pineapple Leggings ($75)


These are part of their museum (discontinued). I would have definitley bought these if they were available! Love love love the pattern! I know the waistband is thin, but I would have easily forgone that aspect due to the pattern. I’ve worn black milk before and needed to size up to a size L. And price point isn’t bad!

#4 Arthletic Wear Pineapple Leggings ($76)

Love love LOVE Arthetlic Wear. The fabric is amazing and the designs are beautiful. They’re based out of Serbia but are so worth the investment. Use code YOGANEWS for 20% off your orders! Check out my review of the brand here.

#5 Poprageous Pineapple Leggings ($68)

poprageous pineapple leggings.jpg

Love the price point! However the pink background already says “no” in my book. The waistband is also thin and that would drive me crazy.

#5 Emily Hsu Pineapple Leggings ($56)


DING DING DING! I think we’ve found a winner! I love the high waistband and the pineapple print reminds me of a Papersource greeting card. I’ve tried the brand before and seams were breaking loose everywhere. Hope the quality as improved. We will find out!

#6 Flexi Lexi Pineapple Leggings!

flexi lexi pineapple leggings yoga.jpeg

Almost forgot about these beauts! Flexi Lexi is a Singaporean brand that makes excellent leggings. I’ve tried them on and although I needed to size up, I was still in love with their prints and colors. The price point is high ($79) and they charge shipping from Singapore.

And before I end here, there’s a website called Society6 that sells more pineapple leggings than I could ever imagine owning. Has anyone ever tried them? And Is it worth it?

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    1. Yes! I totally forgot about those! adding those to the list. I would love to buy them but I totally agree about the price point. Also, the shipping from Asia is ridiculous!!! Thank you!

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