All Things Scallop: The Hunt for Scallop Hemmed Activewear

Scallop Chloe Triangle Bikini

A fashion trend I’ve been obsessed with are SCALLOPED HEMS! They’re the contrast to a boring straight hem and add a touch of feminine to my athletic demeanor and physique.

My first scallop crush was the Scallop Chloe Bikini ($260). I was hesitant to spend beyond my means on a bikini so I waited it out. Luckily I was able to snag a bikini set when I worked at Nordstrom. They had a secret designer sale (for employees only) and I bought my Scallop Chloe Bikini for only $46!!! Score!

Years later I discovered Marysia‘s scallop swimwear and fell even more in love with the trend. Marysia is a high-end swimwear line by Polish-born designer Marysia Dobrzanska Reeve. She created a luxury swimwear brand that launched in 2009 and has then produced trendy silhouettes for poolside lifestyle. Marysia pieces run for about $150 and up.

Marysia Mott Bikini Top and Scallop Bottom

Although Chloe started the trend with their popular scallop bikinis and slip on shoes, it was Marysia that popularized the scallop bikini trend. Soon many other brands such as H&M, PilyQ, Top Shop and even Old Navy began to make scallop bikini dupes, which is great for those who don’t want to fish out hundreds of dollars for a trend that might only last a season or two. However, I believe in supporting hard-working artists and businesses and try to avoid fast fashion whenever possible…hence my love hate relationship with lululemon.

Now onto the good stuff, AKA the activewear! After seeing cute bikinis with scallop hems, I figured there had to be activewear purveyors adopting this trend. I began my search and found some awesome pieces! I later realized that everyone else had the same idea as I did and it was hard to find anything that was still in stock or in my size. #boohissargh

Here’s what I found:

#1 Track and Bliss Sweet Escape Sports Bra ($78) and Into the Moonlight Legging ($103)

Track and Bliss Sweet Escape Sports Bra ($78)
Track and Bliss Into the Moonlight Legging ($103)

Track & Bliss is a luxe-activewear line that launched in Spring 2015. T&B merges LA’s laid-back attitude with NYC’s urban edge. Their scallop pieces are absolutely to die for! It’s nearly impossible to find your size online due to its popularity.

#2 Ted Baker Liveli Scalloped Sports Bra ($60) and Mitzzi Scallop Hem Crop Leggings ($98)




ted baker womens scallop crop fitness pants.jpg


Ted baker makes activewear? I love the designs but have never tried their activewear before.

#3 Lorna Jane Lush Scallop Sports Bra ($70) and Core Scallop Hem Shorts ($70)



Australian based company Lorna Jane created cute scallop pieces. They’re the Aussie equivalent of lululemon. Too bad the bottoms aren’t leggings.

#4 Lululemon’s Tight Stuff Tight (TST) I & II ($148)


The price point for the TST is so high for the amount of scallops received. Like any dish with a meager portion of scallops….I’ll pass!

#5 Monreal Scalloped Hem Shorts ($200)


Foreal doe, why you so expensive? There is a neon yellow version on Carbon38.

Along the way I found some other pieces with scallop prints, but those don’t count! So far the trend for scallop hemmed activewear is next to null. I’ll keep hoping activewear companies catch onto the trend. I would love to be head to toe in scallop hems! #scalloptuxedo #scallopsuit 😛

I’ll keep adding things as I find them or as they are introduced to me. Would love to hear your thoughts! Would you sport the scallop hem?

Want to transform your clothing into something new with a scalloped hem? Check out this DIY Scallop Hem tutorial here.



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