Sapphire Falls Hike

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On June 2nd we hiked Sapphire Falls in Rancho Cucamonga.

This is by far the most difficult hike I’ve been on. I would rate it a 9/10 because once you are down the slide, it’s difficult to get back up the two points. There isn’t ANY shade for the 1st half of the hike but you are rewarded with some cool water in the pool at the end. At one point the rope to get back up broke! We were stuck in the pool area for approximately 40 minutes before someone found rope to extend the rope again. My friend (shout out to David) was brave enough to climb up the rocks and onto the top where we started. Kudos to him!

Below is a quick overview of our hike:
Distance: 3.5 miles RT
Elevation Change: 970ft
Total Elevation Gain/Loss: +1552ft / -1552ft
Difficulty: 8/10 (due to obstacles, rock climbing, possibility of getting injured)

The ONLY LEGAL way to get up there is to park on Almond St., right below a street called Skyline. Then walk up Skyline, and enter and return to your car from there.

Bring the following:
-swimsuit if u wanna swim or just pose for SI photos
-water shoes
-hiking shoes


Majority of the hiking crew! πŸ™‚
226686_10100983568048847_2108638137_n[1] My friend and her dog, Princess!
The gorgeous mountains!
Another view just to make you jelly!

The water slide into a 10-12 ft deep pool.
Some graffiti art on the rocks.
The bottom of the pool. There is a pathway out from this side.
My strong friend who isn’t afraid of anything!

If you’re adventurous and down for a little rock and rope climbing, t’s definitely a hike to experience!

<3 schimiggy

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