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Scorpio Sol Review: lululemon QS Dupes

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Scorpio Sol Quiet Stripe Dupe Crop Leggings (front and back)

About Scorpio Sol

Scorpio Sol is a TJ Maxx activewear brand. Their price points are very affordable and there seems to be lots of styles and silhouettes offered to the average active wear consumer. I would compare their fabric feel to Champion and Mondetta Performance Gear (MPG).

I found out about Scorpio Sol after a friend posted their lululemon Quiet Stripe (QS) dupes in a group. I asked her to ship me a pair so that I could analyze them and see if it’s worth buying.

Lululemon’s Quiet Stripe Wunder under crops are highly coveted and can cost upwards of $350+ on the reseller market. I would never pay that much so they have never appealed to me. If you want a close second to lululemon’s luon fabric, check out Glyder or Athleta.

Scorpio Sol Review

scorpio sol qs dupe leggings review schimiggy try on

#1 Size: I tested a size SMALL. I wear a size 6 in lululemon for reference. The fit was initially comfortable and after a heated yoga class, the pants immediately stretched. I was tugging at the waist to keep it on. I would definitely size down in Scorpio Sol to an XS if you’re the same size as me.

#2 Style:  Scorpio Sol makes crops and long leggings. I’ve yet to try any of their long leggings.

#3 Inseam:  21″ and ends at my mid-calf. The legging opening does ride up my leg from time to time due to the thin and slippery fabric content.

#4 Rise: Standard rise sits just about .5″ under my navel. The rise on the bum is short and if you have a larger backside, the leggings may run low as you do forward folds. If you don’t mind or have a smaller backside these will be perfect for you.

#5 Waistband: Tall waistband measuring 3.25″. The waistband felt loose and unsupported around the waist. Every time I bent over, I could feel a breeze enter the back of my pants. I could go a size down and it would fit much better.

#6 Fabric:

  • Fabric Content: Spandex Blend
  • Fabric Feel:
  • Fabric Performance:
    • Fabric is very durable and abrasion resistant.
    • Will stretch with wear, so size down.
    • The fabric will not pill or fade.
  • Opacity: Fabric is not white backed nor printed. It’s knit into the striped pattern. The fabric is thin and see through. I wore bright red underwear underneath to prove this point (please see the photo below). I would recommend wearing nude underwear to solve this issue.
  • Fabric Features:
    • Lines match up in the front and back!
    • There is one pocket in the front of the waistband.
    • The Scorpio Sol logo is printed on the middle back of the waistband.
scorpio sol qs quiet stripe dupes bend test
Bend test!

#7 When to Wear: Scorpio Sol is great for all workouts (high or low impact). I wear mine around town with a cute sweater. In summer I wear it with a mint green or light grey ribbed tank. It looks super casual and trendy. I get tons of compliments. I do feel guilty, like I’m wearing counterfeits. But does that even matter? It really shouldn’t.

#8 Cost: Scorpio Sol bottoms are only $19.99. Some women on the boards and reselling markets have even purchased entire stocks of the stripe leggings to resell at a higher cost ($40-50). I personally do not believe they’re worth the mark-up cost.

#9 Gusset: Scorpio Sol has a diamond shaped, double-layered gusset.

Scorpio Sol crops are constructed with a diamond shaped double layered gusset

#10 Stitch Seam: Flat stitch seams are used throughout the legging. Stitching is white.

#11 UPF Protection: UPF 15+

#12 Made in China.

#13 Care Instructions: Wash with gentle detergent and hang dry on a foldable drying rack such as this one. You can also tumble dry low but remember that the fabric does stretch with wear. Do not use fabric softeners. Wash with like colors because the leggings are white and easily dye or be stained by other fabrics.

Should I Buy Scorpio Sol?

I do recommend Scorpio Sol leggings. The quality of the leggings is different when compared to lululemon’s luon fabric or Athleta’s lycra. Those fabrics are thick but they also pill. I am stoked that my Scorpio Sols won’t pill, but bummed that they will stretch with wear. The price point is far below their competitor brands making them very affordable at only $19.99. If you’re a budget fashionista, definitely invest in some Scorpio Sol leggings. However, definitely size down!


Where to Buy Scorpio Sol

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  1. Did these shrink back to size after drying? I got my usual Large but now I’m wondering if I should have gotten the M

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