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Best Seattle Seahawks Leggings

On Fridays We Wear Blue

I’ve been living in Seattle for the past four years. I’ve naturally become that obnoxious Seahawks fan. The team colors are also my favorite: navy and lime green! In Seattle we have something call “blue Fridays,” and everyone wears Seahawks gear throughout American football season  on Fridays. It’s also very likely that everyone has a team jersey.

Below are some leggings that are perfectly made for a Seahawks fan!


laain alice navy green seahawks leggings carbon38
LAAIN Bianca (left) and Alice Curve Slash (right) Leggings

I’m obsessed with these LAAIN leggings. LAAIN has two Seahawks themed leggings: the Bianca Side Arrow Stripe and Alice Curve Slash leggings. I’ve tried their leggings before and the fabric is high-quality. It’s definitely worth the high price point for a Seahawks fan for life!

Buy LAAIN on Carbon38 and use coupon code SCHIMIGGY for 20% off your orders of $100+.

#2 Athleta

athleta colorblock chaturanga leggings green navy blue

I’m pretty sure Athleta made these for a Seattleite. I can wear them to both Seahawks and Mariner’s games. I love the subtle colorblock pattern. I wore it to a Mariner’s Yoga Day in 2016. I highly recommend Athleta for anything really. They’ve really stepped up in the activewear game. Buy Athleta through my link and get 20% off your orders.

#3 K-Deer

K-Deer has these animal print pants in navy and lime green that I am absolutely obsessed with. I bought them in 2012 and still have them! I highly recommend K-Deer for any team inspired year you have. Their fabrics are long lasting and fit like a glove. Leggings usually run around $98 for their long length.

#4 P.E Nation

pe nation riseball leggings schimiggy reviews

These aren’t exactly made for a Seahawks fan but I love the blue and green colorblock combo of P.E Nation’s Riseball leggings ($170). Wearing it as Seahawks gear is perfectly acceptable. Their Italian fabric is long lasting. The vintage look will definitely get you some complements.

Buy P.E Nation on BandierCarbon38, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and REVOLVE.

#5 Biruba

biruba seahawks team leggings schimiggy

Biruba is a company based out of Mexico City and they make high quality team leggings. These designs are awesome. I also love the tall waistband. Find their products on Amazon.

#6 Buy Seahawks Gear on Amazon

seahawks leggings and gear amazon schimiggy

If you’re on a budget, then the Amazon market has plenty of retailers selling sports team activewear and gear for great prices. Make sure you check their reviews before buying. You don’t want to be left with a dud!

If you have any other recommendations on where to get team gear, please let me know in the comments. Happy shopping!

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