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Update 11/21/2019: Wow! People have opened my eyes to how shoddy their brick-and-mortar business practices are. You can scroll all the way down to the comments section and read about other people’s experiences about Lavelier.

At this rate, I would probably steer clear of the brand and avoid their in-person associates at all costs. ????????

I tried $3,500 skincare products! ????

You might be asking why? And thinking, “that’s a hefty down payment for a car!” or “I could buy 3 laptops with that money!” Lavelier reached out to me to review their Coraline Collagen Collection. What did I think of the products? Read on to see how my epidermis fared during my 10-day skincare trial.

When the weather turns cold and rainy in Seattle, my partner and I book a trip to someplace tropical where drinking out of coconuts and wearing sandals are a daily ritual. This time we went to Costa Rica with our friends to celebrate birthdays and escape the cold. As I get older, I can feel my skin getting older too. I’ve read about the importance to skincare, but when you’re always on the go, it’s hard to fit in skincare unless it’s easy.

About Lavelier

Lavelier helps your skin recover from the summer’s UV rays, while also preparing it for the colder temperatures and drier air that comes with winter. Lavelier harnesses the restorative powers of the ocean for all your skincare needs. Featuring antioxidant-rich Corallina Officinalis (Coral Seaweed) & the healing properties of marine botanicals. No corals were harmed in the making of Lavelier products.

Below is a review of each of the products I received from Lavelier.

Review of Lavelier’s Coraline Collagen Collection

My skin is generally dry. In the Fall/Winter, my skin gets very dry and I develop seasonal eczema. I would not say my skin is sensitive, but it does require a lot of care if it wants to remain youthful. My current daily regimen (when I remember to do it) is:

Morning: Clean > Serum > Moisturize

Evening: Clean > Face Mask (overnight or 10-15 minutes) > Moisturize

I rarely wear make up (up to 5 times a year) and most of the time, just rinse my face with shampoo water in the shower. I know, it’s bad. I’m taking this time to review Lavelier to make a behavioral change on how I care for my skin.

Coralline Collagen Boosting Masque

The masque is recommended once a week. The masque is worn for 10 minutes and is meant to improve elasticity in the skin while preventing premature aging. The jar comes with an applicator wand to make product removal easy and controlled. The texture is similar to a clay paste and applies smoothly. The masque has an iridescent color to it. The product does leave a soft skin sensation after washing off. They recommend using it in conjunction with the Collagen Firming Complex for best results. This product cost $1,500.

lavelier coralline collagen boosting masque review schimiggy
Lavelier Coralline Collagen Boosting Masque
Face Masque time!
Look at how iridescent the masque is!
Post face masque application! Did it shave some years off our faces?

Collagen Firming Complex

The soluble collagen and hyaluronic acid in this daily moisturizer absorbs instantly. It creates a soft skin feel sensation and keeps me hydrated all day. Did I feel it was exceptional compared for my current AVEDA cream? Not really. I am sure this product is improving my skin in ways I cannot discern. This face cream costs $1,000.

Lavelier Collagen Firming Complex

Rapid Eye Collagen Contour

This was probably my FAVORITE product in the collection. My eyes literally tightened with each application. The acetyl hexapeptide-8 in the product creates a plumping effect to get rid of dark circles and smooth out eye wrinkles. It feels like instant Botox. I tried it on other areas of my face and felt the same tightening sensation, however, I’ll stick to the eyes for now since it seemed to work most effectively in that area. This eye cream costs $1,000.

Lavelier Rapid Eye Collagen Contour
Lavelier Rapid Eye Collagen Contour

Was Lavelier Worth It?

I am still not sure. I am not one to invest $3,500 in anything beauty related. My last beauty splurge was Lasik surgery for $1,500 (which is life-changing and something I HIGHLY recommend). Does my skin feel better? Yes, it does! 10 days with Lavelier actually made my skin feel healthier and more youthful. I recommend it based on the results I experienced, however, I can’t recommend other products that would produce the same results for less $$$.

If you’re able to splurge on Lavelier, I would recommend it. If it’s not within your budget, I recommend consulting with a dermatologist and beauty consultant for products appropriate for your skincare goals and budget.


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  1. bonnie longo Reply

    1 month ago I got the line of products from T,O mall the sales persons were Pam,And Tony,I felt I was sooooo pressured
    into the sale as Itold them I was having an asthma and The salesgirl,wouldnot let me go ,She was on me soo bad I felt the only way I wasn’t going to get out was to go along,Well once I did and they had my credit cards ,I didn’t hear feom them,as Tony was supposed to send emailtome but did not but today when I looked at my acct atmy bank ,he surely did that.I was pressured into this and I think it is horrible for a company ro take advantage of 68 plus aged people to get monry ou of ourS.S.checks Tony,shame on you for not keeping your word,and Pam Stop taking advantange of older people .would you like some one doing this to your mom?

