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I heard about Yoga Paws first on Instagram and have seen many IG yogis wearing them while doing outdoors yoga. I normally lug my Manduka PROlite wherever I practice but wanted to try something more portable. I approached the company and asked them if I could test out their product and do a review for them. The YP rep KINDLY offered me an Elite pair in Red Chakra for both my hands and feet! Needless to stay, I was excited to test them out and give my Manduka a break.

What are Yoga Paws?

Yoga Paws LLC was created by mother & daughter duo in 2001 and officially in launched in 2003. Gail (mother) and Jamie (daughter) Getzwiller share a love for travel and yoga which lead to a natural development of the YogaPaws.

Yoga-Paws are patented grips that fit over your hands and feet in order to provide the practitioner with complete control while performing yoga and Pilates exercises indoors and outdoors. The product design provides solid support, extra padding, and non-slip peace of mind, and with its convenience size, Yoga-Paws can easily fit inside your purse, pocket, or bag making them ideal for travel. You can leave your heavy mats at home! They are also made of natural rubber (latex free), so you bet that you’ll get lots of grip while being environment friendly.

Yoga-Paws are available in four different unisex sizes (refer to size chart below) and two styles (Elite and SkinThin). All options are made from eco-friendly materials, and include a moisture absorbing lining to lock away sweat and extra padding to provide added support for the wrists. To determine your perfect fit, follow these sizing instructions here.

yoga paws hand measurements size chart
YogaPaws – Hand Size Chart
yoga paws foot measurements size chart
YogaPaws – Foot Size Chart

The cost of a set of Elite YogaPaws is $35. It’s a great price point for a product that allows you to express yourself anywhere and anytime. The gloves arrived in a plastic clamshell container, instructions and a mesh bag for storage. They also offer a SkinThin ($29) variation that allows a more “naked feel” when practicing. This one provides less support, but still grippy enough to keep your poses in place. 

Yoga Paws Review

To evaluate the effectiveness of this product, I wore my Yoga-Paws ELITE on both grass and cement surfaces. The hand and foot covers were easy to slip on and overall were a very comfortable fit. They finger-less and toe-less and very lightweight. The velcro on the gloves allowed me to adjust the gloves to fit perfectly. The padding on both my feet and hands were cushioned and it felt supported and comfortable walking on rough terrain. The gloves on both my hands and feet did not shift during my review.

Yoga Paws Review - Wearable Hand Pads (top)
Yoga Paws Review – Wearable Hand Pads (top)
Yoga Paws Review - Wearable Hand Pads (bottom)
Yoga Paws Review – Wearable Hand Pads (bottom)
Yoga Paws Review - Wearable Hand Pads (try on bottom)
Yoga Paws Review – Wearable Hand Pads (try on bottom)
Yoga Paws Review - Wearable Hand Pads (try on top)
Yoga Paws Review – Wearable Hand Pads (try on top)

The YogaPaws allowed for seamless transitions from one posture to another while providing a firm grip on any surface. Certain postures, however, such as gorilla pose was somewhat challenging to get deep into because there was at time too much cushion and product in the way. For grounding poses (such as Warriors and downdogs), the YogaPaws were excellent! I did not experience any slippage. 

Yoga Paws Review - Wearable Foot Pads (top)
Yoga Paws Review – Wearable Foot Pads (top)
Yoga Paws Review - Wearable Foot Pads (bottom)
Yoga Paws Review – Wearable Foot Pads (bottom)
Yoga Paws Review - Wearable Foot Pads (try on)
Yoga Paws Review – Wearable Foot Pads (try on)

Overall, using the Yoga-Paws provides an enjoyable experience for practicing yoga outdoors on grass and firm terrain (wooden flooring, cement, boulders, etc.). The foot and hand coverings also provide great grip and support for my inversions and arm balances. I love that wearing the foot pads almost replaces the need to wear shoes outdoors. I would still bring shoes. 

The small, portable nature of YogaPaws also makes it a great option for practitioners who are constantly on the go or who may not be able to tote a mat with them on their adventures. I know I have run into this problem while traveling and I am glad I finally own a pair of YogaPaws!


  • Small and portable gloves for taking my yoga practice on the road.
  • Protects my hands when practicing on unsanitary and rough surfaces.
  • Different size and color options available for a comfortable and individualized fit.
  • Provides excellent grip for yogis who are prone to heavy sweating and for heated yoga classes (Baptiste, Bikram, etc.)
  • YogaPaws also provides excellent customer service ensuring total consumer satisfaction. They will process exchanges, returns, and inquiries, replacements, wholesale, and whatever is needed maintain customer satisfaction.


  • It is not ideal for gorilla pose. Felt a little awkward and imbalanced stepping on my gloves. Some people have issues with not “feeling” the pose in YogaPaws but I felt my poses just fine. It just takes some time to get used to a new product and include it in your daily routine.
  • My knees are still exposed so it makes practicing knee to ground/floor poses not ideal. YogaPaws offers the Love Cushion for added support for practicing on your knees and elbows. Alternatively you can also buy any knee cushion to support your practice.

This wraps up my review! I totally recommend anyone wanting to pursue outdoor yoga to grab some Yoga Paws! They’re so convenient and will definitely revolutionize your practice.

Where to Buy Yoga Paws

Buy Yoga Paws through their online store. Use Yoga Paws coupon code SCHIMIGGY for 10% off all your orders. Code works on sale items too. Free shipping is offered on ALL orders. 

My outdoor yoga kit + puppers!
My outdoor yoga kit + puppers!

I’ll been taking my Instagram yoga challenges outside from now on thanks to Yoga Paws!

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