FREE Annual Social Media Planning Tool

Social Media Planning Tool
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free social media planning tool schimiggy reviews

This year, I am focusing on growing my Instagram (IG) account. The reason for doing this is multifold. I’ve lost many opportunities because I did not have a significant IG following. I’ve been resistant to IG because it’s a tool that has never paid off for me. I later realized it was because I did not know how to optimize this powerful tool.

What that means is I’ll have to create some consistency and structure in my strategy. I’ve created a Social Media Planning Tool (inspired by my friend over at Marketing Melodie). Feel free to use it if you need a tool to help you stay on top of your social media game.

FREE Annual Social Media Planning Tool

Using the planning tool is easy. It’s meant to be used annually. Each month, choose a theme that you want to focus on and then select up to 5 posts that correlate with your theme of the month. It’s ok to not have 5 posts each month. I included a section at the top to place social media accounts that you want to focus on growing.

Please use this as a guideline and feel free to adjust it to fit your preferences and needs.

Instagram social media planning tool schimiggy reviews
Social Media Planning Tool (format)

You can VIEW the planning tool here:

To use the tool, follow this link to MAKE A COPY of the tool for your personal use:

If you are interested in connecting on IG, leave your handle in the comments. I would love to help you grow too! I am at @schimiggy and would love to be your friend! 

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