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My first time to Tennessee was awesome. I rented a car and explored Nashville and Clarksville. The weather was sweltering hot and humid. There was amazing food everywhere you go. Music from the bars and restaurants filled the streets. This is definitely the place you come for some damn peace and quiet. There was so much to do and I’m up for doing it all over again! Here are some of my favorite moments in the Volunteer State!

Nashville 2016_0033_Layer 0
Welcomed to Nashville by these three dancing frogs. <3
Nashville 2016_0032_DSC_0013
Broadway Brewhouse on 19th. Very impressed with the assortment of beer! It was also ย ladies night, so all the beer was BOGO. C’est what?! Three beers for only $13. Yes please.
Nashville 2016_0031_DSC_0014
Hop something and Pineapple IPA – Larry help!
Nashville 2016_0029_DSC_0029
Nashville 2016_0030_DSC_0025
Glow on Broadway Brewhouse! <3
Nashville 2016_0028_DSC_0045
Moonshine Tasting at the George Jones shop!
Nashville 2016_0026_DSC_0050
Reflection of the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge
Nashville 2016_0027_DSC_0047
Why “Ello” George!
Nashville 2016_0024_DSC_0083
Yes. Thank you for not pulling me over.
Nashville 2016_0025_DSC_0064
Boots boots boots! Buy one get TWO free. What is this place?!
Nashville 2016_0023_DSC_0087
Tootsies is three levels of music and booze.
Nashville 2016_0021_DSC_0110
Beer Sellar has BOGO on Thursdays as well. Although the beer selection wasn’t as interesting as Broadway Brewhouse.
Nashville 2016_0022_DSC_0100
Watch out ladies! His outfit will drive you mad!
Nashville 2016_0020_DSC_0119
L & N Train Station – built in 1901 and repurposed in 1996. This is how people got in and OUT of Clarksville.
Nashville 2016_0018_DSC_0155
Yours truly doing what I do best. Staying cool at Opry Mills Mall.
Nashville 2016_0019_DSC_0124
Customs House in Clarksville, TN.
Nashville 2016_0016_DSC_0161
ALL the bottled sodas! I even see my favorite = BIG RED!
Nashville 2016_0017_DSC_0157
If only my chihuahua partied as hard.
Nashville 2016_0015_DSC_0163
Best prime rib eva and the meat plate was delicious!
Nashville 2016_0013_DSC_0179
Grand Ole Opry!
Nashville 2016_0014_DSC_0173
Guitars welcome you on the pathway leading to the Grand Ole Opry!
Nashville 2016_0012_DSC_0183
Capital Building aka an awesome concert venue.
Nashville 2016_0010_DSC_0187
All the salt water taffies! It’s my favorite candy btw. How does it not harden?
Nashville 2016_0011_DSC_0184
Old bulidings
Nashville 2016_0008_DSC_0205
Bag of salt water taffies! Who wants to come over for a taste?
Nashville 2016_0009_DSC_0203
Me, aka a kid, in a candy store! ๐Ÿ™‚
Nashville 2016_0006_DSC_0210
The iconic Broadway where any time of the day, anywhere you turn you hear live music. And it’s not just country!
Nashville 2016_0007_DSC_0206
Saw at least 78 bachelor and bachelorette parties near Broadway.
Nashville 2016_0005_DSC_0224
This is party central.

Nashville 2016_0004_DSC_0225

Nashville 2016_0002_DSC_0251
Big signs letting drunk people know where they are since the 1800s.
Nashville 2016_0003_DSC_0238
Only in Nashville.
Nashville 2016_0000_DSC_0256
Beers at Hattie Bs.
Nashville 2016_0001_DSC_0255
Our last meal. It was so good we went back twice and to both locations. Order online and skip the line. Trust me, there is ALWAYS a line.
Nashville 2016 hor_0006_Layer 0
Should’ve got me some boots!

Nashville 2016 hor_0005_DSC_0081

Nashville 2016 hor_0003_DSC_0214
My third love. Ice cream!
Nashville 2016 hor_0004_DSC_0178
I just had to vrksasana.
Nashville 2016 hor_0001_DSC_0235
Bridgestone Arena
Nashville 2016 hor_0002_DSC_0233
Neon Signs light up Broadway day and night.
Nashville 2016 hor_0000_DSC_0248
Das Boot!



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