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Updated: 1/29/2020 | How to Keep Your Leggings From Sliding Down

If you’re like me, then activewear is probably part of your daily wardrobe. #SpandexSociety

I love how comfortable and slimming leggings can be. It’s my uniform to my 9-5, to teach yoga, and to eat breakfast, lunch, and supper.

One thing I hate most is having to hoist my leggings back up in public and frightening everyone with an unsolicited wedgie performance. Aye I am so sorry for blinding you!

The other option is to let my leggings turn into harem pants…hammer time!

I’ve had my fair share of slip-ups…or is it downs? Let’s talk about why this happens and what we can do about our saggy spandex.

Why do Leggings Slide Down?

If your leggings are falling down, its likely due to a few things:

#1 Your leggings are too big for you. You may have chosen the wrong size.

#2 The leggings are worn out. The elastic band may be losing its elasticity or the fabric may have stretched. You might also have lost some weight. Hurrah to the latter!

#3 The fabric of your leggings may be poor quality. Many retailers will cut corners to produce a product. This causes ill-fitting clothing and a huge waste of your time and money.

#4 And last but not least, is that your body may just not have the appropriate proportions to wear leggings. Maybe your hips are too narrow or your bum is too small. Not all activewear is created equal.

However, in our day and age where technology and customer feedback is accessible and actionable, this gives retailers the opportunity to create products for just about EVERY TYPE OF BODY.

In our current marketplace, you are bound to find something that will work for your frame no matter how non-traditional you believe it is. If you need some advice, feel free to email me and we will get you into some leggings.

What to do When Your Leggings Keep Sliding Down

I’ve read a ton of stuff online and some are just flat out ridiculous. Here are some straight forward and creative ways to keep your leggings from sagging all the way to the ground.

#1 Size Down

A lot of times the main culprit is that your leggings are too big. For clothing items like leggings, which are meant to be skin tight, it’s best to get a size that does not sag from the start.

If there is fabric wrinkling near the crotch, back of the knees or loose around your ankles, then your leggings are probably too big.

For the waistband, a trick I use to ensure waistband fit is to pinch the front top of your pant and pull the waistband away from your waist. Release the waistband and listen for a snap of the fabric against your skin. If it doesn’t make a loud snap, the waistband is way too big. The snap is your friend!

#2 Opt to Wear High Waist Leggings

I highly recommend this option. High waisted leggings are supportive, eliminate the muffin top, make you look slimming, and all the extra waistband fabric hugs your torso and keeps your pants from falling down.

High waist leggings will usually sit above the navel.

If they are still falling down, try sizing down or try another brand altogether. Brands I recommend with high waist styles are AthletaBeyond Yoga, and Lululemon.

lululemon high waist icmg camo align pant
Lululemon HIgh Waist Camo Align Leggings

#3 Choose Brushed Fabrics

Brushed fabrics will create traction against your skin and prevent leggings from sliding down easily. Brands with brushed fabric include Beyond Yoga, Nike and Nordstrom‘s Zella brand.

#4 Give Compression Fabrics a Chance

Compressive fabrics are known for their durability and body-hugging sensation. They’re great for high-impact sports because they “keep everything in.”

If you practice low-impact activities such as barre, pilates, or yoga, compression fabrics may not be for you. Excellent compression brands include 2XU, lululemon and WERKSHOP.

#5 Wear Leggings With Elastic Built Into the Waistband

Find leggings with high-quality elastic bands sewn into the waistband. Some brands also create leggings with a visible elastic band around the waist.

Cushnie, Carbon38, P.E Nation, and Terez make great leggings with an elastic band to keep the pants up and around your waistline.

Ultracor elastic waistband keeps pants up
Ultracor High Waist Elastic Leggings

#6 Wear Leggings With a Top Seam In the Waistband

Top seams can make all the difference in terms of fit. I personally love top seams because it provides more support around the waist without a high-waist look on your waistline.

Inner Fire, Fit Rebel, and Zella have seams built into the top of their waistbands. I’ve found that the seam keeps medium rise leggings in place.

