S’well Review: Reusable Insulated Water Bottle

Ever since my yoga studio, Be Luminous Yoga, has been stocking S’well Bottle‘s WOODEN COLLECTION, I have been eyeing the beautiful wooden teal CLUBHOUSE bottle. Luckily yours truly just WON one on their FB website. #HUZZAH

Each stainless steel bottle comes in a matte finished and is hand painted, so no two bottles are alike. You are getting a one of a kind product and you are not going to regret it!

Here’s why:

  • One thing that I am very pleased with is that the bottles do not condensate. So say #GOODBYE to wet drink holders, soaked backpacks/bags, and stained laps!
  • Drinks stay cold for 24 hours (I’ve tested it and it’s TRUE) OR hot for 12 hours.
  • The wide mouth allots for ice cubes. I had concerns about this but the cubes slipped right in.
  • The vacuum seal cap keeps my fizzy drinks fizzy all day long.
  • S’well Bottle also donates a portion of proceeds from the bottle sales to WaterAid. Look at them making the world a better place.

I’ve heard reviews from friends and cohorts that they needed to graduate to a 25 oz. bottle because they drink way too many liquids and kept having to refill the 17 oz. bottle, but I find that the 17 oz. is perfect for my water consumption and it’s not too bulky.

I highly recommend that everyone grab a S’well by the end of this week. Save the world and stop wasting plastic water bottles!

CAUTION: My hand painted water bottle (although awesome) became chipped and the metal bottle shows through a tiny crack in the painting. It doesn’t affect the quality of the bottle at all. I also hear a clinking noise probably due to bits of metal getting stuck between the insulation but that doesn’t affect the bottle at all either. I would recommend checking your bottles for the sound prior to purchasing.

Since yours truly has a new cool bottle, I am going to style it appropriately. 😉

Styled with (from Left to Right): Lululemon 105F Singlet ($52), Ray Ban Green Mirror Aviators ($170), Herschel Little America Backpack (Grey Leather) ($119), S’well Clubhouse Bottle ($35), Candida Maria Mosaic Shorts ($58), Handmade Mala Necklace by Kenneth Landis ($65)

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