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lululemon outlet store tulalip wa 105f tank rack
lululemon Outlet – 105F Singlet Tanks for only $29

I am totally digging Lululemon‘s 105F Singlet tanks. They are officially my new favorite tank top.

I was never a huge fan of the CRBs because the quality, quite literally, tanks (piling, color bleeding, etc.) after a few wears. I am so GLAD they created a flowy tank top. So far the quality of my 4 (and counting) 105F Singlets have stayed in pristine shape after many washes (delicate wash and hung dry).

The 105F Singlet is lightweight, loose-fitting, easily worn over any bra. It  looks great worn over the Hot Spell and Free to Be bras. The breathable, anti-stink fabric dries fast and I don’t smell if I don’t immediately take a shower after a sweaty vinyasa class. The Seriously Light Luon fabric is so buttery soft. I can honestly say I feel naked while wearing this tank!

My favorite outfit combo has been the 105F Singlet worn tucked into the Happy Hatha Harem pants! I add my Harmony Headband to complete the look (pics below). I get tons of compliments and I feel GREAT in my getup. It is getting pretty ridiculous at how often I find myself wearing Lululemon as “normal” casual wear. Am I turning into one of those people?

If you have other casual outfit ideas, I’d love to hear/see them in my comments!

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