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Preparing for an upcoming trip? How do you begin to search for the best deals on flights? I have various suggestions depending on how organized OR spontaneous you want your trip to be.

I always want to travel. And when I do travel, I always strive to find the best deals. Sometimes my travel is planned and other times, the best deals create an adventure that I would not have originally planned myself. I was able to find a RT ticket to South America (Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia) for only $207. More recently we found a deal to Singapore for only $328 with an additional $100 to stopover in Tokyo for 5 days.

Not only is finding these deals exciting, but when you have extra funds to spend on other travel necessities and towards more experiences, it makes the journey much more enjoyable!

Below are sites that I rotate through to find the best flight deals. I would recommend doing this on a weekly basis and setting up Google notifications for when a deal comes up!

Where to Find the Best Flight Deals

#1 The Flight Deal

The Flight Deal offers deals that are huge bargains and pretty hard to believe. I found tickets from SEA to SCL (Santiago, Chile) for only $208 RT. Deals are posted almost daily but they do not last long (at most 1-2 days). Most of the time, the deals are loopholes that people have found. Sometimes when you’ve successfully booked your travel, the companies may void your confirmation if they realized their mistake. Some airlines will just graciously allow your confirmation to stay valid. Book through their instructions. I have usually had to book through Expedia, Priceline or Traveocity.

The Flight Deal.png

#2 Travel Pirates

Travel Pirates offers deals similar to those found on The Flight Deal (deeply discounted). I would recommend following both sites in case a deal for a particular destination is over, the other site might have something similar available. Only difference is Travel Pirates offers lodging deals which in my opinion are not spectacular and they usually do not identify the departure city in their posts, forcing users to have to click on the listing to find out. I usually click onto their Current Deals page (home page) and see what’s available every week.

travel pirates example deal

#3 Kiwi

Kiwi is awesome! Search for flight deals ANYWHERE. A huge map will show you costs traveling one way, RT or via multi-cities. For visual planners and learners, this feature is really helpful. Kiwi is formerly known as Skypicker.

kiwi seattle pricing mpa.png

#4 is great! I love their “Today’s Best Fares” and “Fare Calendar” features. The site is great for both planned and spontaneous trips. I have found some great deals using their Fare Calendar feature ($98 RT from SEA to LAX). I use it mostly for planning my trips home to visit the family in Orange County, Calif. and preparing for a tropical vacation to Cancun or Hawaii. best deals of the day.png
Today’s Best Fares are great for the spontaneous traveler!
Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 7.03.14 AM.png
Fare Calendar shows pricing over multiple months to help with vacation planning.

#5 Google Flights

Pretty much my go-to site when I plan my trips. I love the easy and simple layout and the ability to easily search by entering information in just a few fields. Use the “Explore Destinations” (a map) option to find cheap flights in neighboring cities/countries. Google Flights also gives you an option to track prices with the flick of a switch. Get daily notifications and book when the price and time is right.

google flight search.png

#6 ITA Matrix

This is a product by Google and is a little more sophisticated to use. ITA Matrix is great for planning multiple destinations at the best price! You will need to use the information you gather from ITA Matrix and book on the airline website OR through a booking site (this option will cost more).

ITA Matrix Search Page.png
Search using the fields on the home page.
Search Results for SEA to HCM (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)


Kayak is great when trying to find pricing comparisons between airlines. I do appreciate (and find useful) their anywhere fare map attribute (similar to Kiwi). I have yet to actually book a flight through Kayak even though the service has been around for a long time. anywhere search map.png

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