Can you find the waistband seam in the Inner Fire Blossom leggings below?

inner fire leggings review blossom waistband
Inner Fire Blossom Leggings with top seam sewn into waistband.

#7 Wear Leggings With Waistband Drawstrings

Drawstrings when adjusted correctly, keep leggings in place. lululemon and Upside make awesome leggings with drawstrings.

If you love a pair of leggings without drawstrings, you can hack them by cutting a hole on the inner middle front of the waistband, and run a string (I prefer a shoestring) through the pants.

Use a safety pin at the end of the string so that you can guide it around the waistband and back out the same opening. And voila, you just Macgyvered yourself some drawstring leggings!

upside leggings with waistband drawstring
Upside Mallard Drawstring Midi Tights

#8 Wear Leggings with Rubber Waistband Support

What do we mean by this? There are certain activewear brands that have a rubber layer to keep your leggings in place. It creates some friction so that you leggings do not slide off during wear.

Some examples are Kickee Pants, which come with rubber dots to keep your leggings from sliding down. There is also Niyama Sports which has a rubber strip to keep your leggings in place.

kickee yoga pants coral pink
Kickee Pants with rubber dots

#9 Consider Wearing a Onesie

A onesie will ensure that almost everything will stay in place. Many aerial arts performers actually prefer to wear leotards and onesies when suspended in air.

Be careful in downward dog if you have a low-cut top, as there can be an accidental nip-slip.

Ultracor and Free People Movement have some pretty onesies that are worth checking out.

onesie ultracor free people movement
Free People Movement and Ultracor Onesies

#10 Wear a Belt

Most denim looking leggings will usually come with belt loops. Wear a skinny belt to keep your bottoms up and looking discreet.

skinny belts jeggings schimiggy reviews
Skinny Belt Styles

#11 Wash Your Clothing the Right Way

With regular use, we eventually wear out our clothing. Elasticity tends to give out and the fabric stretches to an unwearable size. To prolong the life of and prevent clothing from departing our wardrobes too soon, be sure to follow manufacturer washing instructions closely and carefully.

For elastic pieces, I machine wash or hand wash my items. I also use a garment bag in the machine wash when possible. I always wash in cold water and hang dry.

Some brands will allow you to tumble dry, but I encourage you not to do that. Opt for hang-drying your elastic garments on a drying rack like this one. The elastic in your clothing will last longer with proper care.

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how to care for activewear clothing drying rack white
Hang your activewear to dry on a drying rack. It’ll help keep your activewear lasting longer.

#12 Wear Underwear, High Waist Bikini Bottoms or Tight Shorts Over Your Leggings

how to keep leggings from falling down superman tights leggings stay up schimiggy reviews
Wear your leggings like Superman!

This sounds REALLY warm and constricting, but it works!

The tight shorts or underwear on the outside will keep the leggings from sliding down. It’s exactly how Superman prefers to wear his leggings.

There are a few things to be mindful of. It’ll be a challenge to use the restroom and you’ll probably only be able to wear this ensemble under a dress or skirt…or going out on the town as Superman or Superwoman during Halloween.

Final Thoughts

I hope these tricks and tips help to keep your leggings up!

Consider combining multiple leggings features from this list to optimize your fit. You can search for compressive AND high waist leggings.

Usually, two or more of the above combos tend to do the trick.

You’re well on your way toward eliminating slippery leggings.

What are some techniques you’ve used to keep your bottoms from drooping to the floor? Tell me your successes in the comments below! I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The leggings on your list seem to run from $60 to $270, depending on brand.

    Any options for non-rich people?

    Just looking for normal matte black leggings where the waist won’t fall to my knees when walking.

  2. Is there some type of fabric tape or glue that you could buy to add a no-slip grip to leggings? Like in option 8 above? That would be great for fixing up existing leggings.

  3. Was thinking about having a seamstress take in the waist on my leggings. ..

  4. For sure never wear pantyhose under your leggings or they will slide down and you won’t feel the difference.

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