  2. katiewiley Reply

    this company is a complete scam.

    I visited the Pilar Store on 743 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY and had a terrible experience–much like the one cited above. And when I started to research the company I found amazon reviews (see below) that is an exact script of what happened to me (but this took place in Florida. I would like to complain to the company, but can not find any way of contacting them.

    I think you should use your platform to warn people.

    Amazon Customer
    1.0 out of 5 starsThis product is a fraud…
    January 29, 2019
    I bought this product from a shop in Florida. The salesperson was offering samples on the sidewalk and offered me to apply the product in the shop. He applied the product on my dark circles under my eyes. The result was amazing… so he offered me a deal with two other products: a facial peel and a serum. It was expensive, but I fell into it because of the results I never had with another product. He explained to me how to use the products and told me that he will email me the procedure. He also told me that he will open an account for me at Lavelier so I can buy these 3 products at the same price.

    Then another salesperson came, looked at my skin and asked me if I am interested in a lifting program. Why not? When he gave me the price, I almost fell from my chair…So he kept lowering the price and the more he did, the more I wanted to get out of the shop. Finally, I explained that I couldn’t pay this price for a skin product in the meantime. He let the offer down, and the 2 salesmen looked so disappointed, I felt disoriented. This is not how to treat clients if you want them to come back. It made feel like if I escaped a scam. I paid for my products and left.

    The second day, I was waiting for the email containing the procedure…No email. I sent an email myself to the salesperson, no respond! Why wasn’t I surprised…I went on the site and found out how to use the products…and it was different from the procedure the salesman gave me. I wanted also to buy the product for my sister-in-law and went online but never found the account the salesman was supposed to open for me… Second con…

    Now, 3 weeks later, end after 3 weeks of using the product, I don’t see any positive result. I feel as if the product the salesman tried on my dark circles is different from the one he sold me…

    Bottom line, I can say that the product is a fraud as well as all the circus the 2 salesmen played on me!

  3. I was offered a free sample as I was passing the store. Then asked about if I was happy with the lines around my eyes. He said he wanted me to try a product and headed into the store waving me to follow. Next thing I knew I had spent $400 on 2 products and was scheduled for a “free” treatment the next day. Next day I was convinced to purchase $7000 worth of products. On the way out of the store I was told I could not get a refund. I was scammed.

    • I too was walking down the street in Blowing Rock
      NC and a young girl was on the street giving samples and encouraging you into the store for a demonstration of eye cream. After applying cream told me it was $500
      And gave me a serum to use under my eyes and a vocher for free facial. Now I am in for 3,500 what a deal told me it sold on website for $8,000 . I was also told I could return however on receipt it says no refunds exchanges only.

  4. My wife was scammed for $3500.00. Store in the mall gave her the hard sell and she took the bait with the understanding that she could get a refund. There are no refunds, just exchanges. This makes no sense since if your not satisfied you obviously do not want the same product line. They print on the bottom of the receipt no refunds, exchanges after 14 days. But she didn’t realize this and from what I read on other reviews she is not alone. Once you give them your credit card it is all final even if you never take it out of the bag. If you have a quality product you are not afraid to stand behind it and you definitely don’t misrepresent your return policy. Shame on them and hopefully there will be some class action suits in their future. Please ladies be strong and don’t fall for this one.

    • WOW I’m sorry this happened to your wife! That’s a lot of money for not delivering what they promised. Thanks for sharing your experience here. I hope this feedback helps others who are researching Lavelier.

  5. karen l JOHNSON Reply

    this stuff is a scam, not worth the money at all……..

  6. Kelly Carter Reply

    same experience as above.. Hawaii..walking passed the very flashy store run by young people. the head guy was French and he said he was leaving soon to open another store. the eye syringe he dotted around my eyes I did see instant results from. felt firm. next morning you was it off and couldn’t see difference but I guess you need to keep using it. that eye serum plus another 2 products for $400.00… each product sells for $1000.00 each approx…. really…. that much? He let me leave as I think I asked too many questions. I do want to know if it is worth the prices they advertise on their website though…

  7. The products are a scam. They do not work as stated. Again I was told that i would get a free facial and never heard from the sales person. I was told that I can return the product if not satisfied but on the receipt is says no refund.

  8. Marion Heather Alvarado Reply

    I had very similar experiences as above . I bought a product – promised a facial voucher & taken to their skin spa in the same mall . Phony skin evaluation , many products applied . Phony personal interest given, Avery fast talking salesman ,appealing to my vanity – “oh look like you are 58 or 60 .” Yeah right ! He kept thrusting the mirror in my face , puting the products in my hands . Kept asking can you remember how to apply or can I e-mail you the instructions? The price went from $14000 on line to &8000 to $5800 to $2300 every time I said I could not afford it. He kept throwing in another product “for free ‘ plus 24 facial treatments . Finally offered it all to me for $95 . I have never been so bombarded & overwhelmed by such an excellent scam artist . I thanked him for his time (1 1/2 hrs ) & effort & left . I should have applauded him { Mathew ) for his performance .

  9. Sheila Curry Reply

    I was shown this place at the Tacoma Mall by a friend. Every salesperson spoke with an accent and claimed they were from California. It was the creepiest experience I have ever had. We had asked how long they had been at the mall. One said “a very long time.” One told us 3 years and the other 10 years. They are not listed in the mall directory under the name Lavelier.
    They wanted a lot of money. The product was just weird. NASA red, blue, and green lights… I just wanted to run from these people…

  10. I wish I had read these reviews before being so gullible and talked into buying these products! I can’t tell you how bad of a reaction I’ve had with red and dry patches, eyes watering, and puffy! I tried calling the salesperson at DIA airport, tried reporting the issues to the DIA customer relations, I can’t find any information to call their Corp. office either to advise of this very misrepresented product – has anyone been able to get a refund or return call? I went to the Denver airport to speak to The sales person and he actually told me he works on commission and can’t take the product but could discount other products! What audacity! Basically I’m stuck with $1000 worth of product I can’t use and can’t even give back!

    • Ditto. It looks like I got sucked in as well. Same process as everyone above, this time in New Orleans. I was looking forward to seeing some new results but after reading all of these reviews I can see that I have just been gullible and talked into buying these products. I havnt had any bad reactions and the products feel nice, but I have paid out a lot of money for products that I now realise wont deliver on what I was sold on. Furious with myself !!

  11. I was approached just like the others on this site and on the Amazon reviews that I read. I was rushing around the other day and got seduced into the store because it was new and shiny and I was willing to listen – I’m always interested in new skin care and cosmetics. I loved what the serum did for my eyes, but I was rushing to an appointment and told the guy who was definitely giving me a hard sell that I just didn’t have time but that I’d be back. Some inner voice told me to check out the company – I’d never heard of them and that’s pretty unusual for a beauty junkie like myself. Well, I’m glad I did because even though the price for the serum, moisturizer and facial treatment was a pretty reasonable package deal, I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to leave that shop without being pressured to spend a whole lot more $. Thanks for sharing all your comments, ladies!

  12. I had a very similar situation at a Kiosk store at the Denver airport. Very high sales pitch that was exactly the same at multiple locations across the US. Sales rep Adel stated that there is a refund within 30 days. I have requested a refund to the salesperson Adel and to Lavelier warranty dept.

    Has anyone had any success getting a refund? Has the BBB been helpful?

    • Wow. I’m really surprised at all these comments! To be honest, it sounds like a lot of you had buyers remorse and want to blame salespeople or a company for you not being able to afford high end luxury skin care. I’ve been using these products for years and I have to say numerous people tell me how good my skin looks and cannot believe when I tell them my age. Yes, the products are expensive. But you pay for what you get. Half the stuff on Amazon nowadays are knock offs; it’s very easy to do. The only way to be sure you’re getting authentic items and products is to purchase from the brick and mortar stores. If anyone reads these comments, just know the products are legitimate (from the stores) and they do work as intended. I’ve never had any problems with any of the sales people, though some I like more than others. If you don’t want to purchase something, just say no? Again, this is high end luxury skin maintenance care. It’s not magic and it’s not a one and done. Like everything health/beauty/youth enhancing, you have to actually use the products consistently and properly. There’s no magic wand that’s going to take pounds off you or make you look 20 again, but proper skin hygiene and care is a must, especially as you age. Be well.

  13. Jessenia Ortiz Reply

    They clearly try and make people feel bad. I walked by today trying to kill time and Christmas shop.

    Lured by a free sample that I felt pressured to take because I made eye contact. Then proceeded to tell me. That I have sensitive skin and that I clearly whatever I’m doing is not working he seemed annoyed that he wasn’t making a sale. And he wasted his time on talking to my boyfriend and I ????

  14. Robin L Donarumo Reply

    Actually, I got 3 great products for under $300 (Coralline Collagen wrinkle IV rescue eye serum and 2 of the exfoliating intensive facial peel products. – I was pressured but I spend a lot on products that just don’t work – so I was impressed and bought – but not even close to the amount they were trying to sell to me for. I am impressed so far.. but feel terrible for those of you that w\ere horribly scammed! I am going back to the Maine Mall in about a week and I will stop by and tell them I am not impressed with what I have read. Again, I am so sorry this happened to all of you!

  15. I’m using Lavelier’s Coraline Collagen boosting masque with collagen firming complex serum. This combo has been working really great on my skin, the serum makes my skin smooth where as the masque moisturizes my skin well.

  16. Horrible, just Horrible

    Iv had similar experience with lavalier, I was walking past the mall in Abud Dhabi and they lured me in the shop and they did a test on my hand for the chemical peel and I was amazed by the results, I had never seen anything like it. Moved on to the collagen cream and the eye serum and the instant results were amazing. She somehow pressured me and I ended up buying the toner night cream and chemical peel which cost about $300 all together. I went back a month later to repurchase the toner as out of all the products, only the toner did a great job moisturizing my face and I wanted to repurchase only for them not to have any available I had to contact the lady who sold me the first toner, hmm weird. I was also promised a free facial which I never received and then me being sooo gullible as I was desperate to find something to get rid of my acne and scars, the lady pressured me soo much for almost and hour to buy their perfectio plus red light and they sold it to me for almost $4000 and this was supposed to be a staff discount as a “favor” I used it for two weeks and I broke out even more than before. I was supposed to receive an email with a manual and my lavalier account, never received any email, cant get a refund and now I have this really expensive machine on display and products that never worked, such a waste of money. I do not recommend this brand at all, maybe their toner if you manage to get it for less than 50 dollars, not the crazy amount they sell it for! This brand needs to be taken off the market as they are stealing from people by over pricing and not delivering on their promises. You can get better products for a lesser price in Sephora, even for luxury brands, this is such a waste I truly wasted my money and regret this purchase. To thing that I was going to purchase a luxury bag with all the money I splurged on this useless brand makes me mad. I’m always smart enough to do my research about any brand before I buy it but guess desperation will blind you ! Ladies be aware and don’t be soo gullible. Good luck and sorry to all the ladies who were also scammed by these thieves!

  17. My mom , daughter and I were in Breckenridge , CO.. Same thing offering samples as you walk by.. then offered a eye sample. Oh come in it takes a few minutes to work.. UGG.. Then he offers to try it on my 78 yr old mom. Who I love has no problem saying whats on her mind. She made sure he did both eyes before she walked out . He was really pushy , insisting we both buy one. He would throw in a facial for us.. of course we would have to come back for that. Im sure that would be more items he would pressure us to purchase. I said we would think about it, we will be back since our car was near by. We didnt go back. So irked by the pressure buying. I did like how my eyes looked. He put way to much on my moms face thou.. She said it was sticky and her eye lashes were sticking to each other and her skin.

  18. I’m currently at the Denver airport and was flagged over to the pop up store. I have a long wait so I was like sure, I’ll try. I’m 59 years old with normal looking age skin. The two women were nice but OMG, I about flipped when the eye serum was $500 then the other two products were each $200 (which of course IF I did buy right then and there I would receive those two for free). I also said I had to think about it, but then the offer wouldn’t be there if I came back) I decided to google them and found this article with the comments, so thank you ladies. It was an uncomfortable experience for sure!!

    • Same as all of the above comments. Also there is one comment that states the product is high end and you get what you pay for. Also in the comment the person said if you don’t want to buy something then just say no and used the word “magic” twice in the comment, just as the sales rep used for me today when I encountered Lavelier. I got sucked in with the eye cream that did wonders for my dark circles. My card was charged $547 for one product and two free gifts. Before I recieved a receipt or any products in hand, I was taken to the back for the big sales pitch. I felt like it was all a bit much so while I waited with the cream on my face I got on my phone and started researching the product and reviews. The sales rep kept trying to get my attention away from my phone. I told her I was looking up some reviews on the product. Of course she explained that everything out there has good and bad reviews. Any time I tried to look down at my phone she would start on something else and ask for my attention. The whole package went from $5500 to $2300 (after making a private call to get a discount approved). Finally I asked her to step out of the room and give me a minute to think it over. She left her iPad on my lap with Laveliers website reviews pulled up. It all felt wrong when she kept pushing after I told her that I didn’t even have that much money to my name and when she continued to hold me up when I told her I needed to leave to pick up my child from school. So I found all of these comments. Thank you everyone who has left one. So I walked out of the room and told her I did not feel comfortable getting anything this day as she rushed to get the products that my card had already been scanned for. I had already read that I would find “no refund” on the receipt so I refused to let her hand me anything as she got closer and closer to me lol. I told her I wanted a refund (one of the first things I was told was I could get a refund within 30 days). She had to make another special call and needed up swiping my card again and giving me a receipt for my refund. Hopefully it does go back into my account and if it doesn’t then at least I will be able to dispute it with my bank givin a refund receipt. Listed to your gut. If you feel like you are being pushed or rushed to make a decision then somethings probably not right. I hate to read so many people paid out so much money. It’s always okay to ask for a few minutes alone to think a big purchase over. Thanks to every single one of you! The product did give AMAZING instant results.. truly amazing.. but I’ve seen quite a few products do the same only to last a short while. It’s praying on people’s desires to instantly improve a flaw/flaws that one may have been living with ones whole life. It’s sad.

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